At Nkunkus debut: Tchouameni heads France to victory

Leipzig Nkunku was allowed to ran for France for the first time – and was right in the starting eleven. The offensive man who plays an outstanding season in the Bundesliga was very busy at the beginning, showed up again and again. He also had a big chance to the gate at the debut, in the 31st minutes he headed it freestanding, but was probably too surprised that the ball came through.

La réaction de Christopher Nkunku, Equipe de France I FFF 2022

At this time it was already 1: 1. Pepé had introduced brave guests with a goal of acute angle in the goalkeeper, Llori was surprised and did not make the best figure (19th). Only a little later, Giroud nodded a perfect theo flank and worried the fast compensation (22nd).

Later hit after a corner

After the break, the Ivory Coast was first closer to the 2: 1 turn, Konan (47.) and Aurier (57th) tested France’s Keeper Lloris. The French did very hard after the break in the offensive. A big chance after the break had the home farmers then, Grezmann’s shot parished guest keepers Sangaré with a great reflex. Just as they were all on the draw, Tchouameni was a corner to the spot and headed the world champion late to victory (90. + 3).