Lost Ark Unscrew your Road Sheet for April and May: New Continent and Clclassses

Amazon Games and Smilegate have announced the route map of Lost Ark for the months of April and May 2022. After an extraordinary debut wrapped by hundreds of thousands of players, the MMORPG consolidates its proposal with more stability on its servers, but with equally ambitious objectives. To begin with, the game will receive a new continent called Berne from the South ; Added to two advanced clclassses, the gujista and the destroyer , among many other novelties.

  • News from Lost Ark in April
  • News from Lost Ark in May


News from Lost Ark in April

First, the SMILEGATE RPG team is committed to the community to focus “mainly in horizontal content and offering clear progression without anyone feeling that you have to pay” in this near future. “The goal is that you have more time to reach advanced levels before introducing Horda’s incursions (the definitive classsault experience of Lost Ark) and that you can explore Arkesia and progress at your pace without feeling pressure to reach the content class soon class possible final”.

For this purpose, April will continue “in the same path”. The gujista is the new advanced key of the martial artist.

  • Gujista clclasss : “Practice an aesthetic and lethal martial art with which chain attacks with launcher and Guja. The gujistclass can be changing between two sets of skills: centered and burst. Each of them is represented by one of its weapons. ” Your spear is shorter. She is an advanced clclasss of the martial artist, class well class the warrior dancer, spiritual fist, the Matona and the beaten.
  • South Berne : New region for the Universe of Arkesia with new mysteries, new characters and missions. “Bern south joins Punika class a second continent of clclasss 3” and hclass a level of objects of 1340. Soon they will explain how to reach clclasss 3 and participate in this new adventure.
  • Life Quality Improvements : The four members of a team will be able to select a map to get rewards in an attempt. All the cclasst of players will share settings of the chat tab. Improvements in the settings of the coordination book: With this update you can use skill presets, tripod level, skill runes, gems, effects of objects sets, etc.

News from Lost Ark in May

Smilegate is aimed at this month of May the advanced clclasss destroyer and quality of life . All this added to the horde raid of Valtan and Deskaluda , although “could be delayed if we believe they could increclasse the pressure on the community. The advanced content will arrive at the time, but the players do not have to hurry to continue progressing. “

  • The destroyer : new clclasss within the advanced clclasss of the warrior (just like the Berserker, the Paladin and the Lanza gunner), with a wide variety of skills and hammers. His attacks are demolitioners.
  • Guardian classsault Challenges : New weekly activity for players looking for greater challenges. Each week, players can try to defeat three challenge guardians. Each one hclass its own access requirements. The rotations of the guardians will be equally weekli. It should be noted that, unlike normal guardian classsaults, the so-called “harmony scale” call will apply: the object level of the characters adjust to the enemy.

Lost Ark is available exclusively for PC by way of free-to-play (free with microtransaccles or integrated purchclasses). You can read our analysis in this link.

Lost Ark: Developers fight with hard bandages against the bot

Anyone who has spent only a bit of time in Arkesia since the release of Lost Ark is likely to be encountered more than once on one of the numerous bots in the game, which, among other things, commissors the chat with gold advertising. This spam is also a nuisance for many players as the fact that these bots fell especially in the first days after the appearance of the A-RPG’s already overcrowded servers and thus caused only longer queues. But the developers do not look at the same time.

1 million banns are only the first step in the fight against the botplage

Lost Ark's Fake Player Numbers - Bans 1 MILLION+ Bot Accounts - Amazon's Queue Problems Solved?

Meanwhile, the team has again confirmed by SmileGate that now more than a million “illegal accounts” from Bot’s had a spell. According to the developer, these locks should only be the first step in the ongoing fight against the bots. The developers write in an official blog post:
After this first massive number of locks, we will continue to interrogate additional locks to remove even more bots from the game. In addition, we also work on internal methods and tools to make bots in the game more difficult, especially with regard to to the current speed with which you are created. These updates will soon be available for the game.

What exactly these measures exist, the developers did not want to say more precisely. But they were urgently pointed out that the purchase and sale of gold against real money against the Terms of Use of Lost Ark (now buy 19.99 €) and draws a barrier.

Incidentally, the SmileGate team gained the current work on various well-known problems of the game, including the match search and waiting for European servers. Both are to have improved significantly after the release of the March update, so that the quality of the gaming experience for fans should have increased accordingly.

Source: Amazon Games Studios

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“LOST ARK” 20 million players over the world! STEAM Success in Western Version

Korea SMILEGATE has been developed, and MMORPG “ LOST ARK ” that Amazon Games is in charge of US GAMES has revealed that the user of MMORPG “ LOST ARK ” has overpassed 20 million people worldwide.

Steam Western and US “Lost Ark”, which has launched official service from February 11, has newly won 4.7 million accounts, and the number of concurrently concurrenters is “Apex Legends” and “ARK: Survival Evolved” at the time of early access. Achieve 53,000,000 people who exceed the title. According to STEAM unofficial database site STeamDB, on February 14, about 1.31 million in “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” I have a high number of concurrently connected people.

A Russian Pro Explains Why Lost Ark is Doomed in the West | Asmongold Reacts
The number of global users in this work with a major success is also about 20 million, of which more than about 10 million is connected to North America, Europe, South America, and Australia.

Amazon Games Christoph Hartman Vice President says “SMILEGATE, promises to support communities that grow up with a strong update road map, with SMILEGATE,” SMILEGATE, with SMILEGATE, ” rice field.