Apple i Exhibition Space Add, Nexon Computer Museum Renewal Complete

Nexon said the Nexon Computer Museum (director Choi Yun-ah) was renewed the reorganization for a month and opened on the last day.

The Nexon Computer Museum prepared the interactive content through the renewal. It is to raise the attention to the main collection and to provide an active viewing environment for visitors.

First, on the first floor, the exhibition space of Apple I ‘, one of the Nexon Computer Museums major collections was newly configured. In 1976, Steve Jobs and Steve Woodsunak made an Apple’s first computer Apple I, see the actual appearance of Apple I and the done version of Apple I, and the emulator to experience the computing environment. Also, through the Hologram image, Apple i has easily understand the historical meaning and technical characteristics of Apple i.

In addition, the OS Interactive Wall (OS Interactive Wall), which can take a look at the operating system development system at a glance. Implement 39 historically meaningful 39 operating systems on the wall with interactive content to provide high immersion feeling. It was also fun to find a special screen that 5 images could only meet when they were activated at the same time.

The CPU table that has been exhibited in the conventional CPU table applied the object recognition reactive technology to see more fun. You can use the CPU on the screen to look up and turn on the screen, and you can check and compare CPU history that has changed for about 50 years from Intel 4004, which is the first microprocessor, from Intel 4004 to Apple M1.

Walking through computer history with Apple cofounder Woz at the Computer History Museum

In addition, the renewal opening ceremony daily quest and SNS certified shots with a gift presentation shot with the progress of the Museum to enter the Large Artune Character Bitch, and captures the Large Art Bulloons made of the Certificate of Characters.

More information on exhibitions and reservations can be found on the Nexon Computer Museum official homepage and blog.

PS4 players just got a great gift

PS4 players have just received a great gift, courtesy of PlayStation and one of the most popular transmission subscription services on the Internet. Until now, the gift is exclusive for PS4 and PS4 Pro, which means that if you are in PS5, you are not lucky, although PS plus subscribers have just obtained one of the most popular games of all time free.. However, this new gift of PS4 does not require PS Plus. If you have not seen it yet, for a limited time, all PS4 users can get a limited time subscription to Apple TV + free, without ties. That said, although there are entry barriers, those who take advantage of this offer will want to be diligent, otherwise, the free subscription can quickly become a recurring payment.

At any time between now and July 22, 2022, all PS4 users can get three months from the subscription service that normally costs $ 5 per month, which provides a $ 15 savings. To redeem this “extended test access”, you need a PSN ID and an Apple ID. That’s it. If you decide to take advantage of this offer, be sure to cancel it after three months have passed, as it will be renewed automatically. Meanwhile, if you are an active member, you can not use this to add three months to your subscription, and if you have been a subscriber in the past, it will not work either. This is only for new subscribers.

If you are still interested, locate the Apple TV application in the TV and video section of your console, if you still do not have it downloaded. Once downloaded, open it and follow the instructions on the screen, which will indicate you log in with your Apple ID or create one if you do not have 1. And that is.

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Apple TV is widely known for its original content as ted Lasso, the morning program, trying, _ and s _ee and foundation. That said, it also has unreal content, such as _grinch transmission rights.

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Improved Face ID: Unlock smartphone by mask

Recently, iOS 15.3 has appeared as a collection of some security updates, but Apple immediately does with iOS 15.4 and this should bring some new features again. Two sting than very special because it is features that make life easier in the pandemic a tale.

Currently there are iOS 15.4 only as a beta version for developers. This means that even interested users can not just try this pre-release version for free. This changes when Apple presents a public beta. For most users, however, it is the better strategy to wait for the final version.

Cell phone unlock with mask: New version of Face ID

Mobile phone unlock despite mask, but you can work with tricks or go the detour via an Apple Watch. In iOS 15.4, Apple starts with an additional version of Face ID. Users can choose between two variants when set up:

Unlock iPhone with Face Mask without Apple Watch! (Face ID with a Mask Setup)
* Standard: This type of face recognition know iPhone users for a long time, because it is the version used so far, which works only without a mask, because all facial features are used, especially around mouth and nose.
* with mask: The second version of Face ID is new because it allows wearing a mask. So far it was so that Face ID has recognized a facial mask and then query the PIN code. Apple points out that the new variant is less safe because only the eye area is used for authentication. An additional option allows you to capture the face with and without glasses.

So if you want to open the COVPASS app with the iPhone in the future, this can make this faster despite the mask when the new variant of Face ID has been set up. Of course, this is also practical for other apps that you have to ran with mask on the face and maybe even make an extra face ID check, such as password manager or banking apps. Unfortunately, it seems that the new version of Face ID only works from the iPhone 12 or later.

Certificate soon easy in Wallet

It is already possible today to get the certificate in Apple Wallet. Then it is enough to open the wallet by double-touching the wallet and you need to call Covpass or the Corona warning app no ​​longer explicitly. But until today you have to disrupt something. With iOS 15.4 it should be easier.

Apple writes in the Release Notes that the EU’s digital COVID certificate can now be added to Apple Wallet and also to the Health App. That would clear the way to bring the certificate into the wallet, for example, from Covpass with a finger tip. So far you can make this with the alternative GreenPass EU.