Burghausen beats FCB II

From the beginning, Wacker Burghausen demanded hosts FC Bayern II, who wanted to keep his little chance in first place. With running intensive counterpressing, the guests forced FCB to take many bad passes. The first goal chance also belonged to WACHER: Bachschmid ran towards the goal without a ball, but only hit the latte from 17 meters (2nd).

In the course of the first half, however, the Munich second representation came better into the game and were able to book the first good opportunities. But either Burghausen got a foot in between or the degrees were too imprecise. The FCB performed in this phase of dominant, but then Burghausen was surprisingly in the lead: Bachschmid entered the FCB penalty room and flanked flat into the five-meter space. The ball slipped unhappily under the body of goalkeeper Kainz and was distracted into his own goal (42nd).

Bitter start in the second half

Barcelona vs. Bayern Munich | Champions League Quarterfinal Highlights | UCL on CBS Sports
Bayern II also started in the second round. Only Burghausen increased by the Bosnjak (51.) in the penalty area, then Agdaje was only accompanied by the FCB defense and hit the distance (53.).

After the setback, Bavaria remained the better team, but continued to fail due to the compact defense of the guests. Due to a direct free kick goal from Schulz, Wacker even increased to 4: 0 (66.). The FCB II continued to try to come dangerously in front of the goal, but could no longer overcome Wacker goalkeeper Schöller.

Seen throughout the game, it was an avoidable defeat of the Munich. Burghausen prevailed due to the better efficiency and decides the championship in the regional league Bayern prematurely in favor of SpVgg Bayreuth.

Russia quartet makes an objection to European Cup

Four Russian football clubs are performing against their exclusion from European competitions at the International Dynamo Moscows Court CAS.
ZSKA Moscow announced that they had appealed together with Zenit St. Petersburg, Dynamo Moscow and Pfk Sochi against the sanctions of the European Football Union (UEFA).
The continental association had excluded Russian associations from all competitions because of the war in Ukraine and also moved the Champions League final from St. Petersburg to Paris-but the Russian association remains part of the UEFA for the time being.

War in Ukraine: Your questions answered

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The four clubs called for an accelerated examination of their calling from the CAS.
They currently take the first four table positions in Russia’s soccer league and want to play in the European Cup competitions in the coming season.

What is the size of the the Last of Us Part II on PS4?

The last of us, Part II is one of the last major games to come on PS4, and one of the most anticipated titles of the whole generation.

As such, players strive to get all the possible details until the release of June 19, and of course, we are there to help you with new information.

Although the details of the scenario are tiny, at least if you have not fallen into any of the spoilers, there is something precious that we can tell you – what is the size The last of us, Part II in terms file size.

PS4 file size the last of US PART II

Naughty Dog’s latest major game is finally on us, and as such, the title reaching the coasts of the PlayStation Store, we can grasp details such as the free space that will take it to have it on your PS4.

The Last of Us: Part II | PS5 - PS4 - PS4 Pro | Graphics & FPS Comparison

A screenshot on PS4 Sub-retit revealed that users will have to have 78 GB of free space on their hard drive during the last The last of us comes out in less than a month.

It is not a small download but, given that the open world games of this generation such as red dead redmption 2 and triple-a in the vein of Call of duty: Modern Warfare and warzone go for more than 100 GB, We assume that you can very well do with that.

Although we don’t have any details yet, you can expect to download a patch of the first day that could make your download a little bigger on June 19.

This quantity of gigabytes should be indicative of the overall size, if not exact, because it could include this fix or this fix could not be published at all, however.

What is the size of the previous PS4 games of Naughty Dog?

The last of us, Part II will take place in a large sandbox, and although it is not an entirely open world, it will be the title of Naughty Dog the biggest and most ambitious of all the time.

It is interesting to watch other studio games to see how they worked in terms of global size, even if only two of them were launched in native mode for PS4.

The previous entry and currently unique in the franchise, The last of us remastered, weighs 39.05 GB. It is a more linear experience and a remastering of a PS3 game, which is why it is so different from Its monitoring size – which almost doubles it.

Uncharted: the Nathan Drake collection, a compilation of the first three inexplore games organized by remastering of the BluePoint Games maestros, weighs 44.59 GB.

Finally, the only two native games of the current generation of the Santa Monica label, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, came out respectively at 62.41 GB and 48.87 GB.

It seems that there is a reason why the last of us, Part II_ is considered the biggest game of Naughty Dog, and the size of the file is there to confirm it – until the critics arrive June 12, at least.

Ginter follows against Gladbach

Borussia Mönchengladbach’s national soccer player Matthias Ginter had spicy criticism of the foals.

