Aues instructor Rost: We certainly have to improve that

After the 1-1 on the very first matchday in Freiburg, the following dissatisfaction for Aue. Findings for the additional season, of training course, took with me-and there he didn’t like one point: What annoys me extremely a lot when you look at the third and also second goal that you will certainly be countered in your own arena.

But after transfer and a great deal of movement in the squad, the Ore Hills additionally require time. With us it is a clean slate, we have to go, we will certainly additionally go constant. That is why we take our trainings with us, emphasizes the train that came from Bayreuth.

It was clear to us that we would certainly not get several opportunities, one or two chances we had in the initial fifty percent, you have to utilize them against such a challenger. Regrettably, we really did not do that, said Timo Rost at the press conference After the 0: 3 on Sunday evening against Mainz in the initial mug round.

Captain Dimitrij Nazarov likewise struck a similar notch: We have ultimately wished to enter into the 2nd round for time. We had a substantial possibility of 1-0, if we do it, then I think the stadium blows up right here, then get Mainz too a few troubles.

passion in Klingenburg?

After the 1-1 on the first matchday in Freiburg, the next dissatisfaction for Aue. Findings for the further period, of course, took with me-and there he didn’t like one thing: What frustrates me very much when you look at the second and also third objective that you will be responded to in your own arena. With us it is a brand-new beginning, we have to go, we will likewise go consistent.

Speaking a great deal of activity in the team. In Aue, there ought to also be something in midfield and also left wing. The MDR now reports that the relegation to René Klingenburg from 1. FC Kaiserslautern is interested. The midfielder has been betting the Palatinate since last period, but has not yet been used in the current season. Klingenburg would certainly fit right into the profile with the transfer, since a new player is being sought for the six/eight.

Before DFB Cup final: Stress again between SC Freiburg and RB Leipzig

Before the DFB Cup final between SC Freiburg and RB Leipzig, there is again stress between the two Bundesliga clubs. This time it is not about the final scarf.

Haaland, Sancho & Co. unstoppable | Leipzig vs. Borussia Dortmund 1-4 | Highlights | DFB-Pokal Final

As much harmony and calm as the two coaches Christian Streich and Domenico Tedesco radiated at the obligatory press conference before the DFB Cup final between SC Freiburg and RB Leipzig, both clubs are not.

After the infinite discussions about a common final scarf that the Freiburg rejected, there was now unrest about the final training. It is actually common for both teams to do their final training in Berlin. Training was trained in the litter stadium next to the Olympic Stadium so as not to unnecessarily strain the lawn after the relegation on Thursday.

As the bild reports, the unit in the Saxons looked strange: Leipzig drove up with two buses on the training ground, in sneakers and with a few balls the team went onto the square. After only five minutes inclusive walk and chat, the team drove off again.

Before DFB Cup final: Tedesco and Gulasci travel to a car

Accordingly, in Leipzig you were Sauer on Freiburg, because the sports club can decide as a “home team” when to train. The “guests” have to follow. But the Freiburger had only set their unit for 5 p.m., so that Leipzig could only have trained at 6.15 p.m.

That was too late for the Leipzigers, they took their final training to 10 a.m. and held it at home in Leipzig before leaving. However, training in Berlin is mandatory, so that the five-minute appearance was fulfilled.

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Curious: To create the press conference at noon, trainer Tedesco and captain Peter Gulacsi even drove to Berlin in advance. However, the Freiburgers couldn’t do anything for that.

Nico Schlotterbeck explains change from SC Freiburg to BVB

Nico Schlotterbeck moves from SC Freiburg to Borussia Dortmund in summer. Now the defender has spoken about his upcoming transfer for the first time.

Nico Schlotterbeck (22) will play at BVB from the coming season, as the Ruhrpott Club officially announced during the week. On Saturday, the international now spoke about this change for the first time.

Schlotterbeck said to sky: “I have the feeling that Borussia Dortmund is the next right step. I feel like the club and you have explained a vision that I feel like. So there was no other club.”

In addition, Schlotterbeck was relieved that with the announcement of the change there is also calm: “I am very happy that the whole talk about me is around.”

According to media reports, FC Bayern had also started an attempt shortly before the transfer to BVB was completed to guide the defender to the Isar. The master is said to have even offered more money, but ultimately Schlotterbeck stuck to his original decision for the Borussia.

