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Football international Julian Draxler looks like a club change in this summer with a view of his World Cup chance.

“I have to have more game practice in the direction of WM. In the summer you will see what happens. I have to play more than this season,” said the 28-year-old offensive player of Paris Saint-Germain after his international comeback on the 2-0 against Israel.

“It was good to stand again 90 minutes on the spot,” Draxler said after his 57th country. National coach Hansi Flick in conversation with him a change “not clearly demanded”. On the other hand, “The Embassy” of the Federal Trainer has been “clearly” in front of the entire team that he needs play players at the World Cup. Draxler’s contract in Paris runs until 2024.

Flick holds back with advice

Flick may not publicly produce pressure on World Cup candidates with low seasons in the club. “I am far away that I play the advice to players, whether they should change the club or not,” said the national coach in the press conference after the game in Sinsheim addressed the situation of Draxler and also striker Timo Werner at FC Chelsea.

“Every player has to show responsibility for themselves and learn to assess his situation. He has to know what’s best for his future,” explained flick. “If players want a council, I am happy to be there for you. The situation that both have is currently not so that it is satisfactory.” But Werner was a long time ago, had repeatedly suffered setbacks. Draxler, in turn, have it at PSG on his position “not so easy”.

The 26-year-old Werner is bound by 2025 in the club. “Sure, at Chelsea, it’s just not running as I wish,” said the attacker, who scored the gate against Israel to 2-0.

World Cup playoffs – Stefan Kuntz at Turkey: lost, but not failed

Stefan Kuntz was proud. In the German coach of Turkey, despite the failure in the World Cup playoffs, the positive feelings – even if he was annoyed for a moment.

For a short, Stefan Kuntz bursted the collar. “Did you see the game?” The German national coach of Turkey shouted towards a journalist, who juggled after the bitter in the World Cup playoffs with statistics such as the possession of the property and scenes. But you did not need to come to Kuntz at this moment.

“The shots do not care, how many chances did we have? We had more chances than Portugal!”, Said Kuntz after the 1: 3 (0: 2) in the semi-final against Cristiano Ronaldo and Co. in Porto: “So I take care of myself Not about the statistics. My team has played wonderfully in the second half. ” And yet the Turks are not there in the winter in Qatar.

The last World Cup participation of the proud football nation dates from 2002, when sensational rank three had succeeded. Therefore, the disappointment reflected in the Turkish newspapers. “Our world darkened,” wrote the daily Sabah. However, the era Kuntz, which started in September, should by no means be considered failed. The former coach of the German U21 national team came when Turkey was almost eliminated in the qualification group – and led them to Portugal.

Whether this success appeared Kuntz “proud” on his team, which still stands at the beginning of his way. “When we learn from this game, then the team can grow. And I believe, maybe I’m too enthusiastic that no one in Turkey is ashamed of what we have delivered in Portugal,” said the 59-year-old and was already thinking to the EM 2024 in Germany. Until then his contract is valid. But already now against Portugal was more in it.

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Stefan Kuntz: “We had no courage”

After a bad initial phase (Kuntz: “We had no courage”) and 0: 2-residue, the Turks turned the momentum – and the Will Take Tunztz from Porto. Not the dramatic miscalculation of Altstar Burak Yilmaz (85th), which made a penalty of the latte strips instead of sinking the ball to the 2: 2 compensation.

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“He has to let it go,” said Kuntz, the Yilmaz after walking comforted, “The penalty was an important chance for the team, but sometimes you need the necessary luck, and we did not have it.”

Uruguay triggers World Cup ticket

Actually, all games of the Eliminatoria should start at the same time on Thursday. But in Montevideo there was a dubious delay of seven minutes before the game was kicked between hosts Uruguay and Peru. At the end, the Estadio Centenario was a 1-0 victory of the “Celeste”, which solved the Qatar ticket.

The victory hit in the 42nd minute Giorgian de Arrascaeta scored by Flamengo Rio de Janeiro. The scarce advantage of the World Champion from 1930 and 1950 kept until the final whistle, after which the 14th World Cup participation Uruguays was fixed.

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Ecuador loses and yells yet

Ecuador defeated in Ciudad del Este of the Paraguayan national team with 1: 3, but triggered a ticket to Qatar due to the comfortable score.

There could be no better place.

Vinicius after his first country play gate – in the Maracana

Vincius Jr. meets for the first time for Brazil

Also, because Brazil protected aid and chile with 4: 0 forced. In front of 69,368 spectators, Neymar introduced the Selecao with a faulerfeter (44th 44th) in him, marriage only two minutes later Vinicius Junior, who had given away 120 tickets to family and friends before the game, with his first country game of the Maracana for a break Let. “There could be no better place,” the 21-year-old explained overjoyed, who had stormed at the same site for Cr Flamengo to his change to the “royal”.

Against Chiles in the years came to Arturo Vidal, Alexis Sanchez and Leverkusen Charles Aranguiz completed the shooter Philippe Coutinho (72./foulelfmeter) and Richarlison (90. + 1) in Rio de Janeiros (92./foulelfmeter) and Richarlison (90. + 1) the shooting festival.

Voltage around five place

Meanwhile Colombia sat down with 3-0 against Bolivia. Liverpools Winter Shop Luis Diaz (39.), Miguel Borja (72.) and Mateus Uribe (90.) achieved the gates. The Frankfurt Rafael Borre did not work. Argentina around Lionel Messi concludes the penultimate matchday on Friday against undertaking Venezuela.

Four teams from South America qualify directly for the World Cup. At the final round of the Tönergruppe, the next Tuesday is only the place five, which opens the World Cup detour over the continental excretion against the Asian representative. In the race are still Peru (21 points / against Paraguay), Colombia (20 / in Venezuela) and Chile (19 / against Uruguay).

These World Cup participants are already fixed

Dabrowski: “Have properly brought in the place”

I am very satisfied with the result and also with the performance of my team. I think, in the end it was also deserved. It was a gripping cup game. The boys have brought really power to play. We tried to play forward also have one or the other admitted, but had a Ron (Keeper goal, d. Red.) In the gate, which has made sure that the zero stands. I’m totally satisfied and proud of the troupe, Coach Christoph Borowski said After the game.

So it also saw Sebastian Kirk, who had achieved Hanover 2: 0 by trading folders: If you look at the gameplay, that’s a highly deserved result. We were all a bit surprised, Playback has made us little and quietly played it well and quietly


Just a perfect cup of cups

Thanks to some heavy parades, the goal, which had been quite praised by the coach, was, in addition to double organs Maximilian Hair — Match winner at the 96s, the joy was written in the face. It was just a perfect cup of cups for us. But we can not forget: It was really brutally hard work, both with and against the ball we have done it really well. It was a real cup fight. Of course, I’m looking forward to My own performance, but more importantly, we have passed and that keeps everything.

In fact, the game against the Bundesliga club for the goal had not been the second dedication after several months of injury. I was out for 13 weeks, it was not a simple time. It’s just really nice to stand back in the square. I’m fine, said the keeper.

Auditor and the milestone

For the 32-year-old, the entry into the quarterfinals of the Cup means at the same time a milestone in the career, because under the best eight was the goal of the first one of his clubs had never been with one of his clubs: My cup quota was not exhilarating. I have been waiting for a long time. It is waiting for a long time Really cool, that’s a nice feeling. It’s just a pity that no fans were there, the hut would have tipped safely today.