[Plan] Would you like to do it together? The first anniversary of waiting for a new traveler

The second country celebrated its first anniversary. The second country, Netmarble’s mobile MMORPG, is a game that attracts attention with the worldview of cute graphics and ‘Ghibli’. It has its own fun and charm.

Along with the first anniversary content update, various systems and events are being conducted for new users. If you start the game, you can awaken 4-star equipment to achieve high combat power, and the growth is easier with various goods rewards. It is the best time to start or return to the second country.

■ Perfectly reproduces the atmosphere of Ghibli… The charm of ‘second country’

If there is Disney’s Kingdom Hearts, Ghibli has Ninokuni. The Ninokuni series, which is the predecessor of the second country, is an IP created by the studio Ghibli crew and TEAM 5. The original works include the PS console game Ninokuni 1 and 2 and the theater animation Ninokuni released in 2019. The original console game was attractive, including studio Ghibli’s unique style, animated world design, and story cut scene with animation.

Netmarble’s ‘second country’ is considered to be a good inherited work of this original. There is a unique fantastic atmosphere, such as cute graphics, crude and attractive characters, and elaborate stories. The service for the original fans is also certain. The story is a different worldview that has passed thousands of years since Ninokuni 2, but there are many scenes where the original characters appear indirectly. Moel Forest or Estavania, which is embodied in the game, comes to mind as a fan of the original.

The sound is also great. From the login screen of the game, the original Ninokuni 2’s ‘BOUNDLESS SKIES’ appeared as the main theme. Just listening to the music of ‘Hisaishi Jo’ can be said to be worth the original fans.

The original Ninokuni is a famous work for the animation cutscene. The second country has no animation cutscene, except for the opening video, but he worked on the story. The game graphics, such as the conversation scenes of the characters and the appearance of the monsters, are naturally connected, but the composition and screen are connected in detail. There are also various motions, so the characters and enemies do not look awkward, and the flow leads to battle is smooth.

The development of a different way of reversing the original setting is a disagreement, but ‘Story’ and ‘Cut Scene’ are the most attractive to make this game play. The visuals are plausible, so it’s fun to play various contents of RPGs such as costumes, battles, and screenshots.

■ ‘Fun’ to increase combat power, the resulting barrier of entry

The second country is mobile MMORPG. This growth method is reflected in the ‘combat power’ if it has subdivided elements such as Imazen (pet), equipment skills, crystals and jewelry. It is one of the great fun of the second country to increase the combat power. The combat power that can be uploaded at once is 100 ~ 500 and in many cases 1,000, so it is difficult to grow significantly, but if you play steadily every day, the character will grow little by little, increase the combat power, and have fun to grow.

The problem is that now after opening, there is a big ‘entry barrier’ due to combat inflation accumulated over a year. Even if you fold and return the game for a while, the gap with existing users who raised the combat power through a new episode event or hunting will make you feel a big gap. As a result, the second country was one of the games that were difficult to receive new users and ‘return’.

** ■ Spread the first anniversary!

The second country, which boasted ‘spicy taste’ growth, has also changed a lot. We heard ‘met’ to improve the chronic problems, such as endless rising combat power, and the difference between new users and existing users over time. The first action is the full support. Along with the release of the new server ‘Barum’, it will aggressively support new.

In the second country, it was not easy for new users to leave the story. Since level 30 lacks leveling experience, you have to hunt fields, and from level 40, you will not be able to die. It is not easy to graduate from the story for beginners if they get good equipment through billing.

However, the second country has boldly improved this composition with the first anniversary update. First, the ‘New Year’ buff provides a dedicated swallow commission and a reign, and supports all the equipment to level 80 through the ‘New Shopping Store’. It is possible to prevent the development of ‘combat power’ and equipment problems as much as possible to prevent nurturing in the story.

In the new server ‘Barum’, new users can start the game at a similar level, making it better to start. There are also new server-only events, additional rewards, and hot time events, so if you start the second country for the first time, we recommend a new server.


Gold, one of the goods that constrained growth, also increased. It is also possible to make 10 million gold unless you use gold acquisition events and various rewards based on a new server. Unlike the inflow standards, which were alternately hunted in order of gold and one day to farm the equipment, there was no unnecessary farming process.

