[Plan] Would you like to do it together? The first anniversary of waiting for a new traveler

The second country celebrated its first anniversary. The second country, Netmarble’s mobile MMORPG, is a game that attracts attention with the worldview of cute graphics and ‘Ghibli’. It has its own fun and charm.

Along with the first anniversary content update, various systems and events are being conducted for new users. If you start the game, you can awaken 4-star equipment to achieve high combat power, and the growth is easier with various goods rewards. It is the best time to start or return to the second country.

■ Perfectly reproduces the atmosphere of Ghibli… The charm of ‘second country’

If there is Disney’s Kingdom Hearts, Ghibli has Ninokuni. The Ninokuni series, which is the predecessor of the second country, is an IP created by the studio Ghibli crew and TEAM 5. The original works include the PS console game Ninokuni 1 and 2 and the theater animation Ninokuni released in 2019. The original console game was attractive, including studio Ghibli’s unique style, animated world design, and story cut scene with animation.

Netmarble’s ‘second country’ is considered to be a good inherited work of this original. There is a unique fantastic atmosphere, such as cute graphics, crude and attractive characters, and elaborate stories. The service for the original fans is also certain. The story is a different worldview that has passed thousands of years since Ninokuni 2, but there are many scenes where the original characters appear indirectly. Moel Forest or Estavania, which is embodied in the game, comes to mind as a fan of the original.

The sound is also great. From the login screen of the game, the original Ninokuni 2’s ‘BOUNDLESS SKIES’ appeared as the main theme. Just listening to the music of ‘Hisaishi Jo’ can be said to be worth the original fans.

The original Ninokuni is a famous work for the animation cutscene. The second country has no animation cutscene, except for the opening video, but he worked on the story. The game graphics, such as the conversation scenes of the characters and the appearance of the monsters, are naturally connected, but the composition and screen are connected in detail. There are also various motions, so the characters and enemies do not look awkward, and the flow leads to battle is smooth.

The development of a different way of reversing the original setting is a disagreement, but ‘Story’ and ‘Cut Scene’ are the most attractive to make this game play. The visuals are plausible, so it’s fun to play various contents of RPGs such as costumes, battles, and screenshots.

■ ‘Fun’ to increase combat power, the resulting barrier of entry

The second country is mobile MMORPG. This growth method is reflected in the ‘combat power’ if it has subdivided elements such as Imazen (pet), equipment skills, crystals and jewelry. It is one of the great fun of the second country to increase the combat power. The combat power that can be uploaded at once is 100 ~ 500 and in many cases 1,000, so it is difficult to grow significantly, but if you play steadily every day, the character will grow little by little, increase the combat power, and have fun to grow.

The problem is that now after opening, there is a big ‘entry barrier’ due to combat inflation accumulated over a year. Even if you fold and return the game for a while, the gap with existing users who raised the combat power through a new episode event or hunting will make you feel a big gap. As a result, the second country was one of the games that were difficult to receive new users and ‘return’.

** ■ Spread the first anniversary!

The second country, which boasted ‘spicy taste’ growth, has also changed a lot. We heard ‘met’ to improve the chronic problems, such as endless rising combat power, and the difference between new users and existing users over time. The first action is the full support. Along with the release of the new server ‘Barum’, it will aggressively support new.

In the second country, it was not easy for new users to leave the story. Since level 30 lacks leveling experience, you have to hunt fields, and from level 40, you will not be able to die. It is not easy to graduate from the story for beginners if they get good equipment through billing.

However, the second country has boldly improved this composition with the first anniversary update. First, the ‘New Year’ buff provides a dedicated swallow commission and a reign, and supports all the equipment to level 80 through the ‘New Shopping Store’. It is possible to prevent the development of ‘combat power’ and equipment problems as much as possible to prevent nurturing in the story.

In the new server ‘Barum’, new users can start the game at a similar level, making it better to start. There are also new server-only events, additional rewards, and hot time events, so if you start the second country for the first time, we recommend a new server.


Gold, one of the goods that constrained growth, also increased. It is also possible to make 10 million gold unless you use gold acquisition events and various rewards based on a new server. Unlike the inflow standards, which were alternately hunted in order of gold and one day to farm the equipment, there was no unnecessary farming process.

The equipment provided in the new shops can be used until the second half, so you can set the end-level setting by strengthening the equipment you received. Unlike the early open, which was used by strengthening the three-star equipment, it was definitely improved in terms of convenience and accessibility. If you have entered the second country against the story and graphics, you can enjoy the story without blocking the section up to the early level 80. It is the best time to start or return.

