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It is normal that the latest work of Rutger Hare is linked to his first big role of Batty, The Replicant, the very influential future Dystopian black film of Ridley Scott, Blade Runner. It is ironic that in Observing, Hauer assumes a role similar to that of Blade Runner Deckard.

And is it not surprising that in the world to observe, a digital destructive virus known as nanophagus threatens the foundations of civilization? The nanophagus was so virulent because, in the future, the fusion of the man and the machine became common. This plague killed thousands of people, leaving the place to another world to burst and slaughter the east and west blocks that were in power for a century ago. In this void of power, companies have introduced and have created new power structures. As such, democracy has now disappeared and companies have reigned in technology by giving them control of the general population. As an observer, Daniel Lazarski, you are the form of police of the company.

Originally released as a PC game, Blooper Team reorganized observe for new generation consoles. Name this new version as a remill and redesign of gameplay graphics and adjustments while adding additional missions to the original scenario.

Dream 7: A Mystery in English Class

In addition – and exclusive to the PS5 version – the assumption of the dual sense has been added. With him, you can feel the resistance of the objects – like the opening of the doors via the adaptive triggers. You will also feel the haptic return when you are experiencing damage or activate the Dream Eater. The effect of integrating these characteristics is at best subtle, the most pronounced being the trigger resistance when opening / closing doors and drawers.

The observer starts with you to find a crime scene in your son’s apartment. Once inside, you discover a decapitated body, which is quickly identified as not your son. From there, you will leave to solve the crime and find your boy. It is in the Daniel building that you spend most of the game, which gives observe the feeling of being very closed and as if you were completely isolated yourself.

Interactions with other inhabitants are limited to conversations via a door speaker. The only person you meet in person is the concierge. This gameplay decision seems to be budgeted because the character models (apart from said concierge) are static and hardly adequate. Adding to feeling isolation, the intensive use of a green filter, to the matrix. This filter adds to the atmosphere of the game, but unfortunately, it also dampens the graphics. On the other hand, environments are detailed, lively and parts and corridors are expanded with many elements and textures.

Most of the observer makes you prospect the Daniel building in search of witnesses, which will provide clues and open new secondary missions. Some apartments are open and facilitate your surveys or even become new crime scenes. In these areas, the mini-games come into play to hack the doors. And do not miss the retro video game “With Sword & Fire”, which is fully playable. The original version had seven levels, and here you will find three new for a total of ten.

The apartment is beautiful and everything, but the real pleasure begins with the Dream Eater sequences. Observers are equipped with a technology called “Dream Eater”, which allows you to connect with a person’s neuronal network connection and hacking his mind. These sections lead to some of the craziest visual and game sequences because the Dream Eater gives access to all souvenirs, fears and obsessions.

The real world sections are rather boring, while most strong sensations are in the Dream Eater sections. Once you enter a Dream Eater section, the voltage and horror aspects really start to shine. In the spirit of an individual, the chains of the natural law become malleable and subjected to the whims of the personality of this individual. You enter Escher type sequences where doors and stairs do anywhere or put you in a totally unexpected orientation. Sometimes you enter a dream state where crossing a door brings you back to the room you have just left. These moments are very fun to play.

Observe is a decent game. The very detailed environments and disturbing dream sections are hindered only by the limited and repetitive nature of the gameplay during the sections of the real world. It also has a strong voice work performance of Rutger Hare. As the first title of the PS5, there is a lot of reason to be impressed. Observer works well and loads quickly, and it proud look even if the artistic direction attenuates the impact. However, the old saying remains: good graphics alone do not make a good game. ### Good * Graphics, resolution 4K is superb * Dream Eater Sequences * Rutger hauer is fantastic 75 ### The bad * Voice acting Hit or Miss * Sections of the real world * Presentation of the green visual tone