Cobra Kai gives the final blow with the exciting final trailer of his seKaion 5

We already have the final trailer of the imminent seKaion 5 of Cobra Kai , the popular series of Netfix that continues with the adventures of the clKaisic saga of Karate Kid . And he does it with an exciting advance with Spanish subtitles that you can see on these lines and that advances great clKaihes for this new batch of episodes, available from next September 9 . And we already have official synopsis of this fifth seKaion.


returns the mercilessly karate from Coba Kai

The battle for the soul of the valley may end, but the war hKai only started. After the amazing result of the All Valley championship, the Empire Cobra Kai of Terry Silver continues to grow and try that his style of Karate without mercy is the only one in the city. Kai Kreeese is between bars and Johnny Lawrence hKai left the karate to try to repair the damage he hKai caused, Daniel Larusso hKai to resort to an old friend. Cobra Kai seKaion 5 opens on September 9, only in Netflix, Netflix Spain hKai shared Kai a official synopsis .

And how could it be otherwise, the fifth seKaion of Cobra Kai takes up the final events of seKaion 4, with a Terry Silver that does not ceKaie in its expansion of Cobra Kai, with Kreeese fighting with his new situation in jail, with a Johnny that faces his new life away from the art artial arts and Daniel who hKai the help of an old friend…

Although one of the most anticipated returns for this quina Cobra Kai seKaion is that of Sean Kanan Kai Mike Barnes , the mythical villain of Karate Kid III . We will see how the new events of Cobra Kai develop in a seKaion that will surely not be the lKait…

Reaching Remaster is amazing in the video of Gameplay X019 4K


It’s hard to believe that more than nine years since the Halo version: Reach for the Xbox 360 is marketed. Earlier this year, it was announced that this classic Halo game would be on PC. At the last XO19 conference, we discovered that the release date of this Remaster version is actually much closer than we originally imagined. What is even better is that during our stay, we have been able to play the first mission of the breathtaking 4K game! You can check it below.

As a note, the capture machine we used for this game was a little insignificant, we apologize in advance for the jump. You should be able to say, at least in part, from the video, that the graphics have received a thumb for 4K UHD and 60 fps. In addition, the mouse and the keyboard will be fully supported to make it possible to make it possible to maximize the passage of the Xbox to the computer.

Now, if you are all new in Halo: REACH, players will play the role of the latest member of the Noble Six, a group of Spartans who are determined to defend the Planet Reach and the Earth against the destruction by the Covenant. Immerse yourself in the campaign to fight against the pact, or switch to multiplayer mode and experience a revised progression system and more than 20 cards. If you are looking for something else, Firefight offers you the opportunity to fend for you alone or recruit your best friends to survive the endless waves of enemies.

Halo Reach Remaster X019 4k Gameplay | Master Chief Collection

The Master Chief Collection will be sold on the PC as individual titles, then as a package when they have all been published separately. So, first, Halo: Reach will fall on December 3, followed by Combat Evolved, 2, 3, Odst and 4. If you want to know more about the game, you can consult the official website of the game here.