■ In addition to new support, new contents also emerge, 1st anniversary update information

A large number of new content was added for the first anniversary. First, for new users, the existing scenario dungeon has been changed in the form of a ‘side story’ and rewarded. In the future, various episodes quests will be added to the ‘Side Story’ tab and can be enjoyed and rewarded with other story quests.

The ‘fishing’ content, which had been gathered in the last episode in the last episode, will always be able to enjoy fishing in the second country. As before, the fishing rod can be strengthened to obtain more rewards, and various fish species can be rewarded by region.

The core of this update is ‘Battle Style’. It is a long time later on a new user, but you can get a quest to change the combat style from level 102. Due to certain roles such as support and buffers, classes that lose solo play content and hunting in hunting can change the concept of existing characters who play as a dealer through ‘Battle Style’ change to make various battles by applying styles according to the situation. have.

■ Would you like to do it together? The second country is also a big attraction

The fun of RPG is not only from growth. It is also very important to ‘together’ with other users through community functions. In that sense, the second country is one of the very good mobile games. Sometimes people who enjoy together can be a reason to connect to the game. In addition to the common features, such as guilds, power wars, and guild dungeons, you can enjoy chat or meet other users in the guild territory.

Neural warfare is unfolded on the channel to collect the ingredients to decorate the kingdom in the field, or to occupy a ‘pet’ toy without special features.

One of the most popular events of the second country community is the virtual wedding. In September 2021, when Corona was in full swing, there was a lot of fun news in the second country. A couple who have been married to Corona have a virtual wedding in a second country. The news spread to the whole server in a time, and the crew also sent a congratulatory message. The guests who dug up the ID directly from another server filled their seats, and the local chat was filled with a message to celebrate marriage. It was a moment when the second country became special.

The second country is obviously a favorite, and the advantages and disadvantages are clear. It has a cute and beautiful visual, but it is also a common mobile MMORPG. Nevertheless, I was able to meet a lot of memories and people while enjoying the second country for a year. This is why someone thinks that the obvious game is fun.

Combot Cod Warzone Season 4 – Operators skins and weapons drawings

The new combat pass system is added to Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard with each seasonal update. Season 4 Combat Pass Luck Mercenaries costs 1000 COD points and includes 100 levels of awards, including drawings of weapons, operators, emblems, business cards, XP tokens, COD glasses and much more. Here is the leadership that demonstrates all the skins of the operators and the drawings of weapons presented in the new combat pass, and at what level they are unlocked.

All drawings of weapons in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4


all the skins of operatives in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 Battle Pass

set of combat passage 4 season

Instead of ordinary combat passes, you can purchase a combat pass set for 2400 COD points. It provides you with an exclusive skin of the legendary Type Face operator for Captain butcher and omissions of 20 levels.

Stay with us in professional games guides to learn more about Call of Duty and Warz1. In the meantime, read our article about all the tests and awards of the Event Mercenaries of Good luck in Cod Warz1.

The Cycle: Frontier Guide to the locations of old medicine

Old Medicine is a regular item used to print/manufacture consumables such as Strong and Combat Stims to help restore health points in The Cycle: Frontier.

They cost only 150 K-Marks and, therefore, they should not be sold. You will need many stimulants to survive against high-level enemies in high-level areas. This is a fairly good reason to adhere to as many old medicine as possible.

Old medicine is also an object belonging to the Osiris fraction. You can get 2 points of the faction for each item.

The next guide marks all the places where you can find the Old Medicine in The Cycle: Frontier.

Cycle: border places of old medicine

The old medicine can usually be found in medical matters in all areas of the level. Starting medical suitcases of level 1 have the highest chance of 50%. The chance of appearing continues to fall as you go to a higher level.

places of old medicine in bright sands

Waterfall Lab in the northeast is a great place for the Old Medicine farm. Here you will find many medical cases.

You can also go to the vaccine laboratory in the east of the cards to get another prey. The jungle camp in the fast West and the northern forests of a crashed ship are also good places for the Old Medicine farm.

Places of old medicine Crossman Folls

The immediate forest zone north of Greens Prospect is a good place to start the search for Old Medicine. PINNACLE LABS in the northeast corner of the card, probably the best place in Cresscent Falls for the production of Old Medicine.

In addition, you can also go to Favel in the south. Other named POI can also get this subject. Old Medicine is largely scattered throughout the map, but in a small amount.

Codes Untitled Combat Arena (June 2022) – Update Vizard and CSM UCA!

