Details on the reform: This is what the Champions League looks like from 2024

The fact that the Champions League will look completely different from the 2024/25 season has been making a long time, and the reform was decided on Monday. What will change? An overview.

What should the Champions League mode look like from 2024?

Completely different. Instead of 36 teams as before, who are no longer distributed to eight groups before the knockout rounds, but will all play together in a league. In the preliminary round, each team plays eight games against eight different opponents (four home games, four away games), whereby the opponents are drawn from four setting pots in advance. After that, the top eight in the 36 league qualify directly for the round of 16. The teams in places 9 to 24 play the remaining eight round of rounds in a new play-off round (with first and second leg).

will there be more games?

However. A Champions League season currently consists of 125 games from the group phase, from 2024 it is 225, i.e. a whopping 100 more. The necessary dates for the additional rounds are to be created in December and January.

Who will receive the four additional Champions League places?

A fixed starting place goes to the third place in the respective association, which is in fifth place in the UEFA 5 annual ranking. This is currently the French Ligue 1. Two more tickets go to the two national associations that have cut the most successful in the previous season. The score of an association is divided by the number of participating teams, so that even smaller associations also have the opportunity to get one of the places. The fourth new participant results from the increase in the “Champions Path” in the actual CL qualification. In this play-off round, five teams instead of four teams are determined for the new 36 field.

LIVE???? UEFA Europa Conference League – Auslosung Gruppenphase | RTL Sport

When do the games of the Champions League take place from 2024?

The UEFA continues to call days during the week, i.e. Tuesday and Wednesday for the Champions League, Thursday continues to be added to the Europa League and Europa Conference League. With this maintenance, UEFA wants to underline the importance of the national leagues with its regular season on weekends.

What does the money distribution in the Champions League look like from 2024?

This is still completely open – so far it has not even been clarified how the European Cup money from the 2021/22 season will be released when the Europa Conference League starts a third competition in addition to the Champions and Europa League.

does the Europa League also change in 2024?

Yes, although it will change significantly from the 2021/22 season. From 2024 the Europa League and the new Europa Conference League will be planned with 36 teams, which also play the participants of the knockout phase in a large league via “Swiss model”. Each team is said to contest eight games (Europa League) and six games (Europa Conference League) in the preliminary round.

BVB: Ex-Terzic assistant reports on blatant days at the professional team

After the release of Lucien Favre, Edin Terzic Borussia Dortmund still led to the Champions League and the DFB Cup victory last year. His then assistant Sebastian Geppert has now described his view of this moving weeks at the BVB.

“They were very blurred days. The moment, when he was whistled in Berlin and we had the pot, I will never forget. That was incomprehensible. Somehow I was looking forward to everyone else than for me. For Edin, because I knew That he had earned the totally, “recalled today’s U17 coach in the interview with” Spox “.

Terzic had taken over the Dortmund professional team in December 2020 in a difficult position after he had previously been co-coach under Favre. Especially in the season finale, the team delivered among him, so some fans even wanted a further employment as a chief coach for the 39-year-old.

It was almost forgotten that the first games under Terzic were also very waxed. Crushed but never doubted to the qualities of his then boss.

“I’ve always believed in the idea and also because you will prevail and work because I was 100 percent convinced of Edin and our work,” said the Junior Coach.

'I will use my mouth more often' Edin Terzic, new Dortmund coach

Praise for Hummels – Back Cover for Moukoko at BVB

He also felt confidence in the joint work at that time – especially after there was some early defeat.

“In this phase, it helped someone like Mats [Hummels, Note d. Red.] And supported us, and supported us. That has driven us unemployed and also showed the relationship between players and coaching team,” said crushers out of.

A special relationship still connects him to Youssoufa Moukoko, which he once looked at the U17 itself. Despite his huge talent, crushed bonded to do not roughen the Youngster too much.

“You have to leave the church in the village and can not be nervous. He is 17 and could play a youth even in the next season. You just have to leave him time,” he asked.

That Moukoko will eventually make the next step, but it is clear to him: “I am firmly convinced that he will play a very important role in the future.”

Message: Ex-BVB coach Favre Bei Paris Saint

According to the crashing Champions League against Real Madrid, the future of Mauricio Pochettino as head coach at Paris Saint-Germain is more uncertain than ever. The Argentinian, who had taken the office of Thomas Tuchel in January 2021, should finally lead the Sheikh club for a longcoming triumph in the premier class.

After the Parisian rodemble failed last year in the semi-final at Manchester City, this season was already in the secondary final against Real Madrid. The renewed failure in the premier class seems to cost the ex-professional at the latest at the end of the season the job.

