Official: FC Bayern Munich commits South Korea

Forwards are the players on an organization football team that play local to the opposing team’s objective, and also are for that reason most in charge of racking up objectives.
Their sophisticated placement and minimal protective responsibilities indicate forwards typically rack up more objectives in behalf of their group than other players.
Modern team developments typically include one to 3 forwards; for example, the common 4– 2– 3– 1 development includes one forward. Unusual formations may include greater than 3 forwards, or none.


FC Bayern Munich has committed Midfield Jewel Hyundai Lee from the South Korean first division of Po hang Steelers.

The record champion officially announced on Friday what Spot and Goal had already reported in advance.

The 18-year-old South Korean first comes to the Sabine Strafe at the end of the loan until the end of the season and is scheduled for the second representation. Bavaria then has a purchase option.

John Safer, head of FC Bayern Campus said: After the club change of Oliver Batista-Meier, we were able to occupy a squad at the amateurs. Hyung convinced us in trial training, and we made the decision to commit him. We are happy That he will come from now for our amateurs and hope for a joint successful second half.

Lee is considered one of the biggest talents at his age in the home and scores mainly through its strong technology and good ball treatment.

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Previously, Bavaria had already committed goalkeeper Talent Liu Shaoziyang from China for the U19. With the 16-year-old defender Matteo Perez Vinson from Swedish Mammary IF, another player will soon strengthen the offspring.