Where to find “Cockons inside” another story in Lost Ark

Inside The Cocoons IS Another Story, which requires the passage of the main story of Shushir in Lost Ark. We recommend fully passing the plot line Shushir before starting this quest. When you complete the main storyline, your equipment level will be high enough so you can do it immediately.

Where is the other story inside cocoons?

Go to Lake Eternity Region on Continent Shushir, where you can start this quest. Go to the entrance to the kid’s asylum dungeon, southeast of the Logova Queen Spiders and northeast of the Watchtower Rakatus. Talk to the woodcase peromer, which is at the entrance to the kid’s kid, next to the Denate diary and the woodcossoscale Romber.

He will give you the first part of the quest, who eight feet?! Perform the entire task chain to add “inside cocoons” into your foliates of the adventure crawler.

Zadruga 4 - Janjuš se šali sa Majom, pa se udaraju jastukom - 30.04.2021.

Mandatory quest is Punishment, And the whole chain of quests covers Eight feet?! , Unexpected Hint , Hand that feeds , in search of lumberjacks , inevitable Solution , Elderly man as well as Owl Bear .

Awards for Quest:

  • 22 000 experience
  • 1440 Team experience glasses
  • Poverty raising vitality
  • 3950 silver

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How to get Timeworn Fighters Blade in Lost Ark

Old blade of the fighter in the “Lost Ark” – one of the most gloomy records in foliants of adventurers in the game. The name of the collectibles – “Old Blade of the Fighter”, and it can be found on the Continent Shushir (or in other areas if you were already in Shushire).

Where is the Old Blade of the fighter in Shushire?

You must kill monsters with gold auras above the heads to find this subject of collectibles. Collectible items fall out of monsters randomly, so there is no guarantee that you get them. Just continue to farm special monsters until they fall out.

Lost Ark - 100% Shushire Adventurer's Tome Guide (Cooking, Collectibles, Stories and more)

This is the old sword of prisoners forced to fight in the arena. He rusted, but on him the blood of many violent killings. We do not recommend trying to find it in the prison area. We tried to look for it in prison, but you must be disguised in prison missions, and the alert of guards leads to instant death.

Although placing the collectibles in your foliates of the adventure seeker – it’s fun, always better take care of security before doing it. The best place is Riensen village Since he has no enemies and he is the main village for Shushir.

Open your inventory by clicking on I key, then right-click on Dental Bag Blade . The folyiant adventurist will inform you when shabby blade of the fighter The collection is added.

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