CFC loses game one to ULUC

Is the CFC Hertha 06 the season out of hand? After the Charlottenburger had surprisingly cleared the leader of the Oberliga Nofv-Nord, recently returned after continuing unrest in the club Coach Volkan Uluc backward \ – and promptly the Berliner in the home game after disappointing performance was subject to the table-morted TSG Neustrelitz with 0: 1. The game was a zero number for a long time. The opportunity plus was at the guests from Neustrelitz, which could cheer only late: Röth was six minutes before the end of the game after a corner by head with the TSG victory goal.

That the Rostocker, still with two games less on the credit side, the table guide did not take over from the CFC, was at the top game defeat of the RFC at the SC Staaken. An intensive duel ended with 3: 2 for the homely – the guests at the break despite a spotted penalty after a Wolf double pack (26./39.) Lead 2-0. After restart, however, the substitute EPALS OTTO quickly set the connection (54.), then two hits from Sebastian Gigold (65./88.) Worked for the late and re-adjusted victory of the SCS.

First home win for Mahlsdorf

In addition, the Torgelower FC made it gripping against undertaking star Berlin, closing contact with the top. 1: 1 ended the duel against the still echoless bottom of the table, which, however, did not walk from the square in the second game in a row. Dot equal to the grasping is Hertha Zehlendorf, which won 2-0 against Hansa Rostock’s second representative.

Meanwhile, Eintracht Mahlsdorf could continue with a 2-0 success over Neuruppin from the Red Zone – it was the first home win for the BSV in this season. And in the basement duel between Victoria Seelov and Lok Stendal there was no winner – 2: 2 ended the game in which Stendals Daramaras could still be equalized the 2-0 guidance of the Victoria by a double pack in passage two. Stendal remains over, Seelow under the stroke.

Volkan Uluc:
On Saturday, two of three ranges were canceled – including the two away appearances of the League Mitterites Greifswalder FC (BSC South) and Blue-White 90 (at the Ludwigsfelder FC). The game was played in Stahnsdorf, where the MSV Pampow could take a counter at 2: 2. Early, Zotke brought the guests with his goal in the long corner with 1: 0 in front, Krüsemann’s balancing shortly before the half-time counterparted Pampow immediately due to Camkins still before the pause tea – his spacer shot slapped a powerful manner. The substitute Matthäs caused two after a long throw-in for 2: 2. Just before the end, the RSV, who could have jumped in a victory under the top 5 of the table, from the point nor the victory: MSV-Keeper Ellenläger stopped the draw with his parade.