When he found out last summer that the Borussia wanted to sell him, it was a break with the club. “It was very bitter and hard for me. Something broke,” said the 28-year-old in the Gladbach fan podcast.

Previously, the association around the then manager Max Eberl had assured him of planning with him as a leadership figure and future captain during the first contract talks in February 2021. After a change in summer had not come about for different reasons, the club made him an “alibi offer” in October, said Ginter: “But I said to my consultant: No matter how the sum is, the thing is through. “

Matthias Ginter - Welcome to Inter Milano?! 2021 Crazy Tackles/Goals/Skills

He was also particularly disappointed that he was not allowed to make his own statement when the Borussia made its departure public at the end of the season: “That I was put up so public and that I didn’t say anything about it because I didn’t want to create any restlessness, that was The hardest time, “said Ginter.

After 178 competitive games for the Borussia, with which he has been under contract since 2017, the Freiburger native will change back to his home club after the season. In 2012, Ginter had debuted with the professionals and completed a total of 81 competitive games until his transfer to Borussia Dortmund in 2014.

Vincic Leitet Europa-League

Vincic has been whistling on an international floor since 2010. The assistants of the 42-year-old for the game next Wednesday (9 p.m.) in Seville between Eintracht Frankfurt and the Glasgow Rangers will come from Slovenia: Tomaz Klancnik and Andraz Kovacic will be on the side lines in the Estadio Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan.

Vincic has never led a Frankfurt game, but he has plenty of experience with German teams. This season he whistled the quarter-final second leg of the Champions League between FC Bayern Munich and FC Villarreal (1-1). On matchday 2, he was responsible for the game between RB Leipzig and Club Bruges (1: 2). In both matches, Vincic was mostly correct in his decisions. In Leipzig he got the Tomaz Klancnik grade 3 for his performance, but in Munich the 2nd less well remembered Borussia Dortmund Vincic: In the 2017/18 season he headed the round of 16 of the Europa League between BVB and RB Salzburg (1: 2) and gave an irregular goal of the Austrians.

Rangers vs. RB Leipzig Extended Highlights | UEL | Semi-Finals 2nd Leg | CBS Sports Golazo

three German referees in Tirana

At the final of the Europa Conference League on May 25th (9pm) in Tirana between AS Rome and Feyenoord Rotterdam, a total of three German referees will be deployed: Marco Fritz serves as a video assistant referee (VAR); He is supported by his compatriots Christian Dingert and Bastian Dankert. The referee of the game is the Romanian Istvan Kovacs.

Details on the reform: This is what the Champions League looks like from 2024

The fact that the Champions League will look completely different from the 2024/25 season has been making a long time, and the reform was decided on Monday. What will change? An overview.

What should the Champions League mode look like from 2024?

Completely different. Instead of 36 teams as before, who are no longer distributed to eight groups before the knockout rounds, but will all play together in a league. In the preliminary round, each team plays eight games against eight different opponents (four home games, four away games), whereby the opponents are drawn from four setting pots in advance. After that, the top eight in the 36 league qualify directly for the round of 16. The teams in places 9 to 24 play the remaining eight round of rounds in a new play-off round (with first and second leg).

will there be more games?

However. A Champions League season currently consists of 125 games from the group phase, from 2024 it is 225, i.e. a whopping 100 more. The necessary dates for the additional rounds are to be created in December and January.

Who will receive the four additional Champions League places?

A fixed starting place goes to the third place in the respective association, which is in fifth place in the UEFA 5 annual ranking. This is currently the French Ligue 1. Two more tickets go to the two national associations that have cut the most successful in the previous season. The score of an association is divided by the number of participating teams, so that even smaller associations also have the opportunity to get one of the places. The fourth new participant results from the increase in the “Champions Path” in the actual CL qualification. In this play-off round, five teams instead of four teams are determined for the new 36 field.

LIVE???? UEFA Europa Conference League – Auslosung Gruppenphase | RTL Sport

When do the games of the Champions League take place from 2024?

The UEFA continues to call days during the week, i.e. Tuesday and Wednesday for the Champions League, Thursday continues to be added to the Europa League and Europa Conference League. With this maintenance, UEFA wants to underline the importance of the national leagues with its regular season on weekends.

What does the money distribution in the Champions League look like from 2024?

This is still completely open – so far it has not even been clarified how the European Cup money from the 2021/22 season will be released when the Europa Conference League starts a third competition in addition to the Champions and Europa League.

does the Europa League also change in 2024?

Yes, although it will change significantly from the 2021/22 season. From 2024 the Europa League and the new Europa Conference League will be planned with 36 teams, which also play the participants of the knockout phase in a large league via “Swiss model”. Each team is said to contest eight games (Europa League) and six games (Europa Conference League) in the preliminary round.

