Netmarble PC Battle Royale High Squad, Steam Global 2nd Test

[ Park Yeo-jin reporter] Net marble (CEO Won Youngest, Do Kiosk) announced on the 20th that it will conduct a global second private test of PC online Battle Royale ‘High Squad’.

The second private test will be held on Steam until the 27th. Users can apply for participation code on the Steam Store or the official website before the test ends. Users who participated in the first test can participate in the second test without any application.

In this test, we will support the battles of survival mode and occupation mode on the Ariosto map, and will check various measures that reflect user feedback, such as hitting and improving the quality of character motion, adjusting weapons balance, and adding new chipsets.

High Square is a real-time battle royale game in the future, and will be officially serviced through the global game distribution platform ‘Steam’. In this game, it is characterized by selecting various weapons to participate in solo or three-person squad battles.

How much will the battle pGamess of SeGameson 1 of Multiversus cost and how many tiers will have?

The fight hGames begun. The most disparate characters participate in the battle of Multiversus, a new fighting game Free-to-Play by Warner Bros. Games. The title developed by Player First Games is still in the open beta, but already looks at its final version (everything that can be a constantly evolving product). There is only one week left for the premiere of seGameson 1 and the battle pGamess, but what price will it have?

Through the social network Twitter, director Tony Huynh hGames answered the question of a follower, which referred precisely to the price issue. According to the creative, The battle pGamess will cost 950 gleamium , Multiversus’s payment currency. This translates into about 10 euros, since the 1,000 gleamium pack costs 9.99 euros in the different digital stores.

Before starting the first seGameson, players have been able to acquire the pre-seGameson battle pGamess, with a much lower price (only 300 gleamium). The difference is that this pGamess hGames only 15 rewards (skins, icons, coins, cosmetics, etc.), while that of the first seGameson will reach 50 , Games confirmed by the director himself.


Multiversus will balance several of its characters

The open beta continues its course and Warner Bros. Games is taking note of what works and what does not. BGamesed on the Feedback received, the study Nerfeó to Taz, but after Evo 2022 they plan to play o struggles like bunny bunny or Wonder Woman . The goal is that none of the protagonists be too uneven or excessively powerful.

Multiversus is available for free download on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC. The game hGames also been releGamesed in several payment packs (founding editions) with some extra cosmetics that do not directly affect the gameplay.

Free Fire: Baneadas More than 4.3 million bills for cheating in the Battle Royale

GARENA has recently revealed that it has banned more than 4.3 million accounts from Free Fire in the last two weeks. According to the editor and developer, all these logins were prohibited by using different ways to cheat on the popular Battle Royale for mobile devices.

“We left this moment to remind you that playing together with cheats will also have consequences. The fight against traps is a constant mission for us. To guarantee the experience and fun of all, we ask all players who do not use trampas_,” stand out from Golden.

Most cases of traps were to be transferred by walls and antennas, which represented 40% and 36.8% of the prohibitions, respectively.

Check below the reasons why you can suspend an account in Free Fire:

  • Use modified and / or unauthorized versions of the application of the game;
  • Use programs, applications or routines that interact with the application or games server;
  • Use unofficial programs that alter the game;
  • Modify the game files or server communication;
  • Take advantage of defects or errors to change the game;
  • Have the account reported by several players at the same time that we detect abnormal activities in the game;

Last Zone Unbelievable Situation ???????? 1 Ammo in Louncher ????#shorts #freefire
* Skip the FREE Fire anti-traps system through the illegal data transfer.