The equipment provided in the new shops can be used until the second half, so you can set the end-level setting by strengthening the equipment you received. Unlike the early open, which was used by strengthening the three-star equipment, it was definitely improved in terms of convenience and accessibility. If you have entered the second country against the story and graphics, you can enjoy the story without blocking the section up to the early level 80. It is the best time to start or return.

■ In addition to new support, new contents also emerge, 1st anniversary update information

A large number of new content was added for the first anniversary. First, for new users, the existing scenario dungeon has been changed in the form of a ‘side story’ and rewarded. In the future, various episodes quests will be added to the ‘Side Story’ tab and can be enjoyed and rewarded with other story quests.

The ‘fishing’ content, which had been gathered in the last episode in the last episode, will always be able to enjoy fishing in the second country. As before, the fishing rod can be strengthened to obtain more rewards, and various fish species can be rewarded by region.

The core of this update is ‘Battle Style’. It is a long time later on a new user, but you can get a quest to change the combat style from level 102. Due to certain roles such as support and buffers, classes that lose solo play content and hunting in hunting can change the concept of existing characters who play as a dealer through ‘Battle Style’ change to make various battles by applying styles according to the situation. have.

■ Would you like to do it together? The second country is also a big attraction

The fun of RPG is not only from growth. It is also very important to ‘together’ with other users through community functions. In that sense, the second country is one of the very good mobile games. Sometimes people who enjoy together can be a reason to connect to the game. In addition to the common features, such as guilds, power wars, and guild dungeons, you can enjoy chat or meet other users in the guild territory.

Neural warfare is unfolded on the channel to collect the ingredients to decorate the kingdom in the field, or to occupy a ‘pet’ toy without special features.

One of the most popular events of the second country community is the virtual wedding. In September 2021, when Corona was in full swing, there was a lot of fun news in the second country. A couple who have been married to Corona have a virtual wedding in a second country. The news spread to the whole server in a time, and the crew also sent a congratulatory message. The guests who dug up the ID directly from another server filled their seats, and the local chat was filled with a message to celebrate marriage. It was a moment when the second country became special.

The second country is obviously a favorite, and the advantages and disadvantages are clear. It has a cute and beautiful visual, but it is also a common mobile MMORPG. Nevertheless, I was able to meet a lot of memories and people while enjoying the second country for a year. This is why someone thinks that the obvious game is fun.

The Last of United States remake: 3 factors why it is unnecessary or has to have every person

As a developer Naughty Dog on the Summer Game firmly mentioned his current jobs, he likewise verified what lots of rumors have actually already shown: The Last of Us ought to obtain a remake for PS5. We spoke with the neighborhood and content group regarding how the video gaming globe must assess this statement. Since it’s not really easy.


The Last of Us: Component 1-is Naughty Dog really about enhancement or simply money?

After the original was released in June 2013, the remaster complied with in July 2014-and currently it is currently time for a remake eight years later? In enhancement to the trailer shown, which concentrates largely on tale series, Naughty Dog in the Playstation Shop describes what players can anticipate from the remake for the honored cost of 79.99 euros (resource: PlayStation Shop).

In the meantime, no more fad, however normal everyday life: Instead of developing new video games, lots of designers are increasingly concentrating on bringing effective standards back right into the present. On the one hand, the followers are welcome when old video games that might be challenging to accessibility today obtain pretted and contemporary versions that can additionally get new followers.

We concentrate on the most crucial thing:

  • Revised for PS5: entirely restored from scratch with Naughty Dog’s newest innovation for the PS5 engine, which allows the most recent visual recreation loyalty, completely incorporated dual sensense cordless controller features and much a lot more.

  • A true to the original remake – consists of the main game and the DLC Left

  • All new experience: A total alteration of the original experience that was duplicated real to the initial yet modernized gameplay auto mechanics, improved control and also prolonged availability alternatives.- Impacts, facial animations, exploration, combating as well as ambient tale ought to be boosted will.

Here you can enjoy the announcement trailer for The Last people: Part 1 again:

1. Does the Last of Us need a remake if it already has a remaster?

3. In the long run, is it called beginners to long-lasting fans?

With this appealing offer, Naughty Dog deals with the obstacle of having to make an even much better offer with the remake. Since what does the remake deal that the remaster does not offer? The subjectively boosted visuals alone does not justify the title Remake (now in straight contrast with the genuine remakes for Local Wickedness 2 and Last Fantasy 7).

