Cookie Run: Oven Brake, New Cookies and Story Updates

Devs Sisters Co., Ltd. (Joint Representative Lee Typhoon, Kim Jong-il) is a mobile learning game cookie run (Representative Byeongworm), a Cookie Run (Representative Bong Took), a Cookie Run: The Oven Brake ‘Treasure! Witch’s mysterious attic “updated on the 27th.

This update story starts in the attic located in the house of the witch, not the outer world that the cookies have been found to discover the newly discovered oven.

The waxy taste cookies that manage treasures in the witch’s attic will steal some treasures and witnessed the crow that flew away. While chasing the back of the crow, the crow is fully flashing and shining with the croissant taste cookies, which is filled with the crow berry flavored cookie, and subtle conflicts began between two cookies.

The story can be seen through the ‘mysterious attic’, which is automatically opened when all the third chapters of ‘brave cookies’ adventure’ in Story mode. From 8:00 am to 8:00 am to 8:00 am, it is also provided for additional event compensation such as crystal and soul potion, magic furnace ingredient, special 10 + 1 treasure guarantee.

Newly emerging waxy cookies with new stories are being seen in the attic, while other cookies escape from the witch’s oven and ran out of the world, while they are stuck in the loft. I decided not to escape the house of a witch with the rest of the rest of the treasure, the rest of the loving, and the attic.

This cookie utilizes a candle during play, and has the ability to find treasures in the witch’s mobility, and various effects are applied depending on the treasures found.

The waxy taste cookies have been added to the pet, sealed bare, which was born from the folded folding flanked fault. Each time, the sealing bear Ellie party item is generated to change the general jelly to the sealing bear hellion. In addition, a new treasure bear Geller praise is launched by taking a sealing seal and destroying obstacles, and acquiring jelly and large sealing.

COOKIE RUN UPDATE PREVIEW - The Witch's Mystic Attic
In addition, the new skins of party concepts to see the witches in the witch in the attic in the witches’ a new skin ‘autumn cyclist candle party birthday cake cookie’ and ‘witch’s treasure party firecracker’, a new cookie pet skins and new jelly skin packages. And the upcoming installation will be launched in 2022, a new skin ‘black tiger-shaped boss chili taste cookie’.

A large-scale match, which draws the best player, the Grand Champions League starts at 2022. As conventional, it is divided into four regions from the conventional sulfur, meadow, sea, and desert, and the game is covered by the strongest round across the game. If the trophies obtained at the stadium are available, it is possible to play, and even if you do not participate in a player, you can enjoy the game and earn compensation.

You can also run the map directly through the event mode ‘Grand Champions I also challenge!’. In addition to this, Cookie and Treasure Combination Bonus Effects New ▲ 2022 Treasure Festival Events ▲ Earnings of Treasure Festivals ▲ Established 100% treasure stamps ‘Engraving Oil’ Additional ▲ Cookie list and detailed screen reorganization have been provided with a variety of benefits.

Cookie Run: More details on the oven brake can be found in the official cookie run YouTube and Never cafés.

Cookie Run Kingdom, 1st Anniversary Memorial Memorial Memorial Memorial Memorial

Developed by Devs Sisters (Joint Representative Lee Typhoon, Kim Jong-il) Developed in the studio Devs Sisters Kingdom (co-representation) Developed by King Demo, Mobile RPG Cookie Runs: Kingdom released the first anniversary of the launch of the first anniversary of the launch, and the various events I said.


Cookie Run: The Kingdom has been aware of the world’s adventure, combat, and kingdom, which is based on the narrative of the cookies, and a balanced player, and a balanced combined character collection RPG. After launch, I was in the domestic major market in Korea and ranked the first place in the first place and ranked 2nd, US Apple Game Popular Ranking 2nd place and the unusual performance climbs in sales ranking.

Based on this, we have also established various awards in 20021. Representative ▲ ‘The best game of the month of the month in the first half of 2021’ is selected for the general game sector ▲ ‘2021 Korea Game Grand Prize’ Best Prize and Technology Creative Character Sectors ▲ ‘Google Play 2021 Applications, Games’ Best Games And the popular game award of the year, 2021 Korea Contents Grand Prize, the Culture Sports Tourism Minister of Culture and Tourism,

As of 2021, we have exceeded 38 million people in 2021, as of 2021. Users in the game in the game ▲ Stage of the World Exploration of World Exploration of World Exploration ▲ PVP mode, Kingdom Arena participating 2.8 billion ▲ Guild Tabulation Success 5,000 times ▲ Wish in the wishes Wednesday ▲ 6.7 billion times ▲ Tropical Soda Islands I was able to see more than 24 million times and have a colorful play experience.

We also prepared a variety of events and compensation to convey the minds of audits toward fans. Total 10 title image puzzles for a year, proceed with the ‘1st Anniversary Exhibition’ event, which can receive crystal and rainbow cubes, Cookie Run: The Kingdom official community also congratulates the first anniversary and offers a variety of fun.