Roblox Untitled Combat Arena is a fighting in which you will earn some of your favorite characters from many different anime and universes. During the battles, you will earn money to buy new characters, run and receive titles. Let’s see if you can become the best fighter!

If you are looking for a freebie, you can find it with our codes of the nameless combat arena List. If you do not know how to activate codes into a nameless combat arena, you can find out how below the list of codes! Do not forget to add this page to the favorites by clicking Ctrl + D on the keyboard or by pressing the Add to bookmarks button on a mobile device.

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All unitled Combat Arena codes

The last UCA codes

Expensible codes

Frequently asked questions about the nameless combat arena

How to activate codes in Untitled Combat Arena?

Where to get additional codes for Untitled Combat Arena?

All Combat Combat Arena codes

We have the latest working codes listed below for Roblox Untitled Combat Arena. They can be exchanged for money that can be used in the game to receive new characters. You will want to use them as soon as possible, because the validity of the codes expires after a certain period of time.

Last UCA codes

servers Roblox *-$ 250 in cash (novelty)
3 thousand likes -free cash
500 thousand visits -free cash
1 thousand likes *-$ 95 in cash
2 thousand likes -$ 100 in cash
100 thousand visits -$ 75 in cash
* 250 thousand visits -$ 85 in cash

Find codes for many other games on our page Roblox games codes.

Expensity codes

  • Exhausted codes are not yet!

Frequently asked questions about the nameless combat arena

How to activate codes in Untitled Combat Arena?

To activate codes in Roblox Untitled Combat Arena, you just need to take the following steps:

  1. Open Roblox Untitled Combat Arena on a PC or mobile device.
  2. Click on the menu button in the bottom of the screen
  3. Click on the Codes button in the menu.
  4. Copy the code from our list
  5. Insert it into the text field Enter the code.
  6. Press the Enter button to get a reward!

If this is a completely new code that does not work, try to close the game and open it again. This will place you on a new server on which there may be an updated assembly of the game, where the code will work!

Where to get additional codes for Untitled Combat Arena?

To find more codes, do not forget to join the official discord server for the game to receive news, updates and communicate with other players. Otherwise, we will update this wiki with all the last codes, so do not forget to look here more often!

These are all the codes that we have now listed for Roblox Untitled Combat Arena. If you see something that we lack, tell us about this in the comments so that we can add it right now!

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Roblox, nameless combat arena

Ghost Recon Breakpoint: how to win awards in combat

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is there. You can start playing now on your PlayStation 4, your Xbox One or your PC. The game is full of things and it’s an excellent game to play with your friends and start getting things d1. Among the many things you can do, you can participate in faction missions and improve your level of rewards in combat.

winning awards in combat in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

To access your combat awards and see how far you are, open the main icon of the target table of your main menu. You will find it at the top and it will have the symbol of a bubble. You have four different icons on this screen, and the main one that concerns us is the one on the right, alongside the missions of the factions.

Click on this screen and you will see the missions available. Doing these missions or winning faction awards will bring you faction points. These points will increase, giving you access to new objects. Some of them are cosmetic objects, others are useful plans that you can use to make new weapons. How do you get these missions to level? Talk to Mads Schulz and he will have a handful at your disposal. You can also talk to other PNJs in the game to win tasks. These are the green missions on your card and their realization gives you more points.

Here are the rewards to accomplish these missions:

  • Level 1: Sentinel glasses
  • Level 2: black paint C
  • Level 3: G28 Scout | Wolves (sniper)
  • Level 4: Combat supplies
  • Level 5: Painting for digital USAF tiger equipment
  • Level 6: Combat supplies
  • Level 7: Trial Ex | Zebra Moto
  • Level 8: serrated edges | Wolves (knife)
  • Level: 9: Combat supplies
  • Level 10: tank top
  • Level 11: Combat supplies
  • Rang 12: King Cobra emblem
  • Level 13: Combat supplies
  • Level 14: Tigerstripe, paintings for weapons
  • Level 15: Camo 5 finger paint
  • Level 16: Combat supplies
  • Level 17: nightmare | Brown (knife)
  • Level 18: Combat supplies
  • Level 19: 416 Shorty
  • Level 20: Combat supplies
  • Level 21: Path Walker MK 2 | Jungle (vehicle)
  • Level 22: Combat supplies
  • Level 23: UCP-D, gears painting
  • Level 24: Combat supplies