Facebook customer Daniel Sei :I did not locate the gameplay outstanding, but as the tale was informed, I discovered it truly solid. The scene with the giraffes remains in mind to this day. For my part, I have to claim that the hype was reasonable (PS3) at the time, now a bit of peace around the game should stop.

Facebook customer Steven Fehlau :Remakes from more recent video games I discover unnecessary. The Spyro and Accident remakes made sense since they were fantastic games at the time and also they were just adapted to the technical criterion. I’m entirely on remakes.

** The remake can do a crucial factor actually well: The Gameplay of The Last of Us, whether original or remaster, was partly bulky as well as tedious at the time. The constant conductor wear, the hooked battles, the limited freedom of movement: a remake can substantially enhance these flows, provide genuine added worth and also maybe likewise provide a game that executed the real vision of The Last people that can not be implemented technically during that time.

That is the remake for? The remake could above all be an appealing deal for all those that are most likely to appear with the upcoming series for the franchise, which should most likely show up following year. The neighborhood is split, which are looking forward to the remake, the others implicate Naughty Dog to manipulate their old works instead of focusing on brand-new jobs.
| Facebook customer Charles Emmson
:das Gorgeous is that no one is required to acquire it. Component 1 was incredible which with the optics as well as the gameplay from part 2 plus DLC? I exist. And whether individuals acquire Skyrim or GTA 5 over and over with non-recognizable modifications is additionally their cause. Live and also live, fairly simple. _.

This raises the inquiry of exactly how much Naugthy Dog will truly alter on the gameplay and also just how much influence this will certainly consequently will be at the game. At the same time, just how much the developer can change without misstating the initial? An instance: The adjusted personality versions ought to currently match even more plainly to the original actors, which the fans dislike: According to them, they transform the original way too much. How much fan love will the remake have the ability to use if it is way too much far from the beginning of it? Nostalgia vs. gameplay convenience, at finest the remake is a renovation, in the most awful case it can happen as a duplicate that the gamer is totally irritated since he is captured in between the times.
| Facebook user Björn Stöhr **:I don’t believe that the added value will certainly exist, the tale does not change due to the fact that the visuals is better.

An adverse advancement from Naughty Dog is already evident below, the former lively? The revealed multiplayer project, The Last of United States 3 or will gamers only have to anticipate the Remaster and also then the remake of The Last of Us 2? Often they likewise desire to be truly brand-new.

Someplace in between total modification and also Faithful to the initial reproduction: The Last people is to be offered the stand of The Last of United States 2 in regards to visuals as well as gameplay in regards to visuals and gameplay. Yet do we actually need this remake? Do the enhancements justify the acquisition rate? With these and also various other questions, we met in an amazing conversation with the game suggestions community and also the gaming neighborhood.
| Facebook user Johannes Riebler **:additionally as a graphic fan I find it an excellent concept. If you take over the gameplay from the 2nd part, it is not fairly as repeated. Due to the fact that it should additionally happen for PC, I’m for it anyhow. The game is still worth 60 euros today.

Exactly how lots of years does a remake make good sense? Would not the Last people 2 have had a remaster? Is the new remake truly far better than its remaster? The direct contrast not only divides the game suggestions community, however additionally numerous followers in various other social media sites online forums (source: Reddit, Twitter). Twitter individual @ayharmony creates:The graphic looks incredible, it will certainly be so terrific _, Twitter-user @angelushector responds:Ihr are all insane, that does not look far better than the remaster. The visuals difference Arms in between gigantic as well as very little followers. Some followers discover a concession as well as argue that both games look excellent, each in its own method.

Can the The Last of United States hype actually be maintained/ born-again as well as perhaps even reach a brand-new degree? Naughty Dog intends to discover out with you on September 2nd. Reddit-user Scafista_t-J provides an intriguing concept, where we still do not understand whether we can get entailed or simply creep prior to:passes away remake is perfect because you can look onward to a new Tlou game, Without fear that a sequel damages it.( Source: Reddit).

2. Improving or misstating the original?

Facebook customer Tobias Ströll :unnötiges remake of all time. Just greed commercial. It would certainly be alright for 40 EUR, however 80 EUR is never worth it.
| final comment from our pupil trainee Jannes Grunwald: **

As a programmer Naughty Dog on the Summer Game firmly talked about his present projects, he likewise confirmed what many rumors have actually already shown: The Last of United States should obtain a remake for PS5. Facebook user Steven Fehlau :Remakes from more recent video games I find unneeded. The subjectively boosted visuals alone does not validate the title Remake (currently in straight comparison with the genuine remakes for Homeowner Evil 2 and Last Dream 7). Facebook customer Tobias Ströll :unnötiges remake of all time. The remake might over all be an eye-catching deal for all those that are most likely to appear via the upcoming series for the franchise business, which ought to most likely show up following year.

