After Abramovich sanctions: FC Chelsea is looking for conversation with government

The English tradition club FC Chelsea has announced after the sanctions against his owner Roman Abramovich talks with the British government over the consequences.

Among other things, the special license issued on Thursday, which allows the club to continue playing the game operation, will be discussed. The Londonians want to make a “change of the license”, “so that the club can continue as normal as possible”.

The government had set the Russian oligarch Abramovich on Thursday as a result of Ukraine war on the sanction list. “Due to its 100% participation in FC Chelsea, the club would normally be subject to the same sanctions as Mr Abramovich. However, the British government has granted a license that allows certain activities to continue,” said the blues.

The Premier League game for the evening at Norwich City will therefore take place as well as the encounter of the women’s team against West Ham United.

Why has Chelsea football club owner Roman Abramovich been sanctioned? - BBC News
Due to the sanctions, among other things, the planned sales Chelsea is placed on ice. In addition, the association may no longer make revenue, as a result, among other things, only season ticket owners in the stadium.

FC CHELSEA: CONOR McGregrore is thinking about Abramovich

UFC-Star Conor McGregor has expressed after the announced retreat of Roman Abramovich at the FC Chelsea buying interest. However, it is open how serious it means the 33-year-old with it.

Via Twitter, McGregor shared a chat course in which he self-wrote himself: “Chelsea is for sale for three billion pounds. Let us buy.” He commented his tweet with the words: “I would like to examine that.”

The longtime Chelsea owner Abramovich officially explained on Wednesday to sell the club.

And McGregor could clearly imagine the role as his successor to the blues. On Twitter, McGregor also posted an animated clip with a McGregor age ego in Chelsea environment. The clip was underlined with the song “push it to the limit” (“go ‘to the border”) from the mafia epic scarface.

In order to actually realize a purchase of the club, McGregor would have to be financially far beyond his border. The total assets of the former UFC champion is estimated at € 170 million.

FC Chelsea: billionaire Wyss announces purchase interest

McGregor is not the only potential buyer who has signed interest in FC Chelsea. Previously, the Swiss billionaire Hansjörg Wyss had already thrown his hat in the ring.

UFC legend Conor McGregor posts bizarre video buying Chelsea FC with Roman Abramovich

“We got to know today yet the exact selling price. I can imagine the entry into Chelsea with partners well. But the framework I have to check exactly exactly,” said the 86-year-old from Bern in the interview with the blick. Wyss received an offer on Tuesday with three other people to buy Chelsea from Russian oligarchs, he reported.

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Whether Wyss, who is considered one of the richest and most influential Swiss, is promoting a purchase, will show himself in “four to five” days, he said, and led: “Abramovich currently demands too much. Knowledge: Chelsea is with him Two billion pounds in the chalk. But Chelsea has no money. means: those who buy Chelsea should compensate abramovich. “