How to get an emblem in Lost Ark

In Lost ARK, the emblem is the type special equipment which players can create by craft. To create it, you will need to go to exchange of a testing ground | Emblem of craft merchant in any large city. There you can scrap brass coat of arms of the champion emblem for x70 coins of courage. To get these coins of courage, you must challenge other players in test training ground .

After that, you can attach it to your character, clicking on the right mouse button on the item in the inventory.

how to change the emblem

You can replace the Champion’s Crest emblem by creating a new 1. When you talk with the same merchant who made the copper coat of arms of the champion, you will see the manufacturing option. Different of them are listed below:

  • Emblem of Silver Champion
    • X1 Copper coat of arms of the champion, X1 Rubellit will, x170 gold coins

  • Golden Emblem of Champion
    • X1 Silver Emblem of Champion, X1 Rubellit Stent, X800 Golden Coin
  • Coat of arms of platinum champion
    • X1 Coat of arms of the Golden Champion, X1 Rubellit Passionate, X1000 Golden Coin

*DO NOT DISMANTLE* Gear with ~THIS ICON!~ in Lost Ark.. (Important Tripod Information in Lost Ark)

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Jan Frodeno appearing at the IRONMAN 70.3 Bahrain

It’s part of the sport, but that does not make it easier.

Jan Frodeno

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