_ I can totally understand the old fans that obtain distressed about the remake. Completely clear that they are not all set to pay the complete 80 euros for a game that they have played numerous times. On the various other hand, I additionally find that the game has currently earned a remake after 8 years. A whole lot has happened over the years which will likewise profit the game. Specifically brand-new followers and the PC gamers will dive on it. I can completely recognize Naughty Dog’s choice as long as various other programmers do not start to bring remakes after 4 or 6 years. _.

_ I anticipate the remake, especially given that I really had my issues with the remaster when it pertained to the control. I have now strongly determined to play the remake and after that catch up with The Last of Us 2. This appreciates experiencing both games with a proficient transition, as it is most likely believed. I am very thrilled to see how the gamers take the ready the release as well as possibly the movie critics are even stunned. _.

The Last of us Remake will require as much as 79 gigabytes of a hard drive place

The original The Last of Us and now looks very good, as for the 2013 game, but the Naughty Dog will release this game this game that will update the appearance of The Last of Us Part II this September. Now we also learned that the remake will require much more space on the console’s drive.

Colleagues from Gamingbolt discovered information on the PlayStation website that The Last of us Remake will require as much as 79 gigabytes of free space on the drive. At the same time, The Last of US Remastered asks for only 50 gigabytes from the PlayStation 4 hard drive, which means that the new version of the game will weigh as much as 29 gigabytes more.

Support for all the features of the Dualsense gamepad is also stated, which will allow players to feel intra-game rain due to tactile return, and different modes of work of adaptive triggers are prepared for different types of weapons.

[Picture diary of Teru Kazu Yoshida] ADV CARD SHARK who plays a serious card game is surprised by the many real tricks that appear

Poker face … It’s cool. Well I can’t.

For example, when you get the last two without bubbling, everything you think comes out on your face and always loses.

He’s a personality that doesn’t lie. Only face.

This time, the PC version of CARD SHARK **, which was released by NERIAL and released by Devolver Digital. This work is an adventure game that unravels hidden conspiracy, set in France in the 18th century in France.

In this work, a palliative trick for doing squids will appear one after another. Moreover, all of them can be reproduced in reality… In other words, if you play this work, would I be a squid teacher? (Nichaa)

Youth who can’t speak Tousan Count

The young man working in a bar in southern France is the protagonist of this work.

He cannot speak due to circumstances. So how do he reply to the woman in a rugged bar…

Answer with expression.

Eat the grip of the whole body!

However, this intention may not be understood.

Well, it’s as good as possible.

Even so, this woman’s husband, her hero, is a lot of vocabulary to call her hero salmon .

At that time, one of the customers says, Would you like to earn coins?

The name of the customer is Count Saint-Germain.

Tonight, we will play a card here, so we say that we can carry a squid. It smells like…

The rule of the card game tonight is the rule that many of the same types of suits (marks) win. By the way, players do not need to know the rules of the card game. If you succeed, you will automatically win.

In this Ikasama, first steal the card while pouring wine into the target glass.

Next, the most number of suits is transmitted to the Earl in a way to wipe the table. That’s it.

It’s easy and it’s going to make good coins!

Alright, it’s a production. Then I defeat the stick to the side and pour the wine into the glass (by the way, I played with the controller).

You have to stop it in the right place, as it can not overflow even if it is too small.

Well, it’s a simple operation. Well, the most large suits are…

Ah… (Dobar)

I’m not good at doing two things at the same time…

As a result of failure, I was finally felt by my opponent. Yeah!

The opponent who goes upright takes out the gun, but is likely to be captured by other customers immediately. While doing such a massage, a gun was fired, and the woman’s body was completely unrelated.

The woman’s husband is completely tight…

見 見 見 見 見 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前

It seems that Colonel Gabriel has shot and killed the woman.

The Earl said, You will be poor, you can’t hear your mouth, and you’ve ran away with an infamous scammers, so he will be a murderer. That’s all because of you!

… but the protagonist had no other place to go, so he decided to go on a trip to Ikasama as a parent of the Earl.

What is displayed on the map is the place where the opponent of the game is, where there is a duck of Ikasama.