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Schlotterbeck has played for SC Freiburg since the U17 and had meanwhile been loaned to Union Berlin for one year (2020/21) before returning to Freiburg for the current season. Now he is moving to Dortmund for rumored 20 million euros.

Freiburg kingfish for the first time basketball

The Freiburg kingfishers won the German women’s basketball for the first time.

The 2013 cup winner won the crucial victory for 3-1 in the best-of-Five final series of the women’s Bundesliga (DBBL) against the Rhineland Lions from Bergisch Gladbach on Friday evening.
The Freiburg team of coach Harald Janson had completed the main round behind the “Lionesses” in second place.
After the quarter -finals over Pharmaserv Marburg (2: 1), the kingfishers switched off in the preliminary round of the Playoffs defending champion Rutronik Stars Keltern (2-0).
In the new season, the Freiburg women in the Oberhaus have to deal with the women’s team from Alba Berlin.
The team from the capital had recently made the climb as runner -up for the 2nd DBBL.

D3 Men’s College Basketball Team VS Women’s Team !
Alba is a cup winner and master of men.

The residual program of the 3rd league

1. FC Magdeburg (63 points / goal difference +32)

MSV Duisburg vs. Borussia Dortmund II | Full Game | 3rd Division 2021/22 | Matchday 25
4.4. Viktoria Berlin (A), 9.4. Viktoria Cologne (H), 17.4. Verl (a), 23.4. Zwickau (H), 30.4. Braunschweig (A), 7.5. 1860 (H), 14.5. Osnabrück (A)

1.FC Kaiserslautern (54 points / + 27 goal difference)

2.4. Duisburg (H), 8.4. Würzburg (A), 17.4. Saarbrücken (H), 23.4. Wiesbaden (A), 30.4. BVB II (H), 7.5. V. Cologne (A)

Eintracht Braunschweig (52 points / + 23 goal difference)

2.4. Havelse (H), 9.4. Wiesbaden (A), 16.4. Würzburg (H), 30.4. Magdeburg (H), 7.5. Meppen (A), 14.5. V. Cologne (H)

1. FC Saarbrücken (49 points / + 10 goal difference)

2.4. 1860 (A), 9.4. Mannheim (H), 17.4. FCK (A), 23.4. Verl (h), 30.4. V. Berlin (A), 7.5. Zwickau (H), 14.5. Freiburg II (A)

VFL Osnabrück (48 points / + 13 goal difference)

2.4. Halle (A), 11.4. Verl (h), 16.4. 1860 (A), 23.4. Mannheim (H), 30.4. Freiburg II (A), 7.5. Havelse (A), 14.5. Magdeburg (H)

1860 Munich (48 points / + 9 goal difference)

2.4. Saarbrücken (H), 10.4. Freiburg II (A), 16.4. Osnabrück (H), 23.4. Duisburg (A), 30.4. Havelse (H), 7.5. Magdeburg (A), 14.5. BVB II (H)

SV Waldhof Mannheim (48 points / + 9 goal difference)

3.4. Zwickau (A), 9.4. Saarbrücken (A), 18.4. Freiburg II (H), 23.4. Osnabrück (A), 30.4. Duisburg (H), 7.5. Wiesbaden (A), 14.5. Havelse (H)

SV Wehen Wiesbaden (43 points / + 5 goal difference)

1.4. Meppen (A), 9.4. Braunschweig (H), 16.4. Zwickau (A), 23.4. FCK (H), 30.4. Verl (a), 7.5. Mannheim (H), 14.5. Halle (A)

Borussia Dortmund II (41 points / + 4 goal difference)

2.4. V. Cologne (A), 9.4. V. Berlin (H), 16.4 Meppen (A), 23.4. Halle (H), 30.4. FCK (A), 7.5. Verl (h), 14.5. 1860 (A)

SC Freiburg II (40 points / -6 goal difference)

2.4. Verl (a), 10.4. 1860 (h), 18.4. Mannheim (A), 23.4. Havelse (A), 30.4. Osnabrück (H), 7.5. Duisburg (A), 14.5. Saarbrücken (H), still without appointment: Halle (A)

SV Meppen (39 points / -9 goal difference)

1.4. Wiesbaden (H), 16.4. BVB II (H), 23.4. V. Cologne (A), 30.4. Würzburg (H), 7.5. Braunschweig (H), 14.5. V. Berlin (A)

FC Viktoria Cologne (37 points / -12 goal difference)

