Semiconductor price for smartphones up to 20%

With the shortage of semiconductor supply, the main semiconductor price for smartphones is expected to come again this year. It is observed that smartphone price hikes are inevitable due to chip price hikes.

According to the 22nd Market Research Counterpoint Risper, the supply situation of smartphones for smartphones, power management semiconductors (PMICs), and display driver-based (DDICs) are the most serious and price hikes are expected.

Semiconductors for smartphones ▲ 5 ~ 10% for 5G flagship smartphone ▲ 4G medium sized AP 10% ▲ PMIC 15 ~ 20% ▲ DDIC / TDDI 5 ~ 10% ▲ CMOS image sensor (CIS) 1200 ~ 4800 CIT % ▲ Wireless communications Chips (RFIC) are expected to be raised this year earlier this year.

These chips have been raised last year. Last year, DDIC / TDDI rose 30 to 40% over the previous year, and PMIC is 20 to 40%, and 4G AP is irradiated to 5%.

On the other hand, memory prices for smartphones this year are expected to be cut. The DRAM is expected to be 10 ~ 15%, and NAND is expected to cut 10%.

Semiconductor Earning Updates | Big Wins for AMD STOCK Price
Chip price hikes are inevitable to rise in smartphone costs. The counterpoint is the premium smartphone (more than $ 600) this year, and the Mid End Smartphone ($ 300-450) is 8 ~ 16% increase, low end (less than $ 150) It is expected that% is expected to be raised.

The counterpoint has been new, while the counterpoint has released the chip price outlook, the smartphone prices have increased.

Semiconductor shortages for smartphones are expected to be relaxed in the second half of this year.

William Ree Counter Point Semiconductor Research Institute said, “Wafer production expansion, semiconductor supplier, and a smartphone manufacturer’s chip inventory accumulation,” Some parts supply can be improved in the first quarter of this year, In the third quarter or in the early days, the supply of smartphones for smartphones will be relaxed. “

“But now, Shanghai and the surrounding area are suffering from the production of some smartphones due to blockade to prevent corona 19 proliferation. He said, “he said.

Scaring: popping out our strengths

After the first round, both fan bearings would not have expected that it would go up the rise in this game. At the starting point of the back series Osnabrück was ranked nine, the lions even ranked eleven. Suddenly today’s competitors found in the trail and are now the first pursuers of the top trio. The anticipation is “insane, because two molded teams meet”, Daniel Scherning initiated the press conference in the run-up to the Kracher.

Scaring is looking forward to the “hex kettle”

The 38-year-old expects “many 1860 fans but also many purple-white. We introduce ourselves to a witch chain.” Meanwhile, he recognizes a “clear pattern with a good penalty area and a strong retreat behavior.” It will definitely be intense: “I assume that you press ourselves high to take the stadium right from the start.”

But exactly on such games, the VFL had “long worked”. Also because Osnabrück has developed this chance itself, the guest is travels with a broad chest: “We pop in our strengths and can then decide every game to our favor.”

Random pop-up video (Scary?)

Simakala missing – Heider fit again?

Only personally there are a few construction sites in the VfL. The second best scorer Ba-Muaka Simakala (8 goals) will be missing after its 5th yellow card. Sören Bertram (construction according to Meniscus-op), Timo Beermann (Anklebruch) and Ulrich Taffertshofer (tendon injury) are not available.

At Marc Heider, however, Scherning gives all-clearing and expects use of the best scorer, which comes to ten goals in the current season. Which of the two teams in the ascent race can set an exclamation point, will show from 2 pm (live! At ranked eleven).

Exoprimal trailer: In the cooop shooter are not zombies the evil

The State of Play of PlayStation on March 9, 2022, kept a surprise ready with which no one has expected. The show started with the trailer for the cooperative teamshooter Exoprimal of Capcom, where players with a wide variety of exosuits in a city environment against hordes of dinosaurs. This looks pretty fun, reminiscent of various asymmetric video games like evolution. Look at the trailer!

AW Exo Zombies 'Infection' Co Op Rounds 1-39 PS3

What is exoprimal?

In exoprimal, in a near future (2043) with teams from five players against hordes are very biter and very dangerous dinos, which seems to bubble from apparently spontaneously spontaneously swirls. In order to be able to become the advanced and community crowd at primeval opponents, and thus saves the life of the argumentous population, they have five different exosuits available, each of which takes a clearly defined role.

Exosuits of Exoprimal

The road block exosuit, also called barrier, is like a tank, which is similar to the tanks in the teamshooter Overwatch to fight at the forefront and protect the other team members, so that the… Well, you Ding do. Every suite, it explains the developers of Capcom, has unique skills and weapons.

Since you do not know what to do in front of a dinostorm, you can change the suits during battle and thus customize your team composition. Finally, not only relatively “simply” transient rapes on you, but also thicker chunks like – of course – the king of the world: The Tyrannosaurus Rex. Exoprimal should appear 2023 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation5.

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These are the first opinions of uncharted

Although there are still a couple of days away so that the movie of _ uncharted _ is released, today several reviews of this expected adaptation have begun to be published. As expected, the reception has not been positive, and The new work of Tom Holland has a 44% rating in Rotten tomatoes.

However, at the moment, nine reviews have been published on this site, so this rating could well increase, or decrease, as days pass. For some, videogame recreations are some of the most striking sections. While for others, Naughty Dog’s work calf is just what stops the potential of this project.

This was what THN said:

“Most of your best moments are recreations of games, and even then take some time for the sequences to give a feeling of fun similar to grasping a control.”

On the other hand, this was what Film Stories mentioned:

“When it covers the potential to be silly and spectacular, it is an absolute delight.”

UNCHARTED: The Movie - First Reviews w/ Rotten Tomatoes Score REACTION

For its part, this was what Digital SPY said:

“Uncharted ends without having a particular character and recycles that we have seen in better movies of the same gender.”

_ Uncharted_ will reach the movie theaters next February 17, 2022 . On related topics, this ribbon has a game of games. Similarly, Tom Holland played _uncharted 4, _ and the result was not positive.

Editor’s note:

This reception was to be expected. Like many other video game adaptations, it seems that unchart ends up being just a calca of some of the events created by Naughty Dog. However, it still is still to be seen with our own eyes how well, or bad, is the tape.