All Mokoko Seed locations in tooki Corporation in Lost Ark

The wet seeds are the most common object of collecting in the “Lost Ark”, but it is difficult to find them. Seeds resemble small fruits and have green. When the seeds are detected, wet glow. There are only three seeds of Mokoko to search and collect for Corporation Tuki in sea of proony . All Mokoko Seed locations are shown below.

Где найти все семена мококо в корпорации Tooki в Море Проциона

To get to Mokoko seeds, you need to go far enough in the quest on the island in order to access the right side of the card. It is easy to grab the Mokoko seed on western part cards, just go to it.

For Mokoko seeds on East part of the card, players must go to white circle teleport to the island outside the map. Mokoko seeds will be in the northern part of the island.

When you become Tuki and get to the right side, try not to get hurt during the search for Mokoko seeds. Your disguise will disappear if you get hurt and you will have to redo everything.

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