Ginter follows against Gladbach

Borussia Mönchengladbach’s national soccer player Matthias Ginter had spicy criticism of the foals.

When he found out last summer that the Borussia wanted to sell him, it was a break with the club. “It was very bitter and hard for me. Something broke,” said the 28-year-old in the Gladbach fan podcast.

Previously, the association around the then manager Max Eberl had assured him of planning with him as a leadership figure and future captain during the first contract talks in February 2021. After a change in summer had not come about for different reasons, the club made him an “alibi offer” in October, said Ginter: “But I said to my consultant: No matter how the sum is, the thing is through. “

Matthias Ginter - Welcome to Inter Milano?! 2021 Crazy Tackles/Goals/Skills

He was also particularly disappointed that he was not allowed to make his own statement when the Borussia made its departure public at the end of the season: “That I was put up so public and that I didn’t say anything about it because I didn’t want to create any restlessness, that was The hardest time, “said Ginter.

After 178 competitive games for the Borussia, with which he has been under contract since 2017, the Freiburger native will change back to his home club after the season. In 2012, Ginter had debuted with the professionals and completed a total of 81 competitive games until his transfer to Borussia Dortmund in 2014.

Mainz-Jubilar Karim Onisiwo: underestimated and indispensable

If nothing completely unforeseen comes between, Karim Onisiwo will be against Stuttgart’s 150th Bundesliga game on Saturday. The Austrian, who came to Rheinhessen in January 2016 from SV Mattersburg to Rheinhessen, thus became a truly solid size in the German elite class. Some observers can not do much in the country with that for a few weeks of 30-year-olds. That may be because Mainz 05 is generally not totally in focus nationwide. But it’s all about this statistic: In 149 Bundesliga games Onisiwo has met 22 times – for a striker now truly no glory.

Svensson: “Karim is an absolute key to us”

Proud Father - Onisiwo Rushes from the Pitch to the Maternity Ward
But those who store the 1.88 meter model athletes based on these naked numbers directly in the drawer “wallflower”, which definitely commits a mistake. Onisiwos actual class can not be grasped by his goal balance. And probably not based on TV cutouts. But only when one really watches the son of a Wiener and a Nigerian over the entire playing time live. As Onisiwo uses his body, deny two-fighting, putting deep runs, slats tears and repeatedly puts his teammates, makes him a literally spectacular player on good days.

“Karim,” says Trainer Bo Svensson therefore understandable, “is an absolute key for the season we play. That, hopefully we can now do four games before the end of the leaflet also mathematically sure what Mainz still something special for Mainz is.” Specifically, the Austrian A national player (previously 15 games) the following properties “very, very valuable”, says Svensson: “He brings physically very much with, plays very running intensive, which is never a pleasant task for opposing defenders.” And: “Striker are also measured at other things as gates.”

as a scorer equal with painting and even before Kostic

For example, to Scorer points: There is onisiwo currently with five hits and eight assists, for example, with Dortmund’s Donyell – and even just before Frankfurt Filip Kostic or Hoffenheim Andrej Kramaric. The gate shooting, Svensson acknowledges, belonging to the things he can improve “. After all, his personal record of seven hits from the 2018/19 season could still crack the onisiwo currently bound to 2024 in the current season. It would be the appropriate expression of his still further rising job.