FC Liverpool: James Milner Apparently before the contract expansion

Routinier James Milner apparently stays with Liverpool FC. Milner relocated from Manchester City to Liverpool in 2015 and also has because played 289 competitive video games for the Reds. Milner ran 61 times for the English national team.

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Routinier James Milner apparently stays with Liverpool FC. Asthe sportsrecords, the 36-year-old indications a brand-new one-year agreement with the Reds and will probably accept considerable income. The midfielder had substantially extra profitable offers from the Premier Organization and also the MLS.

Milner relocated from Manchester City to Liverpool in 2015 as well as has because played 289 competitive games for the Reds. In the previous season he created 39 missions. Milner ran 61 times for the English nationwide team.

For trainer Jürgen Klopp, this question never occurred anyway. For the coach, Milner is an essential element for the hierarchy in the team.

For a very long time it looked as if Milner would certainly stop his outdoors tents in Liverpool after seven years. After the Champions Organization final, he himself expressed uncertainties as to whether his profession proceeds with the English runner-up.


James Milner is apparently preserved. The 36-year-old accepts substantial salary.

All Seed Locations Mococo on Giant Mushroom Island in Lost Ark

Lost Ark has many collectible items that can be found in various fields. However, none of them is so numerous as wet seeds. These little seeds look like fruit and have a green glow. Mococo Seeds can be found on many Lost Ark Islands.

A giant mushroom island has four wet seeds on it. Players will need to find them to complete this island. Once you have found seed, just come to it and press G to gather it. Here is all the locations of the mococo seed on the island of giant mushrooms.

Lost Ark - GIANT MUSHROOM ISLAND - Heart Of The Island Token GUIDE

Where to find all seeds Moqoko on a giant mushroom island in Lost Ark

Two seeds of mococo on the island of giant mushrooms are open-air, and they are easy to find. They are located on the southern and northeastern tips, respectively. The remaining two seeds wet hidden on the secret trail on North-West point .

You can not get access to the wet seeds on the island of giant mushrooms, until you perform quests on a cake, in particular Pride and the joy of sat Quest. As soon as you do it, you can start the faithful son quests and purchase Cashew’s red juice that allows you to squeeze and get seeds.

For more information on Lost Ark, read the sections “How to cook Soup Tooki Tooki Soup” in “Lost Ark” and “How to cook Sweet Honey and Oil Beer” in “Lost Ark” in professional guides on the game.

Jonas Hofmann: “I would call it very immature”

“If you are here after a 0: 6, you can not find anything positive,” Gladbach held substitute Mittelfeldmann Christoph Kramer after the 0: 6 in Dortmund at “Dazn”. The fact that he and his teammates succeeded, head coach Adi Hütter talked even from a game “at eye level” until the 70th minute, the frustration explained the foal after the 100th Borussia Bundesligad.

For a break, so Hütter, it would have been quite “2: 2 or even 2: 1” for his team. In fact, the guests were behind with two goals behind, because the BVB had struck ice cold with a double stroke. And because the guests in turn had “three huge opportunities in which we had to make a goal” unused, as Jonas Hofmann crimped.

The 29-year-old himself had one of these possibilities, awarded the best Gladbacher chance in the second round as he hit only the latte. This was followed by those four minutes, which the guests finally had identified as a sticking point. Because the BVB struck with another double strike, screwed the result to 4: 0 in height.

At the latest after the 0: 4 you know that it has run. Then the fifth and sixth may not fall anymore.

Jonas Hofmann

“At the latest after the 0: 4 you know that it has walked. Then the fifth and sixth can not fall anymore,” Hofmann annoyed himself, which expressly did not exhibit “mentality question” with a look at the second half, but emphasized: “I would It’s called very immature. ” Also Kramer agreed: “Of course, that must never happen to us in this form.”

20. February 202205: 40 minutes

Jonas Hofmann Weekly Drive from 20.2.2022

Olympic Winter Games from Beijing to Finish, Bavaria wins against Unterthlicht Fürth – Edge victories for Dortmund and Leipzig, Schalke Large winner in second division race race, Alba Berlin wins BBL Cup

Jonas Hofmann Weekly Drive from 13.2.2022


Jonas Hofmann Weekly Drive from 6.2.2022


Jonas Hofmann Weekly Drive from 30.1.2022


Jonas Hofmann Weekly Drive from 23.1.2022

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In the table, Gladbach missed a further liberation strike after the 3-2 win against Augsburg (Hütter: “for the head is difficult”), also deteriorated the goal ratio. “We’re doing too many mistakes in all areas. That’s why we’re there, where we stand. Quite simply,” Kramer said, on whose team, three duels with clubs are waiting for himself in the crisis: Wolfsburg is coming to Saturday, then It’s going to Stuttgart marriage Hertha BSC in the Borussia Park. Games against “direct competitors” (Hofmann) to which it now arrives. There were all parties agreed.