Achievement Unlocked: Player Reaches Level 70 Without Leaving Ship of Exile in WoW

Some WoW players are obviously too dull to just bring their character to the maximum level in a conventional method.
After the neutral Pandas Double-Agent only reached level 70 by gathering herbs and ore, a gamer with his Andean Chica developed a likewise curious idea.
Chica, on Reddit with the username catch, spent the whole level stage exclusively on the ship that brings you to the island of the exiles.

Player just levels through animal combat missions

In order to level up in this way, catch took advantage of the five account-wide pet battle missions: he each supplied one character right beside the five coaches in order to have the ability to rapidly take the missions every day.
He switched to his Mandarin, who waited on the ship on the coast of the island of the exiles and closed the missions with her.
To do this, he used Chromium at level 25 and defeated the coaches’ groups within a few rounds with the capability Arcane surge.
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As a reason that he decided to level a character like this, explains Catch:
It is the supreme way of leveling a character solo. You never leave the ship. You do not beat another gamer or dungeon manager and will never remain in a group with other players. Furthermore, you never ever pass away. And I believe it’s enjoyable.
By doing this of leveling takes around 200 days from level 1 to level 70, however you just have to invest a couple of minutes a day to finish the missions.
You can take the quests with a character of any level, which you then merely park beside the specific fitness instructors.
On Reddit, Camacho writes that this type of leveling also works for neutral Canaries on the wandering island.
After a double-agent, he brought the second panda to the existing optimum level worldwide without leaving the island and choosing a parliamentary group.

Source: Reddit (by means of Icy-Veins).
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It is the supreme way of leveling a character solo. You never ever leave the ship. You do not beat another player or dungeon employer and will never be in a group with other players. Furthermore, you never ever die.

The Last of Us is an exercise of symbolism and the scene with the giraffes is the best example

This week the Last of Us part 1 comes out, probably one of the games that I have spent the most times in my life. One of those that I know practically by heart and that, just by remembering some of his scenes, I get a chill of emotion in the body .

Normally, we remember the tragic tutorial scene, or the first appearance of the chasqueadores. They are shocking and dark scenes; as well as the process of mutation of humanity by the cordyceps virus . But we usually keep that darker and dramatic approach because it predominates in the work of Naughty Dog . But, this time, as the fireflies say, I wanted to look for light.

The giraffes, much more than a simple animal in The Last of Us

In the final stretch of the game, after several hours of rot, endless infected and ambush of malefactors, comes a time that excites and that makes us see that there is some hope in a world as devastated as the one that takes place in the game. We see that, beyond what we do-although due to the survival factor, it cannot be said that we are ethical with our actions-we find an animal loop with the presence of an animal.

Animals, mostly, squandering goodness and we have to learn a lot from them. The moment in which Ellie, a girl whose childhood has been a real chaos , opens her heart stroking at a beautiful giraffe, the first trace of goodness she sees in her life. The first loophole of love that she is after a life surrounded and persecuted by hate and despair. And the moment that reflects the paternal-filial relationship between Joel and Ellie.

Naughty Dog does nothing by chance and, throughout the game, in different rooms, We can find images or drawings of giraffes . A prelude to that emotional moment, and that has a much more concise symbology than the simple fact of stroking this beautiful being. One of the symbolisms of these animals is that, due to their characteristic long neck, they are able to see what is on the horizon, urging us to see beyond.

For Ellie , giraffes symbolize the life that is worth fighting for. It is The turning point of the character , in a sample of innocence that she later loses again for the events that occur in The Last of Us Part 2, but anyone before an childhood and adolescence thus would end up losing the stirrups.

The giraffe is that thread of hope in the middle of the chaos . The demonstration that there can always be something good even if everything around us seems lost. A relief that fills our hearts and that should give us the hope that everything will go well. So, when you are wrong, think of this wonderful animal.

Al final, everything we expect has its ups and downs. But the experience is incredible.

Goodies on Friday: Long live the balances!

What’s better than balances to do full of goodies and accessories like any kind? This week, figurine enthusiasts will be spoiled because they will be able to grow their collection while preserving their portfolio.

Catch them all !

Pokémon goodies are numerous, but among the most popular, we can count the famous Pop figurines with the effigy of the Nintendo pocket monsters. Collectors of Pop Figurines are not without knowing that there are several sizes, especially those of 10 inches , larger and more rewarding.

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The Figurine Bizarre Silver at FNAC

the cards of the week

Pokémon lovers never have enough. Between games, figurines and accessories, collecting maps are among the most popular goodies of collectors. Better than buying boosters, we offer the elite retailer box to much richer content. This box contains as follows:

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cheap figurines

Pokémon is not the only license to have the right to his goodies. Ubisoft also offers beautiful figurines for its games Cretin rabbits or Assassin’s Creed . At the moment, Discount takes advantage of the balances to allow collectors to perfect their collection at a lower cost. Thus, the figurine Rabbi Sam Fisher and the Figurine Ohio are only €3,99 , a fare really no excessive for pretty collectibles.

The OHIO figurine at Discount

Figurine Rabbi Sam’s Fisher at Discount

Premium figurine

More detailed and better finished, the figurine Master Chief launched on the occasion of the exit of Halo Infinite is already pre-order. We discover a Master Chief more beautiful than ever, equipped with the grapple shot and the energy of energy. A real MUST for lovers of the Microsoft license.

Micromania proposes to predominate this figurine before its exit planned for 26 January . It will cost you €69,99 To acquire this model reduced from 25 cm , to pose urgently in your window.

the board game of the week

The famous Monopoly specializes in the variations pop culture . This week is the Animal Crossing version of the most famous set of tray we present. The gameplay is inspired by that of the eponymous game. The players, with their pawn inspired by the characters of Animal Crossing , must explore the islands of the tray to harvest resources.

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