  • Level 25: P227 survival plan (pistol)
  • Level 26: Combat supplies
  • Level 27: Combat supplies
  • Level 28: Boson | Black (vehicle)
  • Level 29: Combat supplies
  • Level 30: British DPM, Weapon Paints
  • Level 31: Combat supplies
  • Level 32: Cyre AVS1000 backpack
  • Level 33: Keep this position, Estate
  • Level 34: Combat supplies
  • Rang 35: AK74 assault plan (rifle)
  • Level 36: Combat supplies
  • Level 37: Combat supplies
  • Level 38: MK 48 compact master plan
  • Level 39: Combat supplies
  • Rang 40: Ghost Ghillie pants
  • Level 41: Combat supplies
  • Level 42: gold, weapon painting
  • Rang 43: Cut so badly, emote
  • Rang 44: Combat supplies
  • Level 45: 3 German colors, gears painting
  • Rang 46: Opheis MK II | Snow, helicopter
  • Level 47: M4A1 Tactical Plan
  • Level 48: Combat supplies
  • Level 49: Combat supplies

There will be more combat awards to be released in the future. For the moment, this is the first series of awards for the first act of the game. The players have 60 days to acquire them all and there will probably be a new series of them in the future.

Code of Cod Vanguard and Warzone Season 3 – awards and levels

Like any other seasonal update, the 3rd season Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone include a 100-level combat pass. Players can go through the combat passing system of this season to unlock two new types of weapons and several other cosmetic items, such as weapons drawings, operators, emblems, business cards, completing techniques and much more.

The basic version of the Combat Camping program costs 1000 CODs. points, but you can use limited free awards without buying them. Here is a detailed overview of all levels and the main awards included in the combat pass of season 3.

Table of contents

WARZONE SEASON 3 FULLY REVEALED... (Warzone + Vanguard Season 3 Weapons, Map Changes & Much More)
All skins of operatives in combat passage of the 3rd season

All drawings of weapons in combat passage of the 3rd season

Full overview of the combat passage of the 3rd season

all the skins of operatives in combat passage of the 3rd season

Players can also purchase a set of combat checkpoint, which costs 2400 COD. points, to skip an additional 20 levels and three bonus skins for the Beatrice operator. Moreover, PS5 players miss 25 levels, which is five more than their colleagues on PC and Xbox.

all drawings of weapons in combat passage of the 3rd season

In addition to the weapons shown above, players can also unlock two new weapons of season 3 through a combat pass, namely M1916 rifle rifle and Nikita AVT assault rifle.

Complete review of combat passage of the 3rd season

As soon as you move to the last and 100th level of combat passage of the 3rd season, you will also receive a thematic emblem and the completion badge.

Stay with us in professional games for games to learn more about Call of Duty. In the meantime, look at our article “All changes in sniper rifles in the third season of Call of Duty Warzone.”

Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone Season 3 – all new weapons

The third season update for Call Of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone adds many content to games. One of the most interesting additions in each release of seasonal content is a new unlocking weapon. Here is a list of all new weapons and equipment that will appear in the third season.

WARZONE SEASON 3 FULLY REVEALED... (Warzone + Vanguard Season 3 Weapons, Map Changes & Much More)

Rifle rifle “M1916”

Description: Semi-automatic rifle with a combination of power and rapidity. Impressive at any distance in the hands of the experienced arrow.

Coming rifle M1916. When starting in the framework of the combat pass of the 3rd season. Judging by the review of the weapon, this weapon seems mediocre, if only it is not broken and is not balanced at startup. Especially in the combat zone where Marksman Rifles rifles have not yet taken a place in the equipment of most players.

Automatic “Nikita Avt”

Description: Accurate and reliable, with better in its grade rate, this AR can be equipped in so to surpass it in CQC scenarios or long-range combat.

Arrival When starting , Nikita Avt AR can be unlocked through the level of combat passage of the 3rd season. It has good features to become a powerful weapon in a pair with a sniper or a gun-machine gun in the combat zone.

Pistol-machine “H4 Blixen”

The developers have not yet shared the details about this SMG. The only thing that is known about him is that this classified weapon has some common designs with a wall and PPSh-41. Additional information will be provided before it is added to the game through the average season update.


Middle-fighting Weapons JunkYard Jet Sledgehammer will be added. Before completing the 3 season . Players will be able to get it by completing an unlock job or purchasing a set in the COD store.

Update Field “Tropheyev System”

This field update is essentially not a weapon, but it can be an important part of your equipment in a network game. The Trophy system available at start-up can be deployed to intercept the approaching shells, such as explosives, deadly and tactical shells.

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How to make Cykin Combat Ration Type C in Lost Ark

A combat diet Cykin Type C is one of the cheapest items for making in Lost Ark. You need only 900 silver and two ingredients in Scraplands Area Artethine.