The operation itself is not difficult because it only defeats the stick or presses the button, but I often remember it anyway.

If you don’t do it perfectly, the trick will not be established, so you need to remember all the movements.

I felt like I was doing a brain training three times below, and then to the right.

Alright, I remember!

The gauge displayed at the bottom of the screen indicates the suspicion of the opponent, and the gauge moves to the right over time.

If you go to the right end, the opponent will get rid of the opponent.

You can fight consecutive battles, but the higher the stake, the more suspicion will increase.

If you do the trick quickly, the more you can compete, but the gauge is a little short to do again…

The pulling is a liver… but it’s okay! (death flag)

Hell is also up to gold. Send bribes to the Reaper and come back!

After that, the Earl and his young man continue to win the Ikasama game steadily.

I did many opponents in poor poverty!

Well, at the time, Ikasama was out and was hit in a pig box…

The Earl seems to be traveling for Ikasama for some purpose. Every time you win, your opponent tells the secrets, and as a result, the story progresses without sincerity even if the opponent dies.

However, the Earl himself can also be in danger of life.

I miss the trick many times because of such a tension ( *), and Ikasama is out. ( * Because of my low memory, not tension)

And by the opponent who flew, the Earl and the protagonist were shot and killed.

I wonder if the game is over, the world after death! ?

What is this grim reaper!

Reaper says that if you pay some money, you will rewind your time before the match. It’s a good guy!

Moreover, if you win the Reaper in a card game, you will rewind your time for free.

Well, if you lose, save data will be erased.

Occasionally, there is a production in which save data is erased as an in-game event, but I’m really surprised…

I was able to clear it in about 10 hours. It took a long time to understand the content of the trick until around the middle, so if you play normally, you may be able to clear it a little faster.

Many of the tricks are actually likely to be done, so I want to try it. I don’t know if I can do it…!

However, Ikasama part was just a mini-game that only remembered and reproduced the operations instructed in advance, and I felt that it was not very interesting. I get the impression that the tempo has become too bad to pursue real.

The graphics and atmosphere were outstanding, and I was drawn into the story development. Anyway, I think the squid part is well made as an adventure game!

Card Shark is on sale for Nintendo Switch/PC.

Exoprimal, the 5V5 Advanced TPS of Capcom, specifies its intentions in a brand-new band

Capcom has also revealed two brand-new exoskeletons (dam and vigilant) that it will be permitted to pilot and the author obviously plans to market new ones after the launch of its title. A shut beta will be kept in the training course of July, without a specific date has actually yet been introduced currently. The commercial version of the game will certainly nonetheless not be offered prior to next year.

Mutant dinosaurs emerging from vortex in packets of a thousand and overpowered exoskeletons watering them copiously in depopulated city atmospheres, all come with by a harsh as well as crazy soundtrack: Exoprimal At the appearance of a capcom game Initially of the 2000s, the sort of spontaneousshooterwhich could have launched in the early hours of the Dreamcast. There is also something from Lost World therein. With the distinction that the title of Capcom will only be played online, in groups of five against 5, in different game modes where it will be a question of achieving goals enforced by a synthetic intelligence in order to win.

Revealed for the very first time during the State of Play in March, Exoprimal has actually accredited a brand-new trip during the Capcom Showcase 2022 version with a comprehensive discussion of hisGameplay _. Along with reaffirming its bias in the front, thisShootercooperative as well as affordable revealed the major lines of its program which scents of Capcom in the early 2000s.


Amongst the purposes enforced by AI, the night presentation stimulated Vtol Defense, which is composed in protecting slaughtered airplanes, and Omega Charge, in which each participant of the group is endowed with a large model hammer with which shatters the adversary crowds. If the fight between both competing squads ought to animate a lot of the games, it will occasionally be required for them to join their forces to overcome titanic creatures like the Neo Tyrannosaurus seen in this trailer.

Assigned Dino Survival, the major game setting as a result asks both teams to contend to bring out the orders provided by Leviathan, the sinister fabricated intelligence at the origin of the abrupt look of dinosaurs. In the warm of the competitors, the teams are also seeking a way to get away the Léviathan temporal games.

game video

Exoprimal-Bande-announcement of gameplay

Why quickly delete Diablo Immortal

Yesterday’s topic Why should you play Diablo Immortal expectedly not caused discussions, but only (also expected) sagril of those whom he had to sag-people who did not tolerate another point of view other than their own. For such experts Dmitry Goblin Puchkov uses a capacious, sebaceous, but very accurate term, which, I remind you, is relevant for all ages.

