How to get a coil at Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy allows players to diversify their gameplay using many weapons and unique gadgets. These gadgets are known as relics, and they can help you both in battle and in passing. When you fight with a group of enemies, it is impossible to evade every attack on your path. Therefore, it can be useful to have a deployed shield, which not only neutralizes damage, but also returns damage to the enemies-and this is what Cuant does. In this leadership, we will tell you how to unlock the Couant relic in Tower of Fantasy.

How to unlock the reel from Couant in Tower of Fantasy

Couant is a relic SR, which can be unlocked, just passing the game and earning intelligence points. Going to the points of research that can be found throughout the map, and for the first time interacting with various objects, players will receive glasses of research. To unlock Couant Relic, players need to get 800 intelligence progress points in bang region, edge.

To effectively investigate the regions of the map, we propose activating all spaceships that are in the region. Spacerifts activation will not only give you glasses of research, but also allow you to quickly teleport to the location. The progress of the research can also be earned by activating omnium tower cleaning ruins Interacting with picturesque places and opening supply units .

How to use Couant’s relic in Tower of Fantasy

Couant is a relic of SR, which can be used to activate the shield around the player. Upon receipt of damage or after a certain time, the shield will explode and cause damage to all the closest enemies. If the shield is attacked for one second after deployment, the explosion will also stun enemies for two seconds. Couant is useful when battle with enemies with strong attacks, especially in PVP game modes. Couant promotion will give additional effects, such as slowing down the enemy attack speed, an increase in the final damage and increasing the player’s movement rate. At the fifth level of promotion, he gets an additional effect, which reflects 0.6% of the damage received back to the attacking 1. This reflective damage works when the shield breaks and lasts five seconds.

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Lost ark – Paladins assembly guide

Paladin is a righteous death merchant and the holy class in Lost Ark. Paladin is a powerful healer and a buffer who owns a blessed sword. You need to make sure that you use the correct assembly if you want to use the advanced class of the paladin.

Best Assembly Paladin

Paladin is one of the most balanced classes of warriors, because it can both damage and be a class of support in the group. In Lost ARK, the paladin support supports have an excellent ability to absorb damage, which makes them a more difficult option than a bard. Paladin is a tank capable of treating and strengthening members of his group.

[ Lost Ark ] - PALADIN build Guide - How to clear Chaos Dungeon so fast!

engraving paladin

As soon as you reach the 50th level, you can start using engravings. For each class there are two class engraving that slightly change the method of functioning of the class. Paladin has a blessed aura and justice. We recommend that most players start with the Blessed Aura engraving, and more advanced players go to the “Justice” engraving.

Blessed aura * – with Holy Aura, the resulting damage is reduced by 10%, and 2% of the maximum HP is restored every 2.5 seconds for all members of the group.
* With each improvement, the resulting damage is reduced by another 5%, and the restoration of the card’s health is reduced by 0.5 seconds.
judgment * – Damage from punishment increases by 15%. When you strike a “punishment”, the piety indicator increases by 100%, and the duration of the “sacred executioner” also increases by 100%.
* With each improvement, the damage increases by 5%.

skills of awakening paladin

Awakening skills have a very long time for recovery, but they are extremely strong. For each class there are two unique awakening skills, but at the same time you can use only 1. The choice of awakening skill for the paladin depends on the engraving you use.

The light of Alitana * – Direct the holy energy in your sword and shoot it forward. When it hits, it applies 111 units. damage, and energy explodes, applying an additional 111 units. damage.
The court of Alitan *-You release the sacred light, which penetrates through the monsters, and attacks even through them. Having landed, apply 111 units. damage to the surrounding enemies and create a barrier of 80% of your maximum health for all members of the group.

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