Where to find Cykin Combat Ration Type C

Cykin Combat Ration Type C Lost Ark
The combat diet CYKIN COMBAT RATION TYPE C consists of two ingredients: the X-1 vacuum drying powder and the X-3 vacuum drying powder. Both are in the city Skaptlands area, as shown below.

It is difficult to see the vacuum powder X-3 because of the roof, but simply hover the roof pointer when you are in location to find it. Vacuum-dried X-1 powder is located next to the generator in the bag on the ground.

Go to Cooking Master Market District in Stern origin Region when you have both ingredients. It is located next to Tavern Sturdy .

Talk to the master of cooking to open his store, and buy CYKIN TYPE C in 900 silver.

Go to your inventory and right-click on CYKIN TYPE C battery use it. After that, your character will notice that it hurts the belly, but you will receive an entry in your foliant.

Advanced Lost Ark guides, see where to find a hidden story “Answer Agonylation” in Lost Ark or where to find a hidden history “RGM Report” in Lost Ark right here, in games manuals.

Best PS5 RPG

What are the best RPG PS5 ? The last Sony console is still young, but it has already raised a strong role-playing library. This extensive kind is home to many different styles; RPGs can be open or very linear world. They can have action or fights in turn. They can offer total freedom to the player, or they can be strictly focused on history. There is a lot to consider when it comes to determining the best RPGs on PS5, but in this guide, hopefully, useful, we will share our reflections on the most powerful games of the system.

Best RPG PS5

Below you will find a list of what we think is the best RPGs on PS5. Once again, however, the new Sony console is in its infancy, so this current list is in no way final. We will update it as a result as new RPGs will be published on PS5, so be sure to come back.

It should also be emphasized that all games on our best RPG PS4 list are playable on PS5 with backward compatibility. If you really want to expand your RPG horizons, give it a look.

Demon souls (PS5)

Average length: 30 hours

Combat system: Action

Demon’s Souls has experienced his long Renaissance as a PS5 launch game, and it’s always a very special RPG. Repeated from zero by BluePoint Games, Demon’s Souls retains the atmosphere of another world and the punitive gameplay of the original version, but refreshes the adventure with visuals of new generation outright breathtaking. It’s really a show to see, and if you missed Demon’s Souls the first time, know that his excellent design has resisted the test of time. A masterpiece is reborn.

For more information, read our full review:

  • Test of Demon’s Souls PS5

Immortals Fenyx Rising (PS5)

Average length: 40 hours

Combat system: Action

Immortals Fenyx Rising is basically the Ubisoft version of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, sprinkled with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey to do good. It is an adventure based on Greek mythology, which takes place in an open world filled with fights, puzzles and secrets. Like most Ubisoft’s open world offers, the gameplay structure is very stereotyped, but there is a caricature charm for characters and narration. A fun excursion for players of all ages.

For more information, read our full review:

  • Review of Immortals Fenyx Rising PS5

Judgment (PS5)

Average length: 45 hours

Combat system: Action

Judgment is Yakuza’s self-contained spin-off featuring Takayuki Yagami – a private detective that tangles in a brutal murder mystery. In Yakuza’s typical style, the narration is fantastic and a brilliant distribution of characters is doing things. On PS5, Judgment is the most beautiful Yakuza game and probably the most powerful. It has a refined combination system and many optional activities to take care when you do not continue the main case. If you are interested in Yakuza games, Judgment is an almost perfect place to start.

For more information, read our full review:

  • Review of the PS5 judgment

Mortal Shell: Improved Edition (PS5)

Average length: 12 hours

Combat system: Action

Mortal Shell is clearly inspired by Souls games, but his gadget is that you can live in different bodies, or “shells”. This intriguing mechanism gives Mortal Shell at the same time an identity and an advantage, while making the adventure a little more accessible than the punitive offers of his peers. With a rich atmosphere and reactive (but still deliberate) fighting, Mortal Shell is an alternative to Souls on PS5.

For more information, read our full review:

  • Mortal Shell: Review of the Improved PS5 Edition

Atelier Ryza 2: Lost legends and secret fairy (PS5)

Average length: 45 hours

Combat system: Real-time controller

Atelier Ryza 2 marks the first incursion of the expansive series on PS5, and it’s another healthy component. The workshop games are certainly not for everyone, but if you are looking for a relaxed and comfortable RPG, then this new title is worth the detour. A generally fun characters distribution maintains captivating history and there is a range of colorful environments to explore.

