Ex assessors give Nintendo Tips: So Switch will finally be good online

For the English-speaking Nintendo-YouTube channel, Kit Ellis and Krysta Yang were employed as moderators for years. Now let your feelings with the company in a podcast and do not shy away from practicing criticism on the Group.

Nintendo: Ex employee are frustrated

“Nintendo Minute” was a format of the English Youtube channel from Nintendo for many years. Kit Ellis and his co-presenter Krysta Yang presented themselves, among other things, games and hardware of the brand Nintendo and tried to become various challenges. After more than eight years and more than 400 episodes, the two have now decided to stop.

Now lead a common podcast, in which Nintendo is often addressed. In a new episode, the two come to speak on the online service and kit leaves his frustration free run.

What is the problem at the online service?

His big problem lies in the NES and SNES games that brings online service. At the beginning there were real play beads with it. However, everything came to games after the first release did not convince him.

Muchs are old games, of which he has never heard anything. According to KIT, many of them belong to a museum, but not necessarily in the online service of the switch. Especially for younger players and players Nintendo should have more on offer.

Krysta adds that, for example, Gamecube games could remedy. Kit would already be enough if Nintendo more transparent dealing with when subscribers can expect which games.

“It’s just hard to understand what I have from it, so I think it would be very helpful if you would be a little more transparent with what the plan is for each level.” (Source: YouTube / Kit & Krysta)

This also applies to the N64 and Genesis games in the expansion pack of the online service. After all, Nintendo has announced here in advance, which games should come. Unfortunately, they have not mentioned only when the remaining games, such as Pokémon Snap, should be published.

Those interested buyers of the extension do not know when they can count on the games. It is just as unclear whether there is another N64 games in the assortment or if then no more games should come anymore.

Nintendo brings new games for NES and SNES to the switch

They were not announced again, but now they are here. Three other games can be found in today in the range of NES and SNES games for Nintendo online:

  • Earthworm Jim 2
  • DIG DUG 2

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Assessment of Nathan Navrotzki
I have to give the two right. The range of retro games on the switch is not particularly attractive. Old mario and kirby games always go. But most of the biggest part you can do without it, at least as someone who has not grown up.

At least one would at least know which games will come in the future, a subscription of the online service or even the expensive extension would be worthwhile. Gamecube games would be a dream, but it probably remains for the time being: at a wishful thinking.