2.4. BVB II (H), 9.4. Magdeburg (A), 23.4. Meppen (H), 30.4. Halle (A), 7.5. FCK (H), 14.5. Braunschweig (A)

FSV Zwickau (35 points / -6 goal difference)

29.3. Verl (a), 3.4. Mannheim (H), 10.4. Havelse (A), 16.4. Wiesbaden (H), 23.4. Magdeburg (A), 7.5. Saarbrücken (A), 14.5. Würzburg (H)

Hallescher FC (32 points / -3 goal difference)

2.4. Osnabrück (H), 9.4. Duisburg (A), 16.4. Havelse (H), 23.4. BVB II (A), 30.4. V. Cologne (H), 7.5. Würzburg (A), 14.5. Wiesbaden (H), still without appointment: Freiburg II (A)

MSV Duisburg (32 points / -16 goal difference)

2.4. FCK (A), 9.4. Halle (H), 16.4. V. Berlin (A), 23.4. 1860 (H), 30.4. Mannheim (A), 7.5. Freiburg II (H), 14.5. VER (a)

FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin (28 points / -16 goal difference)

4.4. Magdeburg (H), 9.4. BVB II (A), 16.4. Duisburg (H), 23.4. Würzburg (A), 30.4. Saarbrücken (H), 14.5. Meppen (h)

SC VER (26 points / -15 goal difference)

29.3. Zwickau (H), 2.4. Freiburg II (H), 11.4. Osnabrück (A), 17.4. Magdeburg (H), 23.4. Saarbrücken (A), 30.4. Wiesbaden (H), 7.5. BVB II (A), 14.5. Duisburg (H)

Würzburger differences (24 points / -20 goal difference)

8.4. FCK (H), 16.4 Braunschweig (A), 23.4. V. Berlin (H), 30.4. Meppen (A), 7.5. Halle (H), 14.5. Zwickau (A)

TSV Havelse (19 points / -29 goal difference)

2.4. Braunschweig (A), 10.4. Zwickau (H), 16.4. Halle (A), 23.4. Freiburg II (H), 30.4. 1860 (A), 7.5. Osnabrück (H), 14.5. Mannheim (A)

After Freiburgs “Wild Victory”: all dreams except prank

After Christian Streich had given interviews for television, he jogged across the lawn of the Bochum Ruhrstadion. Nobody was already there from the home fans, but the cassburious Freiburg sang tirelessly “Christian Streich, you are the best man” in the re-sky above the Ruhr area.

“I’m ran over, because they called my name. I did not want to be rude, so I’m educated,” Freiburg’s head coach described one of the rare appearances in front of their own fans. On Wednesday evening but it had to be, because after the 2-1 win after extension, the SC Freiburg stands in the semi-final of the DFB Cup. So far, the Breisgauer introduced before: 2012/13 was against the VFB Stuttgart (1: 2) terminus.

Streich and Günter celebrated three times in Berlin

Also then the SC coach Christian Streich, today’s captain Christian Günter sat as a young player already on the bench. Now the duo is only a encounter from the final, both already experienced with the A-youth. “It was great at that time, I know everything else, that’s great to deny a German final in Berlin,” remembered prank. In 2011 he triumphed and Günter with the U19 against Rostock, 2006 (against Karlsruhe) and 2009 (against Dortmund) the then Jugendcoach strick crowned in the capital. “If you only have a game up to Berlin in front of the chest, you can not say, so I’m satisfied,” said Günter and the substitute Roland Sallai, protecting the decisive gate in the 120 minutes, clearly asked: “We want to go Berlin into the final. That’s our goal. “

Sporty it is great. In the championship we have so many points that we have no worries. It can carry on like this.

Christian Streich

VfL Bochum - Augsburg Elfmeterschießen 27.10.2021 - Ruhrstadion rastet aus #vflbochum

Under the Bochum floodlight, an individual error of VfL defender Maxim Leitsch helped to decide. Because the hosts fought forces, the guests were very difficult. However, every SC professional has “prevailed. That was a pure will victory,” Günter praised. Above all, his side man, central defender Nico Schlotterbeck, tailored again (Ruhrstadion note 1.5). The 22-year-old acknowledged in the defensive and caused great spacious gains with vests. A guarantee for the victory. “That means a lot to me,” said prank about the result satisfied and swarmed over the ever better season 2021/22: “Sporty is great. In the championship we have so many points that we have no worries. So it can not worry continue. “

At RB Leipzig on Saturday (kick-off 15.30, live! With Ruhrstadion), the sports club can make the next step in the fight for the entry into an international competition, on Sunday evening the semi-final opponent will be drawn. “A home game would be nice, which would have earned our fans,” says Günter. In the trophy he and his colleagues so far had to turn away four times away.