For more information, read our full review:

  • Test of the Ryza Workshop 2: Lost Legends and Secret Fairy PS5

Outriders (PS5)

Average length: 30 hours

Combat system: Third-person shooting game with abilities / skills

Outriders is a shooter, but it goes a little further in the kind of role play with a character-oriented story. However, the chaotic fight is really at the center of the experience, where crispy weapons combine with class-based destruction skills. Outriders is very fun at its best, and even when it is not the case, you can always amplify action with one or two other players in cooperation.

For more information, read our full review:


Lost Judgment (PS5)

Average length: 40 hours

Combat system: Action

Lost Judgment is not as coherent as its predecessor, but it is always an excellent policeman thriller, and it is reinforced by a ridiculous amount of addictive secondary content. Even according to Yakuza standards, this game is full of mini-games and optional activities. Boxing, skateboard, motorcycle races… The list is long. And in addition to all this, you always have a casting of great characters and an intrigue that twists and constantly turns. Another success for RGG Studio.

For more information, read our full review:

  • Lost judgment test on PS5

The NIOH collection (PS5)

Average length: 100 hours

Combat system: Action

Ranking Shells from Worst to Best - MORTAL SHELL

The NIOH collection brings together NIOH and NIOH 2 in a single remastered package on PS5. The Games present an alternative vision of Japanese history, where demons are unleashed at the feudal era of the country. In terms of structure, NIOH is very similar to a Souls series, but it focuses on fast and frantic fights, with a much heavier accent on the booty. They can be brutal games, but so rewarding when you overcome their many trials.

For more information, read our full review:

  • NIOH COLLECTION PS5 magazine

Cyberpunk 2077 update patch notes are revealed 1.5

It has taken a long time to arrive, but ciberpunk 2077 The patch 1.5 was launched today for all versions of the game. This is an update that the developer CD Projekt Red has been promising for a long time, and although it brings significantly the long-awaited next-generation update for PS5 and Xbox Series X, it also comes with a variety of other corrections and additions as well.

In general, CD Projekt network has added a drastic amount of new content to this patch for ciberpunk 2077. In addition to correcting errors and other errors that have persisted in the game since its launch, new functions have also been implemented with the character creator, additional features to the apartments and even adjustments to the driving system. All this also adds to the litany of performance increases and resolution that the game has also received now.

As mentioned, the patch 1.5 for ciberpunk 2077 is available to download at this time on PlayStation, Xbox and PC platforms. And if you want to consult the full list of patch notes for this new Ciberpunk 2077 Update, you can find them below.

Exclusive next-generation

  • Local light shadows with ray tracing were added.
  • The support of native achievements in the next generation consoles was implemented. Note that as the next-generation version has a different SKU, the PlayStation trophies obtained in compatibility with previous versions will not be transferred. Xbox’s achievements will automatically appear in the new version through the Smart Delivery function.
  • The version of Xbox Series S does not have graphics mode selection and is presented by default at 30 fps in 1440P with a dynamic resolution scale.
  • Performance improvements were added that significantly decrease the amount of FPS falls and improve the quality of representation.
  • HDR balanced to achieve parity on all platforms.
  • Various improvements in visual quality.
  • Activity cards were added for PS5.
  • Voice support was added in Spanish in the Americas (Playstation codes: CUSA-16596 and CUSA-16597). Due to technical limitations, it is only available in the next generation consoles.
  • Compatibility implemented for space audio in PlayStation 5 for headphones enabled for 3D audio and TV speakers incorporated through the Tempest 3D Audiotech solution from PS5

Additional content


The apartments can be rented (with a unique rate) when they are located in Night City or through the Ezestates website when you are accessed through the V apartment in the V apartment Megabuilding H10 of V. are available after completing the Playing for Time Mission. It is possible to rent all the apartments at the same time. All the apartments share the same Ajo.

Apartments available:

Cyberpunk 2077 - Massive 60GB Update Is Here But There's Some Problems! Patch 1.5 Review in Progress

  • North Zone, Watson (€ 5,000)
  • Japanese neighborhood, Westbrook (€ 15,000)

  • The Glen, Heywood (€ 40,000)
  • Corpo Plaza, city center ($ 55,000 €)

In addition, you can now customize the initial V apartment in Megabuilding H10 using the EZestates website for € 10,000

Personalization of Appearance

  • Now you can modify certain characteristics of your appearance (such as hair, makeup, drilling, etc.) when you use the mirror in any of your apartments and security houses. It’s free and you can do it as many times as you want. The personalization of characters also includes more makeup options and hair color. Who is the most beautiful of all, now?

