Ghost vs. Ghost Hunters match game “Midnight Ghost Hunt” STeam This spring to early access delivery. Pounding marchi which hunts the side to be hunted

Publisher’s Coffee Stain Publishing announced on March 13, Multi-play competition game “Midnight Ghost Hunt”, which can be handed up on March 13, announced early access delivery in PC (STeam) to this spring. Specifically, the day will be guided later.

“Midnight Ghost Hunt” is a 4-to-4 online multiplayer game that defects in ghosts and ghost hunters. At the end of early access delivery, seven types of maps are prepared, and both teams will play in a spooky environment such as a ghost mansion. The game is divided into the first half of the night and the second half of the night, and the ghost hunter is mainly the turn to hunt ghost hunters.


The player on the ghost hunter side is equipped with a gadget or trap that detects ghosts in addition to weapons. We make use of them to look for ghosts and defeat. It is also important to suck a trace of the beaten ghosts with vacuum. If not, it will allow resuscitation by ghosts.

One ghost side player can enable various objects in the map. I’m going to flee the ghost hunter eyes. However, if it continues to stop at the same place, it will be easier to be found in the ghost hunter. You can also install traps to deceive ghost hunters.

When it was at 12 o’clock at night, if one player survived alone, all ghosts revive and rush into the second half. The ghost player is given powerful ability, and this time the ghost will be a position to hunt the ghost hunter. The ghost hunter side victory if you can withstand the fascinating time for a certain period of time and escape from the stage. If you block escape, it is a ghost victory.

At the beginning of the early access delivery, in addition to the seven types of maps mentioned above, we implement about 10 types, such as ghost hunter weapons, gadgets, and ghost availability and park. 40 types of skin and emotors are recorded more than 40 types. An editor that can change the game rule is also provided. Also, it is possible to compatible with voice chat and mix BOT. And while sucking out the opinions from the player, further content is added towards the formal release.

“Midnight Ghost Hunt” is scheduled to deliver early access to this spring at PC (Steam).

The Fanatics of Capcom are trying to guess the great advertisement of the company

Last week, Capcom launched a mysterious website with nothing more than a countdown timer. The countdown is scheduled to end within a few hours, and the anticipation is maximum. Capcom has been a tendency on Twitter, since several fans have been making their conjectures about what will be revealed once the countdown is finished. When writing these lines, all signs point to Street Fighter 6, and Capcom has been insinuating on the game in recent months. Of course, it is also possible that the disclosure is related to other important franchises of Capcom, such as Resident Evil or Monster Hunter.

This year marks the 35th anniversary of the original luador, which first appeared in Japanese recreational machines in 1987. Capcom has already revealed a logo for the anniversary and has shown ads from the series throughout the year. Given all that, it seems a fairly safe bet that Capcom will not reveal _RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE DLC, a new Dino Crisis or a new Mega Man game in 2D, but you can not blame fans for having high hopes. Hopefully, the revelation will fulfill the hype!

Keep reading to see what fans say about Capcom!

CAPCOM has a dedicated fan base.


Two strong possibilities!


more Village would not be wrong.


That would be nice to wake up!


Maybe it’s another confrontation against SNK.


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Oh Capcom, it’s Dino Crisis.


Street Fighter 6 seems the most likely scenario.