What the fans can – and do not prank

At least a preferred opponent does not queue prank and the fantasies of the trophy he would rather left others anyway. “I should not dream so much, but working decent,” said the 56-year-old and added, “Fans can dream, that’s why they are fans. I’m making my job as a coach.” And sometimes, sometimes the corridor is in the curve.

Bundesliga: Saturday conference now in the live ticker

In the Bundesliga the games of the 23rd matchday will be held this weekend. Four games take place today on Saturday afternoon. We follow for you all games of the Saturday conference in the live ticker.

Bundesliga: Saturday conference – the games at a glance

Time Home Space Abroad

Borussia Dortmund vs Hoffenheim │LIVE Bundesliga Live-Score Show │#BVBTSG Live Stream
3:30 pm | VfL Wolfsburg | 0: 0 | TSG Hoffenheim
3:30 pm | VfB Stuttgart | 0: 0 | VfL Bochum
3:30 pm | FC Augsburg | 1: 1 | Sc freiburg
3:30 pm | Arminia Bielefeld | 0: 0 | Union Berlin

The article is updated continuously. Click here for the refresh of the page.

Bundesliga: Saturday conference now in the live ticker

Bundesliga: Saturday conference now in the Liveticker – Tor Augsburg

16.: Augsburg – Freiburg

Tooor! Augsburg – Freiburg 1: 1. However, the game in Augsburg is returned at home.

12th: Bielefeld – Union Berlin

On the Alm, the hosts work on the leadership hit. Wimmer keeps from the distance on it and surprises very obviously Luthe, who hardly reacts, probably, but also because he knows, on my post I can leave myself. Trust is so important in life.

11th: Wolfsburg – Hoffenheim

The first map we sign up today from Wolfsburg, Philipp undersharmatically stops a counterattack over lup. He simply had to take the card.

8th: Augsburg – Freiburg

The FCA not only overslept the initial phase, the Bavarian Swabia still seem to sleep. Jeong forces Gikiewicz with a distance shot to the gloss parade. At least that seems awake.

8th: Stuttgart – Bochum

Almost it would have become darker in Stuttgart: Holtmann sits down against Stenzel, marches in the sixteen and fits flat in the middle. In the goal area, Pantovic is half a step too fast, can not complete control and do not accommodate the ball from the shortest distance.

5th: Bielefeld – Union

On the Alm today two of the three teams face at least possession. So do not be surprised if the value 85 jumps out at the end when adding. That’s completely normal.

4.: Wolfsburg – Hoffenheim ****

10,000 spectators would have been allowed today, but it could probably not set up all. The fans have to play the wolves back into the stadium.

Bundesliga: Saturday conference now in the Liveticker – Tor Freiburg

4.: Augsburg – Freiburg

Tooor! Augsburg – Freiburg 0: 1. And it will not be shagged for a long time. Just starting from Augsburg the first hit pure. Schlotterbeck sends Sallai down the line, which brings the edge from the right direction box and Petersen rises to the header. A bit casual defended.

1.: Kick-off

Run the games.

Bundesliga: Saturday conference now in the live ticker – kick-off

Before starting: And after this sensational transition we are already with the Iron. 34 counters, just like Leipzig, like Mainz, like Freiburg, like Hoffenheim. Last with two defeats (Dortmund, Augsburg), in both lots they stayed goatless. It goes on the Alm, where the Arminia dreams of the first home win of the second round. Or is the first defeat?

Before starting: At the SC, the last few weeks were a mountain and descent, which changed victories, defeats and draw with beautiful regularity, today would be a victory again. At the FCA? Not excluded. Of the last seven games, the Swabia won only 1. After all, against Union.

Before starting: But back to the race for square 4. The VfL Wolfsburg plays a fearful football, but was recently twice victorious (Fürth, Frankfurt), which Kohfeldt and Schmadtke, who has now even extended, probably saved the job. Only bad luck, the opponent does not mean Ffallenheim, but Hoffenheim. The TSG seems to have ended the bottom of the valley, last weekend was finally a threesome after four defeats in the piece.

Before starting: Exciting is in Stuttgart, where Bayern-bewinger Bochum (in the following BBB) open up. The Swabians do not play a great round round (1 point), which is actually seamlessly linked to the first round. The VFB has been waiting for five games on a victory, BBB has been unbeaten for four games, but has to deal with the usual curse of a team that the Bayern beat. Never go well.

