LOL: The error that Riot Games has repeated for 5 years and that will commit again in the next patch

If we name worse champion of the history of League of Legends to the one who has maintained a bad performance for a longer time, Rye is the only possible choice. The character has been practically abandoned to his fate for Riot Games due to the good use that professionals made of him. A situation that has maintained it in a jail throughout the season 12. The highest victory rate of it if we take into account the year 2022 and the upper platinum ranges has been 47.1% in patch 12.2. That happened eight months ago, and it wasn’t even a positive record.

The lousy work that Riot Games does not stop repeating

Riot Games has announced an increase in power for Rye. The adjustments will take place in the next 12.19 patch and come to stop the serious problems that the champion is increasing the damage to two of his skills. Not much less he will be catapulted at the top of the Tier List when the next version is launched. However, if it could be a sufficient improvement to make it pass from its 45.7% of current victories to a somewhat closer amount to what he had when the year began. He will continue to be a bad hero , but at least you can play with minimal guarantees.

Although the 2022 Worlds are still to be played and this is the most important league of competitive legends, Riot Games has chosen patch 12.19 to improve Rye because he will not affect professionals. The World Championship will be played in full in the currently available version (12.18) and there will be no bigger tournaments until it begins next year. This means that the ‘pros’ will be immune to these changes so that the character’s performance cannot be shot in the elite environment.

The truth is that Rye’s fans are not to bitter because of a candy such as his champion’s improvement. However, Riot Games proves to continue a little sustainable model . In this sense, it helps us to take a look at the historic patches that have affected the champion.

Far from any conspiracy theory, recent years show an obvious pattern. Rye always receives power reductions before the celebration of the world championships or improvements once the patch has passed in which the tournament will be held. Most arbitrary decisions caused by the fear of developers to monopolize the spotlights along the Worlds. It is not that we do not understand this panic, since the champion has dominated League of Legends tournaments. However, the strategy has proven to be poor.

In this sense, it is normal for the League of Legends community to keep your complaints. It is unlikely to think that, over the last five years, Riot Games has not found a moment of calm in which to get seriously with a great update to Rye . Perhaps it is time to carry out a new renown or major playable changes. We do not have the perfect recipe, but it is evident that something should change before the character returns to change in the framework of the 2023 Worlds.