The whereabouts of all Mokoko seeds on the island whispering in a lost ark

Mokoko seeds are the most common collection subject in the “lost ark”, but they are difficult to find. Seeds resemble small fruits and have green. If seeds are found, Mokoko shines. There is seven Mokoko seeds to look for and collect on whispering island in sea of proony . All locations of Mokoko Seeed are shown below.

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Где найти все семена мококо на Шепчущем островке в Море Проциона

All Whispering Islet Mokoko Seeds Locations | Lost Ark

Keep in mind that you must fulfill the final report quest before you can go to Mokoko seeds on this island. You can find all Mokoko seeds using the map above. Mokoko seed in red circle does not require special instructions, and the rest require.

You can get to Mokoko seeds in yellow circles through secret passages. Go to yellow triangles to find secret passages and just use them to get to Mokoko seeds. Green Circle requires players to play Menuet’s song before he is missed through the forest gates.

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