Before starting: Currently the still grass ball, but this afternoon some interested parties are at the start, which could at least temporarily climb these heights. As there would be Freiburg, Hoffenheim, Union, later the day, the Geßbockelf would come to it. Wait two weeks, Bochum is certainly there. If Bayern, Dortmund and Bayer were not, what would the title fight be exciting!

Before starting: We have to do without the top four clubs today, Leverkusen was already in yesterday, the others play tomorrow. But that does not mean that we could not address the Champions League. Despite the bankruptcy of the Werkself yesterday, but the Bavarians, BVB and Leverkusen are so far away that it is actually only about 4th place.

Before starting: The afternoon sections of the 23rd matchday will be contacted today at 15.30. It comes to the duels between the VfL Wolfsburg and the TSG Hoffenheim, Arminia Bielefeld and Union Berlin, VfB Stuttgart and the VfB Bochum and the FC Augsburg and the SC Freiburg.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the Liveticker of the Saturday conference of the Football Bundesliga.

Bundesliga: Saturday conference today live in the TV and Livestream

On SKY you can see the Saturday conference of the Bundesliga live and full length. At 15.15 clock you can see on SKY Sport Bundesliga 1 the conference live. The lots will start shortly thereafter at 15.30.

As SKY customers, you can also stream the Saturday conference conveniently via your tablet or smartphone with the SKY go_app. Alternatively, you can book the _SKY TICKET also at SKY. With the SKY Ticket you can also see the Saturday conference of the Bundesliga today live and fully.

Track this game LIVE: Buy the SkyTicket now.

Bundesliga, 23rd Game day: The current table

Place Team Games Goals Difference Points
1 Bayern Munich 22 70: 25 45 52
2 Borussia Dortmund 22 57: 36 21 46
3 Bayer Leverkusen 23 60: 39 21 41
4 RB Leipzig 22 43: 27 16 34
5 1899 Hoffenheim 22 43: 34 9 34
6 SC Freiburg 22 34: 25 9 34
7 1. FSV Mainz 05 23 34: 26 8 34
8 1. FC Union Berlin 22 29: 30 – 1 34
9 1. FC Cologne 22 34: 37 -3 32
10 Eintracht Frankfurt 22 33: 34 -1 31
11 VFL Bochum 22 24: 32 – 8 28
12 VFL Wolfsburg 22 23: 33 – 10 27
13 Boron. Mönchengladbach 22 30: 40 -10 26
14 Hertha BSC 22 24: 45 -21 23
15 Arminia Bielefeld 22 21: 29 – 8 22
16 FC Augsburg 22 24: 38 – 14 22
17 VFB Stuttgart 22 26: 42 – 16 18
18 SPVGG Greuther Fürth 22 20: 57 -37 13

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Grifo dreams of the Cup victory with the SC Freiburg

Double Packer Vincenzo Gift has shown it to his ex-club in the DFB Cup and lets the SC Freiburg dream.

The lonely caller from the tribune Vincenzo Gift alleged right. Yes, exactly — for today, the Match winner of the SC Freiburg in the middle of the ARD interview replied to the fan, the Gift had loudly titled the best as the best after the success in the second round of the DFB Cup.

In fact, the offensive player was surprisingly clear 4: 1 (2: 0) of the Brasher in the Baden duel at the Bundesligarival TSG Cofferdam of the crucial actor. With his double pack Gift brought the SC to the winning road and had a significant proportion of the fact that the Beefburgers are allowed to dream more and more from the first final deduction of the club history.

First Gift concluded a counter-valid (10), then he transformed a trading foot (36th) against his ex-club. In the duel with his former teammate and former Freiburg Oliver Baumann, Gift made it better this time than just under six weeks ago. At the 1: 2 in the league, the German-Italian born in Pforzheim had failed from the point to TSG-Torwart Baumann.

Gift: You play for that

It’s not easy to stand in front of him because he’s just a good goalkeeper and held many penalties, Gift said, But I was pretty sure. That’s why I’m Happy.

Happy Gift also makes the view of the further competition. Finally, there are only four Bundesliga clubs among the last eight teams. The chance of traveling to the final to Berlin is so great as never before from the favorites.

You fight for that, but you play, Gift said, with a view of the two victories that are still necessary: ​​ The dream is huge, we will give everything for that.