What’s new in Wilson’s?

  • You can see new items at the second Wilson Amendment store at Megabuilding H10 or look for them while you explore NIGHT CITY.
  • 2 new weapons: Darra Polytechnic Umbra (power assault rifle), Guillotine of Economic Weapons (Subfuser of Power)
  • 4 New Arms Viewers: Long Viewer Kang Tao JU, Sniper Viewer Tsunami Gaki, Short Viewer Arasaka Kanetsugu, Short Handyman Viewfinder
  • New type of accessories for weapons: Boca brakes: 10 new mouth brakes: 5 for pistols (RC-7 IFRIT, RC-7 LIGER, RC-7 DYBBUK, RC-7 KUTRUB, RC-7 Babaroga); 5 For Assault Rifles and Metales (RC-7 Aswang, RC-7 Varkolak, RC-7 Zaar, RC-7 YOKAI, RC-7 Strigoi).

New poses in photo mode

  • We add several new poses in photo mode, including poses for Johnny Silverhand (only available in retrospective scenes when playing as Johnny).



  • Multiple corrections and improvements in the AI ​​and body-to-body and distance combat reactions of NPC, which include covering, positioning, recharging, equipping weapons, dodging, blocking and many others.
  • Multiple improvements in dismemberment triggers, hit reactions and death animations, which adds a greater impact on a distance and body to body combat.
  • Enemies are now much better to block and evade attacks (Kerenzikov). The more heavy is the weapon, the easier it is to hit. The opposite is true for evasion.
  • Greater diversification of body-to-body and remote combat behaviors for different features: Imprudent, aggressive, balanced, defensive and cautious.
  • Followers now contribute more in combat, but they can be defeated and temporarily deactivated if they receive enough punishment.
  • Numerous corrections and balance changes in the Netrunner combat.

Multitudes improvements

  • Aggressive behavior of the crowd: certain NPC archetypes can enter combat with the player when it is caused by pointing, shooting or fighting. Due to some technical problems, this change is not available in the previous generation of consoles.
  • Time jumps affect the status of the NPC, as well as also restore the state of devices, environments and certain scenes.
  • The reactions of the crowd, the search for roads and the disappearance were improved.

Unit model

  • We present our new Burn Out mode! Press and hold gas + brake for gear, head to rotate. The old system only allowed to rotate on the spot, now try to modulate the tickets to see what you can do! Try brake stands, donuts, skipping or hot tires to make a stroke stroke style with a high grip pulse. The system now works at higher speeds, so you can stepped on the brake with gas when entering a curve to cause an overlap in most automobiles. Keyboards users can optionally use new secondary links on the arrow keys (some keyboards ignore the third key press when they only use WASD), but the GamePads allow the greatest control of the system (since the GamePads in general provide the experience of Preferred driving by the vast majority of players). ).
  • The new braking system produces constant performance, from front to back, at all speeds. Simulation ABS added. All brakes of the vehicles have been adjusted to the new model.
  • The simulation of the engine was improved. Simulation of added clutch. These changes improve the motor resistance forces by changing, which helps eliminate spinning events from unwanted wheels.
  • Simulation of improved gearbox. Behavior of descending changes very improved. The transmission now makes descending changes in a realistic manner and has a smarter changes logic to keep the engine at its ideal point. The change of forward <-> reverse gear is completely reduced, which allows J-Turns / Rockfords.
  • Improved bikes. All previous improvements help make them more stable. In addition, improvements have been added in the management model and have been readjusted.
  • Tune improvements to several cars. Quadra Type-66 (All models, especially Avenger), Mizutani Shion (especially MZ2), Herrera Outlaw (greater step) and Base Maimai, all had implemented improvements in management and more.
  • Adjustments were added to the first person perspective for all the vehicles that needed it. In addition, NOMAD vehicles with Crystaldome technology now digitally omit the objects that obscure the view.

Vehicle traffic

  • Visual improvement to the movement of traffic: rotation and suspension.
  • Panic reaction to danger: Traffic now has the ability to take away in danger panic. NPC passengers can now die in automobile accidents.
  • Reactions to fender beats: Vehicles now have a wider range of reactions when beaten, and will be recovered and returned to traffic without problems.