For several months, the former real-coach Zinédine Zidane has been acting as successor, but now the French Leagues line “L’équipe” brings a candidate list with equal ten potential successors into play. Next to Zidane are on the list more prominent names.

„Wir wollen ans Hinspiel anknüpfen!“| PK mit Reus & Favre vor FC Barcelona | UEFA Champions League
Among other things, the Former BVB coach Lucien Favre. The Swiss was responsible for the revier club from 2018 to 2020, but did not have the success desired. Favre was also active in France, from 2016 to 2018, the 64-year-old trained the OGC Nice in Ligue 1.

PSG: comes Diego Simeone from Atlético Madrid?

However, an employment at the French top club PSG should be unlikely, Favre has never exercised an absolute top team. The reigning French Cup winner also preferably preferred the glamorous solutions on the head coach chair in recent years.

There should be more Diego Simeone a possible successor to Mauricio Pochettino. The compatriot is also on the coach list of Paris Saint-Germain. Simeone has been chef coach of Atlético Madrid since 2011, and in the summer he extended until 2024. Nevertheless, a farewell is considered a conceivable, the Argentinian should seek another challenge after eleven years.

According to the “l’équipe” are next to Zidane, Simeone and Favre seven more candidates on the list. These are Massimiliano Allegri (Juventus), Mikel Arteta (Arsenal), Antonio Conte (Tottenham Hotspur), Erik Ten Hag (Ajax), Christophe Galtier (OGC Nice), Simone Inzaghi (Inter Milan) and Thiago Motta (Spezia Calcio ).

LOL: Master Yi will receive improvements next to numerous shooters on the 12.5b patch

Riot Games announced over these last days that there was not going to be many patches because they were going to take the month of March to think about how the League of Legends metajame of Legends of Legends had to work face half the season. However, they will make small changes in some champions through a small patch that will definitively balance the most commented champions in recent weeks as they can be Zeri and Master Yi. **

As each week, Riot Phlox is the person in charge after August’s promotion of announcing the changes that will arrive in the next patch, which although it still does not show us the numbers, it makes us an idea of ​​what the next days. Apparently, will give life to many more shooters that maybe they are not at their best and have always been history in the competitive as they can be Lucian or Ashe.

On the other hand, very strong champions In the current goal they will also have to receive a just equilibrium ** so that the botlane is much more competitive and variable, as happened in the world of last year where we could see Many champions of different styles and types.

PBE changes on the 12.5B patch

Changes to champions

  • Improvements: Master Yi, Varus, Draven, Ashe and Lucian
  • NERFS: Ryze, Zeri, Jinx and Apalelios

Changes to objects

  • NERFS: Medallion of the iron solari

Remember that it is a moderately fast and emergency patch, so * Long a month due to the rethinking that they will think during these three weeks before the MSI, the most important international tournament in League of Legends at the Spring Split.

FC Bayern takes Champions League

FC Bayern Munich was recently far away from his best form, came against Eintracht Frankfurt (1: 0) and Bayer Leverkusen (1: 1) in the Bundesliga only too poor results. In the second leg of the Champions League eighth-Final against RB Salzburg, it should finally be better on the next Tuesday (from 21:00 clock). Finally, the dealers beckons a unique royal class record.

After the 1-1 draw in the first leg in Salzburg three weeks ago, FC Bayern wants to ensure clear conditions with a clear home win on Tuesday evening. Back to the best eight teams in Europe belong and solve the quarter-final ticket is the clear goal for the German industry prime.

If the Munich is against the guest from Austria, they stand for a total of the 20th time in the club’s history in the quarterfinals of the Champions League. A brand that has not yet reached another club.

FC Bayern at home so far immaculate in the Champions League

When FC Bayern won the Champions League in 2019/20
So far, the FC Bayern in the home games in the Allianz Arena in the premier class in the current playing time has not been given any flows at all. Dynamo Kyiv (5: 0), SL Benfica (5: 2) and the FC Barcelona (3: 0) were all swing from the domestic stadium. Alone World Footballer Robert Lewandowski shot his five goals in these three lots.

The last defeat in a Champions League home game dated from April 7 of last year. At that time, Paris Saint-Germain successfully revenge for the final bankruptcy suffered in the premier class in the summer 2020 and won 3-2 in Munich.

But the team of Chef Trainer Julian Nagelsmann does not want to give a doubt against RB Salzburg. The only home game in the club history against the red bulls ended on 25 November 2020 with a safe 3: 1 home win for the German record champion.