Do people pay more to add streaming to your Internet package?

Today it is known very well that streaming services are vital for the average consumer, and for that reason Internet or cable suppliers, try to add to the market offering packages to the monthly bill. However, some wonder if that is worth it, or if it is really more economical to pay individually.

According to what the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT) , the dual play rates of Telmex , which include Netflix, have had greater increases in these years. The 509 pesos package that has a speed of 50 megabytes increased 2%, two years ago cost 499 pesos. While the 814 pesos, with a speed of 150 megas, rose 5%, because it used 777 pesos.

And if we put the double play plan of Total Play . The cheapest costs 623 pesos and has 40 speed megas and Amazon Prime . The most expensive is priced at 1,769 pesos with 500 megabytes including Netflix . Plans that were incorporated this year into the company’s offer.

Regarding the question of whether it would be cheaper to rent apart, that is a matter of the package. An example is the basic Subscription of Netflix that costs 139 pesos, would have to spend monthly 488 pesos because the cheapest internet costs 469 pesos already with the service. The same case with Amazon Prime , whose subscription costs 99 pesos, releasing 448 pesos, assuming that we have the 350 pesos of the cheapest package.

In conclusion, everything will depend on the offers of the moment, but generally hiring streaming from the Internet package is cheaper, although it is a fairly low discount percentage compared to individual hiring.

Vía: Ex