PayPal collects a fee: customers must pay 10 euros or account is closed

PayPal is practical. But if you have an account and do not use it regularly, you could soon be asked to check out.

Dortmund-With the PayPal payment service, you can fulfill some wishes: the new shoes, Skincare products or even the pizza for the cozy film evening on the sofa. But owners of a PayPal account should currently read the small print-especially if they do not use the services too often.

PayPal demands money from customers who do not use their account

Because PayPal changed the terms of use at the end of October and granted new rights. Among other things, the right to charge a fee if the account is not used.


The payment service can charge a fee of 10 euros a year if an account was inactive for at least 12 months. The first customers have already been informed by email by PayPal about the new fee.

Avoid ### PayPal fee and prevent account loss

How can users avoid having to pay the new fee at PayPal? That is not very complicated. In order not to have to pay the 10 euros, it is sufficient:

PayPal requires a fee if non-use-otherwise the account is threatened

If none of this happens, PayPal has the right to charge the annual fee of 10 euros. However, only until the account has been reactivated or no longer contains credit (more digital news at ).

If the credit is less than 10 euros, it will be cleared empty. No user can get into the minus. However, if the account is blank and nothing continues to happen, PayPal can close it after 60 days.

Germany not yet affected by the new PayPal fee-2023 that can change

Accounts that are registered in Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece, Hungary or Poland are not yet affected by the fee-but apparently only this year. Various media reports assume that the fee from 2023 can also be charged for these countries.

The PayPal-FAQ states that the countries are only excluded from the fee for 2022. The following applies to all other countries: Customers who have already been classified as inactive by PayPal and have received an email must hurry. Those who do not log in by December 13 will be deserved at a fee of 10 euros.

Rubric list picture: © Joke/Imago