Demirbay weather for Brych: Hes so on the sack

“I think that very, very sad, I’m honest. The referee is so on the sack,” said Demirbay after the ARD “sports show”. Demirbay had seen the yellow card in the 83rd minute \ – as one of four players. After a foul of Aster Vranckx at Piero Hincia, the scramble of the two stakeholders was taken out to a packing, Brych had finally warned Maxence Lacroix and just Demirbay, in addition to the two initiators.

21. March 202205: 05 minutes

Brych Demirbay Weekly Drive from 21.3.2022

Brych Demirbay Weekly Drive View of 20.3.2022


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Brych Demirbay Weekly Drive from 14.3.2022


Brych Demirbay Weekly Drive: 6.3.2022


Brych Demirbay Weekly Drive from 27.2.2022


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But he had only tried to calm the other players. “I’m trying to eat the guys, nothing else I did. I have the player – I just do not know how he is called – said, he should calm down, ‘calm down’,” the midfielder reported. “Then Maxi Arnold comes and says, ‘Kerem well, all Easy, did you do well.'”

In fact, the TV images at least suggest that Leverkusen had rather taken a simple role in packing. What in turn did not always be the case in the past. Still at the 4-0 on Real Betis in the Europa League preliminary round, despite the high lead in the final minutes of opponents Nabil Fekir had provoked, seen the red card for an opportunity and then locked the first leg against Atalanta Bergamo missed.

I hope he will not whistle us so often in the future.

Kerem Demirbay about Dr. Felix Brych

Demirbay is now also locked in the Bundesliga. The yellow card in Wolfsburg was already the tenth in the current season, Leverkusen’s clock is thus the first Bundesliga player, which has to resist 2021/22 a second yellow lock and lack coach Gerardo Seoane at home game against Hertha BSC on April 2.

Finally, Demirbay sent another poison arrow towards Brych: “It’s madness, he’s so on the sack,” he went on. “I hope he will not whistle us so often in the future. That’s longer so, that’s madness, just incredible.”

Dabrowski: “Have properly brought in the place”

I am very satisfied with the result and also with the performance of my team. I think, in the end it was also deserved. It was a gripping cup game. The boys have brought really power to play. We tried to play forward also have one or the other admitted, but had a Ron (Keeper goal, d. Red.) In the gate, which has made sure that the zero stands. I’m totally satisfied and proud of the troupe, Coach Christoph Borowski said After the game.

So it also saw Sebastian Kirk, who had achieved Hanover 2: 0 by trading folders: If you look at the gameplay, that’s a highly deserved result. We were all a bit surprised, Playback has made us little and quietly played it well and quietly


Just a perfect cup of cups

Thanks to some heavy parades, the goal, which had been quite praised by the coach, was, in addition to double organs Maximilian Hair — Match winner at the 96s, the joy was written in the face. It was just a perfect cup of cups for us. But we can not forget: It was really brutally hard work, both with and against the ball we have done it really well. It was a real cup fight. Of course, I’m looking forward to My own performance, but more importantly, we have passed and that keeps everything.

In fact, the game against the Bundesliga club for the goal had not been the second dedication after several months of injury. I was out for 13 weeks, it was not a simple time. It’s just really nice to stand back in the square. I’m fine, said the keeper.

Auditor and the milestone

For the 32-year-old, the entry into the quarterfinals of the Cup means at the same time a milestone in the career, because under the best eight was the goal of the first one of his clubs had never been with one of his clubs: My cup quota was not exhilarating. I have been waiting for a long time. It is waiting for a long time Really cool, that’s a nice feeling. It’s just a pity that no fans were there, the hut would have tipped safely today.