The Last of Us series looks spectacular in these leaks

The series of _ The Last of US _ on the part of HBO has very excited the fans. Although at the moment we lack an official look at this production, new leaks have been commissioned to fill this vacuum. In this way, a couple of videos recorded clandestine have revealed the level of fidelity that this show will have regarding the game of Naughty Dog.

Recently, the Last of US TV account shared a series of direct videos from the set of series films. Here we can not only see a direct comparison with the game, which reveals the level of attention and detail of production, but a small tour of the incredible scenarios that have been created to greatly represent this post-world apocalyptic.

The Last of Us TV Show Has Just FINISHED Production... Here's What We Know!
These new advances, although not officers, have excited the fans, the degree that the delay of its premiere at some point of 2023, seems not to bother them. Considering that the filming is on the right track, it seems that it is only a matter of time before seeing a trailer that takes us a better look at this adaptation.

On related topics, you can learn more about the new premiere date here. Similarly, here you can check more leaks about the production of this series.

Editor’s note:

The work that is taking place looks very well. However, there is still a lot to see. If the Halo series left something clear, it is that production requires more than attention to detail, and it is necessary to make it clear that the budget has been used completely.

Tiago Tomas explains his move to the VfB

When his name showed the first time as a possible VFB new entry, no one really liked to believe it. A JungProfi, trained at Sporting Lisbon, where he was used not only in the championship, but also in the cup and even in the Champions League, to do so u-21 international and versesome, should reinforce the VfB in the relegation battle? From the rumors were quickly facts. Tiago Tomas hired at the Swabia and has already become apparent in his second deployment, his first from the beginning, to the hope.

“I did not play so much this season,” says the 19-year-old about his motivations to leave Sporting. “When the interest of the VfB came, I liked the thought.” After a conversation with coach Ruben Amorim, his agent and the view of recordings of games of VfB and its terrain, the young professional decided for the Swabia. “The VfB is a big club in Germany, has already won many titles, but in recent years no longer the place he deserves.” He feels “honored to play with such a big club”.

Tiago Tomas does not talk about his contract and explores the city

Tiago Tomás | Welcome to Stuttgart 2022 | Best Skills & Goals | HD

It is quite aware of the fact that he has changed from a title candidate to a descent aspirant. “Of course I know about the situation,” says Tiago Tomas. “But we have enough quality to get out there. That’s not easy, but I’m sure we’re doing it. We do not descend.” Whether in case of cases to existed until 2023 signed loan agreement also beyond this summer, he does not want to reveal. “I’m not talking about contracts.” This is not necessary because you hold the class. “I am convinced of that.”

Tiago Tomas makes the impression of a satisfied professionals through his decision. An apartment has already been rented, when moving into the mother helped, friends also helped him over the first days in the stranger. The 19-year-old was already in the Stuttgart Zoo, on the TV tower, explores the city. “I’m very open and none of the home sits”.

Striker is flexible: “I feel good on the wings”

Also no longer happy to be on the bench, like last in Lisbon. “In the past half year, I played especially in the final phase of a game,” says the striker, who has recruited with his two hits in Leverkusen for more starting fields for themselves. “The game in Leverkusen gives me self-confidence.” Straight and especially for the upcoming duel with Bochum. “It’s an important game because we need to start points. This is now a week after week.”

That with SASA Kalajdzic, who has completed a first individual unity again on the lawn after cooldown calajprems today, against Bochum probably back to the team, play for him no role. The question of whether this reduces his application opportunities is “one for the coach. Everyone wants to play, but the coach decides”. Especially on which position Pellegrino Matarazzo commemorate the Portuguese, which offers alternatively. “I feel good on the wings.”