Dresden scorer DAVERER: Chapeau, Kevin!

In the end, one was somehow agreed. Fabian Nürnberger, who had launched the club (12th), then experienced opportunity giant of his team, which awarded several high-cowardly for a comfortable projection. “The 1: 1 was already hard,” commented on the 22-year Christoph Darnerers compensation, which was prepared by trainer Capretti for the start-up AGYEMANG Diawusie glossy, in the only chance of the newcomer in the first section (42).

An absolute driver, as Nuremberg confessed. Although you have tried to get the “minds again”, but the goal has “already done with one”. After the break, dynamo has taken control of the control, “we have hard to do and have not come into play again,” confessed the midfielder.

Nuremberg first took us, we could be glad that we were not 3: 0 in arrears.

Christoph Darnerer

Kevin Broll Hoffnung by Still

Dresden scorer DAFERNER struck in the same notch: “Nuremberg first took us, we could be glad that we were not 3: 0 in arrears.” The scorer, who made the dozen with his goal, but also correctly analyzed that “we could have gained it in the second half.”

Special Lob for Broll

His special thanks Galt Kevin Broll: “Kevin is one of our most important players, you have to say that very clearly. He keeps us in the first round of life. Chapeau, Kevin!” So on the keeper is leaving, yet DAFERNER would wish that Broll is not so much in the focus: “We are not allowed to leave that much next time so he does not work so much.”

Next time, this is a serious task again for Dynamo: In front of a local backdrop, the Saxons await the next ascension aspirants on April 1 with Schalke 04.

Ginter, Hütter, Relegant Campf

No turn in the Personalism Matthias Ginter. The national player will definitely leave Borussia in summer. Most recently, speculation had come up with whether Ginters situation is changing due to the farewell to Max Eberl and the club could make a new offer. But even under Eberl successor Virkus everything remains unchanged. At the end of the season, when Ginters expires contract, the ways separate. “Matze has made his decision and communicated clean – and we as a club as well as the decision,” said Virkus in a media round on Monday.

At his start as a sports director, the 55-year-old caught the very worst start. In Dortmund on Sunday, it set directly a 0: 6 defeat, which makes the location for the foals again much more dangerous. Despite the sporty precarious situation, Virkus renewed on Monday the backing for coach Adi Hütter. “I’ve got to know Adi Hütter nearly a week ago. He is very focused, open, straight ahead, we have a very good exchange together,” said Virkus and referred to the immense wealth of experience that the coach has come back: “He already has Many different situations are experienced in his career. He has become master, but also has even difficult phases, for example in Eintracht Frankfurt. “

Gladbach will therefore go as expected with Hütter in the trailing weeks. The next tasks are for the Borussen opportunity and risk at the same time – it is almost without exception against teams from the lower table region. In turn are duels with Wolfsburg, Stuttgart, Hertha and Bochum on the program. Then after the home game against Mainz still waits the outward trip to Tutor Greuther Fürth.

“Can Gladbach descent fight? I say: Yes!”

Against the direct competition in the basement decides where Gladbach’s journey leads. “The table situation is not pleasant,” was Virkus, yet he sees the team equipped. “Many are currently discussing the question: Can Gladbach descent battle? I say: Yes! I am firmly convinced that the team can abstess champion,” emphasized the new creators. Almost all professionals in the squad have already experienced relegation fight in the course of their career. “I’m sure we’ll get out of this situation,” says Virkus. “Because the guys also have the quality.”

All contracts have validity for league 2

And if it goes wrong and Gladbach descends? Then the Borussia inevitably stands in front of a big change, but would also have a trump in his hand. Because: After Matthias information, the player contracts are designed so that no Profi Gladbach can rely free transfer in the relegation case – all players contracts with a term to summer 2023 and beyond also have validity for the 2nd league.