As is played


  • Several changes related to the economy, including increasing the work rewards and activities of Open World and the decrease in vehicle prices and cyberware.
  • Reiminated and improved functionality of clothing modifications. The amount of modification slots available in clothing was adjusted. He categorized the modifications to fit only to specific clothing. As a result, all equipped modifications moved back to your inventory. Go to the Inventory screen to relocate them according to the new rules.
  • The difficulty of the “easy” game is now moderately more challenging.
  • 2 new statistics were introduced that replace evasion: probability of mitigation and mitigation force. Mitigation probability Determines how often the player has the possibility to reduce incoming damage. The mitigation force determines the percentage by which the damage is reduced (50% by default).
  • The components that used to increase evasion now affect mitigation. For example: the Reflections attribute, advantages such as Mongoose, Vanishing Point, Human Shield, some modifications of clothing and cyberware, and more.
  • The damage effects over time were rebalanced, which generally reduce the effects of primary damage such as burn, bleeding and poison.
  • Reduced probability of interrupting the trajectory of smart bullets with the ability to resplendent tattoos of Tyger Claws.
  • A quieter form was added to escape from the NCPD when the heat is on. Instead of fleeing at a distance from the most recent crime scene, V can choose to hide within the search area, although the police will take longer to stop looking.


  • Now it is possible to sell unused cyberware in a ripperdoc.
  • The duration of the reuse time is now described correctly in the information on Blood Pump cybernetic software tools.
  • It made it possible to interrupt the hacking of the revealing position by damaging the Netrunner or having immunity against the Self-Ice cybernetic software.
  • Activate Berserk will now duplicate the resistance instead of granting an infinite amount.
  • The tranquilizing rounds in the projectile launch system no longer affect non-human NPCs.
  • The rebound number of the legendary ballistic coprocessor was reduced to 1, but it grants a 50% bonus to rebound damage.
  • The path generator (MOD KIROSHI OPTICS) has been changed to threat analysis and now it grants a 2% chance of mitigation. Mitigation grants the possibility of reducing incoming damage in the percentage indicated by mitigation force (50% by default).
  • The duration of the optical camouflage cyberware was increased from 10/5/15 to 10/15/15 per rareness level.
  • The ability of optical camouflage was added for some NPC.
  • Even with active optical camouflage, the player will now be visible as he faces an enemy.
  • A problem was solved by which it was not possible to equip some modifications of cyberware simultaneously.


  • Numerous optimizations to combat AIs that result in an improved combat experience in general.
  • Numerous corrections and improvements were made to reduce the interruptions and soften the animations of the NPC in combat, including Attack, Death, Equip Weapon, Coverage, Reaction, Recharge, Lock and Dodge. You can expect a more consistent feeling of impact and control of gun crowds, as well as more spectacular images.
  • Enemies will now be repositioned correctly at tactically more advantageous positions.
  • Greater accuracy of shooting of the followers.
  • Explosion damage inflicted on the player was reduced.
  • The cases were corrected in which the NPCs of the same group or faction did not join the combat when they saw their comrades fight.
  • A problem was solved by which NPCs did not show an adequate impact reaction when hitting a grenade when entering combat.
  • Enemy chosetteers will now try to maintain a distance closer to the player during combat.
  • Some visual effects were added to the combat stimuli used by enemies.
  • Enemies equipped with combat stimuli will use them only when their health is below 30%, which reduces its general use of stimulants.
  • Greater visual complexity of the enemy’s combat behavior in low frame-speed mode.
  • A problem was solved when the combat mode was activated while it was in roaming.
  • A problem was solved by which the player could be knocked down by a hammer attack even though the weapon did not reach it.
  • The change between body-to-body and remote weapons for NPCs that can be used significantly.

Fast piracy

  • It is no longer possible to apply the cyberpsychosis quick trick on cyberpsychos.
  • A problem was solved by which the deactivation of a camera with a quick trick did not interrupt the load of the quick trick of the enemy when the camera in question was used as a connection proxy.
  • The cases were corrected in which a “pirated” state effect could remain per permanently, avoiding the Netrunners to pyrate V again.
  • A problem was solved by which, in some cases, Whistle’s rapid trick did not make the NPCs approach the position of V.

Items and devices

  • Now it is possible to turn on and off devices while carrying a body.
  • A problem was solved by which the animations of the elevator door sometimes did not show themselves correctly, which caused the player to see beyond the boundaries of the world.


  • The health of the opponents were reduced in Beat on the Brat, except for the Twins: Now they can block and / or evade attacks, so their difficulty is based on the skill.
  • Woodman now prefers to use the same Ajax rifle that he drops as a booty. He was also degraded as boss to standard enemy.
  • The behavior of the NPC was corrected during Sasquatch, Oda, Adam Smasher, Royce and…