Gladbach: New details about the end of Adi Hütter unveiled

As part of his premature separation from Borussia Mönchengladbach, Adi Hütter apparently does without a compensation payment.

According to “Borussia Mönchengladbach1”, both sides have agreed to dissolve the contract, which was originally dated by 2024. In the future, Gladbach saves Hütter’s annual salary of allegedly four million euros.

“I don’t say anything to the contract. But it is correct that Adi Hütter has accommodated us in the conversations. Man and personality are Adi Hütter. Great respect for it,” Borussia Mönchengladbachs director Roland Virkus told the TV station on Sunday.

Trainer search in Gladbach in full swing

Hütter had confirmed his farewell on Saturday after the 5-1 victory against 1899 Hoffenheim on the 34th Bundesliga match day and reported “intensive, good, respectful conversations” with the Gladbach leadership.

The search for successors in the Borussia, which is even at risk of relegation in the meantime.

“It would be negligent if you haven’t already worried. A trainer scouting always has to take place, regardless of the situation. We were in a precarious situation, you will always worry. But I will not discuss names here”, said Virkus.

Favre, Kovac and Co. traded in Gladbach

Max Eberl’s successor emphasized: “Borussia is a team that plays football. Not only the ball possession, but the attribute attractiveness is added. Everything is thrown into the balance. Based on this, we want to find a good coach.”

There are no fixed deadline in the coaching question. “We will now watch who the right coach for Borussia Mönchengladbach is. I can’t say whether tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. It can only be in two weeks,” said Virkus.

The names Lucien Favre, Daniel Farke and Niko Kovac are traded in Gladbach.

Also a boss stands for Hütters youth program

The player change against Mainz in the 63rd playing minute gave a taste of how the future should look like at Borussia Mönchengladbach. The only 21-year-old Conor boss dissolved on the course the now 33-year-old captain Lars Stindl. It was the second Bundesliga insert for the young man who has been the jersey of the foal since 2009.

Eleven ball contacts, six of eight passes come on

And boss came in the middle of the main driving phase, the youngster may valuable as a trust of his coach. “It was a bold decision to bring a young player with Conor Nos,” said Adi Hütter and found, the Bundesliga newcomer had “his thing very well”. Although the team also remained with a boss on the offensive position without the hoped-for relief and thus under continuous pressure. For the newcomer, eleven ball contacts were recorded until the final whistle. He brought six of the eight passed passports to the teammate.

It was a bold decision to bring a young player with Conor boss.

Adi Hütter

Hütter rings the future

One of the very few positive achievements of Gladbach’s crisis season is certainly that Hütter has set a rejuvenation process. With Manu Koné (20), Joe Scally (19), Luca Netz (18), Jordan Beyer (21) or the boss rise by the second team, the head coach has already ushered in the future. On this way it will continue in Gladbach. Get external top talents for Borussia, integrating and promoting their own junior players – these two pillars in the cadre compilation will be significantly strengthened again in the future.

NOSS: “Getting positive feedback again and again”

Also on a boss, who celebrated his debut in the Irish U-21 national team last year, the hopes rest. The first Bundesliga experiences are made after the premiere against Greuther Fürth (4: 0) in November and on Sunday against Mainz. Maybe at the last six matchdays, a few departure minutes are added. “I feel the trust of the coaching team and have always received good feedback in the past few weeks,” says the offensive man.

The use against Mainz is “a reward for the hard work I invest day by day,” said so. “I was well prepared and I was very happy that I received the chance.”

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Ginter, Hütter, Relegant Campf

No turn in the Personalism Matthias Ginter. The national player will definitely leave Borussia in summer. Most recently, speculation had come up with whether Ginters situation is changing due to the farewell to Max Eberl and the club could make a new offer. But even under Eberl successor Virkus everything remains unchanged. At the end of the season, when Ginters expires contract, the ways separate. “Matze has made his decision and communicated clean – and we as a club as well as the decision,” said Virkus in a media round on Monday.

At his start as a sports director, the 55-year-old caught the very worst start. In Dortmund on Sunday, it set directly a 0: 6 defeat, which makes the location for the foals again much more dangerous. Despite the sporty precarious situation, Virkus renewed on Monday the backing for coach Adi Hütter. “I’ve got to know Adi Hütter nearly a week ago. He is very focused, open, straight ahead, we have a very good exchange together,” said Virkus and referred to the immense wealth of experience that the coach has come back: “He already has Many different situations are experienced in his career. He has become master, but also has even difficult phases, for example in Eintracht Frankfurt. “

Gladbach will therefore go as expected with Hütter in the trailing weeks. The next tasks are for the Borussen opportunity and risk at the same time – it is almost without exception against teams from the lower table region. In turn are duels with Wolfsburg, Stuttgart, Hertha and Bochum on the program. Then after the home game against Mainz still waits the outward trip to Tutor Greuther Fürth.

“Can Gladbach descent fight? I say: Yes!”

Against the direct competition in the basement decides where Gladbach’s journey leads. “The table situation is not pleasant,” was Virkus, yet he sees the team equipped. “Many are currently discussing the question: Can Gladbach descent battle? I say: Yes! I am firmly convinced that the team can abstess champion,” emphasized the new creators. Almost all professionals in the squad have already experienced relegation fight in the course of their career. “I’m sure we’ll get out of this situation,” says Virkus. “Because the guys also have the quality.”

All contracts have validity for league 2

And if it goes wrong and Gladbach descends? Then the Borussia inevitably stands in front of a big change, but would also have a trump in his hand. Because: After Matthias information, the player contracts are designed so that no Profi Gladbach can rely free transfer in the relegation case – all players contracts with a term to summer 2023 and beyond also have validity for the 2nd league.

Jonas Hofmann: “I would call it very immature”

“If you are here after a 0: 6, you can not find anything positive,” Gladbach held substitute Mittelfeldmann Christoph Kramer after the 0: 6 in Dortmund at “Dazn”. The fact that he and his teammates succeeded, head coach Adi Hütter talked even from a game “at eye level” until the 70th minute, the frustration explained the foal after the 100th Borussia Bundesligad.

For a break, so Hütter, it would have been quite “2: 2 or even 2: 1” for his team. In fact, the guests were behind with two goals behind, because the BVB had struck ice cold with a double stroke. And because the guests in turn had “three huge opportunities in which we had to make a goal” unused, as Jonas Hofmann crimped.

The 29-year-old himself had one of these possibilities, awarded the best Gladbacher chance in the second round as he hit only the latte. This was followed by those four minutes, which the guests finally had identified as a sticking point. Because the BVB struck with another double strike, screwed the result to 4: 0 in height.

At the latest after the 0: 4 you know that it has run. Then the fifth and sixth may not fall anymore.

Jonas Hofmann

“At the latest after the 0: 4 you know that it has walked. Then the fifth and sixth can not fall anymore,” Hofmann annoyed himself, which expressly did not exhibit “mentality question” with a look at the second half, but emphasized: “I would It’s called very immature. ” Also Kramer agreed: “Of course, that must never happen to us in this form.”

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In the table, Gladbach missed a further liberation strike after the 3-2 win against Augsburg (Hütter: “for the head is difficult”), also deteriorated the goal ratio. “We’re doing too many mistakes in all areas. That’s why we’re there, where we stand. Quite simply,” Kramer said, on whose team, three duels with clubs are waiting for himself in the crisis: Wolfsburg is coming to Saturday, then It’s going to Stuttgart marriage Hertha BSC in the Borussia Park. Games against “direct competitors” (Hofmann) to which it now arrives. There were all parties agreed.