1. FC Kaiserslautern: Miroslav Klose should probably take over before the relegation

Miroslav Klose (43) could apparently take over the coaching office at 1. FC Kaiserslautern before the upcoming relegation against Dynamo Dresden. According to Sport1, managing director Thomas Hengen is urged.

The current FCK coach Marco Antwerp was apparently just before the outlook after the 0-2 defeat against Viktoria Cologne at the weekend, which made direct ascent impossible. Antwerp initially remained in office, but during the week there should be a crisis discussion between Hengen and the trainer.

Antwerp had saved Kaiserslautern from relegation last season and now led to the relegation, where it goes against Dynamo Dresden on May 20 and 24. Most recently, the team collected three defeats in a row. Antwerpen’s contract expires in summer, and if he ascents would automatically extend.

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According to the kölner Express, there was contact between Klose and Hengen before 1: 3 against Borussia Dortmund’s reserve at the end of April. After two years as head coach of the U17 of FC Bayern Munich, Klose acted as an assistant coach of Hansi Flick in the 2020/21 season. A year ago, the DFB record goal scorer, who once played as active for Kaiserslautern, got his coaching license.

Europa series holds: Nikola Jokic again MVP in the NBA

As after the previous season, Nuggets Center Jokic receives his second MVP trophy, as ESPN reported on Monday.
In addition to Giannis Antetocounmpo from the Milwaukee Bucks and Joel Embiid (Philadelphia 76ers), the 27-year-old was one of the favorites on the prestigious award.
There was initially no official confirmation of the league, but should follow this week.

Antetocounmpos successor

It would be the fourth MVP trophy in a row that goes to players from Europe.
Before Jokic, the Greek Antetokounmpo won the award twice in a row.
With the Denver Nuggets, Jokic has already left the play-offs, the team from Colorado lost 1: 4 against the Golden State Warriors in round one.

BREAKING! Rapid reactions of Nikola Jokic winning a SECOND CONSECUTIVE NBA MVP ???? | Get Up
Antetocounmpo and Embiid are still represented with their teams.
As is well known, the award only refers to the services in the Regular Season.
Jokic, the underestimated revolutionary – an appreciation

What is the initial input buffer in Valorant?

The unprocessed input buffer is one of the vital functions of Valorant, presented in Patch 3.07. As follows from the name, the inclusion of the boofer of the unprocessed input in the game settings allows you to enter data using a mouse without filtering and processing through the Windows operating system, which significantly improves the reaction time to input several milliseconds. This is especially convenient for sweaty or competing players who use more than 2000 K 8000 The frequency of their mouse survey in Hz, since their mice, as a rule, send a lot of data in a short period of time.

How to include an unprocessed input buffer in Valorant

You can turn on the unprocessed input buffer in Valorant by performing these steps.

  • Open Valorant and go to the parameters of intra -game settings on the main screen.
  • On the “General” tab, put the cursor and find the [beta] option RawinputBuffer from the section.

why you should turn on RAW INPUT BUFFER in valorant
Click on “ on *” to enable it and close the settings.

After turning on, you will find that your goal has become much faster and faster than before. As mentioned earlier, this is effective only for players who have a high mouse survey frequency above 2000 Hz. Remember that this function is in the beta testing stage, and during the game its performance will decrease. Use it at a training training ground or in ordinary matches before trying it in a rating environment.

To find out more about Valorant, check out the section What does NT mean in Valorant? or how to make a square crossing in Valorant in Pro Game Guides.

Nico Schlotterbeck explains change from SC Freiburg to BVB

Nico Schlotterbeck moves from SC Freiburg to Borussia Dortmund in summer. Now the defender has spoken about his upcoming transfer for the first time.

Nico Schlotterbeck (22) will play at BVB from the coming season, as the Ruhrpott Club officially announced during the week. On Saturday, the international now spoke about this change for the first time.

Schlotterbeck said to sky: “I have the feeling that Borussia Dortmund is the next right step. I feel like the club and you have explained a vision that I feel like. So there was no other club.”

In addition, Schlotterbeck was relieved that with the announcement of the change there is also calm: “I am very happy that the whole talk about me is around.”

According to media reports, FC Bayern had also started an attempt shortly before the transfer to BVB was completed to guide the defender to the Isar. The master is said to have even offered more money, but ultimately Schlotterbeck stuck to his original decision for the Borussia.

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Schlotterbeck has played for SC Freiburg since the U17 and had meanwhile been loaned to Union Berlin for one year (2020/21) before returning to Freiburg for the current season. Now he is moving to Dortmund for rumored 20 million euros.