Dynamo Dresden takes farewell to “Dixie” Dörner

Dörner was a cancer on 19 January at the age of 70 years of a cancer. In addition to about 800 fans, 120 loaded guests like former teammates and friends like Ulf Kirsten, Hartmut Schade, Matthias Sammer, Thomas Doll and Andreas Thom participated in the event. The burial Dörners should take place at a later date with the exclusion of the public.

Abschied von einer Fußball-Legende - Trauer um

“Dixie was and is a great role model for countless football lovers. We wanted to be like them as children as he wanted to play like him, but he remained unmatched in his sovereign way on the football field. It looked so easy when he looked like that Ball stroked. But when trying to copy it, we failed in a row. Over more than five decades, Dixie Dörner has been used on and next to the space for the colors of our city and our association. He remains for eternity a luck for dynamo, For the football and the sports overall, “said SGD President Holger Scholze in a mourning speech at the former Libero.

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