Well, God is a judge to them, they are so hard for them in this life. Diablo Immortal, despite the fact that it lifts the mobile gaming quality bar very high, is not an ideal product. And this is not only about technical jambs. Although I can’t talk about the mobile version of the game, since I myself play on a PC-client, which is in the beta testing stage, which is constantly and unambiguously the inscription on the loading screen of the game. I heard that on the apple tree the game shows itself excellent.

We are talking about some controversial design solutions, which, for quite objective reasons, may not like the large mass of players who decided to give a chance to the game. Which will become a possible reason for removing the client.

Why do you delete Diablo Immortal in seven days

Mandatory clarification. It is clear that the period of the week was issued an approximate, according to my internal sensations. It can vary in one direction or another, depending on the expectations of a gamer, the number of hours a day that he can devote to the game, the presence or absence of a company of comrades and a heap of other factors.

For example, many did not like the so-called Level Gate extremely. This is when, at a certain stage in the plot, the game tells you that the story will continue only when you fill a couple of levels. For example, you finished the plot segment on the conditional 35, and the next will begin only with 37 levels of development.

Yes, these levels are very, very simple, it is enough to run away several times to the portal or to finish the hour of mobs, but the very fact of such forced stops is annoying.

So, my calculation was built according to the following formula: 4-5 hours of active game in Diablo Immortal per day, with all daily quests and side tasks, solo.

The reason is the first, and the main thing. The routine quickly occurs

The plot fled the game in the mode described above is enough for 3-4 days. That is, you will complete the story, kill the belt, then you will get the last level gate, learn about the shadows, take a software (60 level) and… and that’s all. A couple of days you will run with interest to the new blue quests, deal with the tasks of shadows, enter the guild, finish the quest by 10,000 mobs with a detachment, be done to the battlefield if you like this (for the sake of daily awards. We’ll have to) and all that is so. This will take you another 3-4 days.

And so, you finally get your first (in my case, the only one!) Red helmet as a reward, and then what?

If you are a person is very diligent and like to grin a lot or strive to close all the locations by 100%, then yes, Diablo Immirtal will offer you content for a week. The maximum, by two, if you slow down and play two for a day for two days. But after that everything is already. End. You only have to farm experience to obtain a level of improvement, putting the character somewhere in the Zoltan Kula library library on the clker. Content for an ordinary player is over.

Yes, if you are full of ambitions and want to glorify yourself, then the path to the leaders of the guild. True, in order to create the guild, you need to pay platinum, and this currency is very, very slowly, although you can always pay Real Madrid or, if you are lucky, successfully bargain at the auction. In this case, you will have a lesson for a long time, unless, of course, you are responsible. But the trouble is-the remaining participants in your Tags faced the problem listed above, and the activities for guilds are a maximum of a couple per week. And now you have such a serious headache as to keep people in the game, which can no longer offer them new and interesting.

CULLEN OF THE RIGHT: violent collectivization


The fact that Diablo Immortal suddenly became MMO, has both a positive and negative side. I wrote about the good yesterday, today I will talk about the bad. So, in order to play DI most efficiently, you need a static. The main static is four people in the team (you plus three more). You must run together, make quests together, go to Dange too together and so on. That is, your cycles (heh-xy) must match.

But then more. You need a static for eight people! That is, two full-fledged commands that are completely synchronized in time. All is to blame the system of detachments and the buffs that it gives. In detachments, you can even transmit equipment, though not all, but only special.

Whether there is sex in minecraft sex

On the Internet there are unofficial rules that most people know about. Rule 34 says that if something exists, then there should be porn about it. Does this apply to mods for video games? How popular should the game be before sex modes appear in it? Are there games that are considered prohibited for sex models? How about minecraft?

is there adult mods in minecraft?

Long and short of this yes , Minecraft has adult mods. The main part of these mods is skins that can be downloaded and used. These skins depict characters to varying degrees of separation. In addition, there are mods that add genitals and chest characters and mobs.

Those who are more ambitious can try mods such as Jenny Mod, which create a virtual girl in a popular survival game. There are other mods, such as The Kidnap Mod, which allow players to bind themselves and others. From there, devices such as the oars and the imagination of the players enter the work.


It would seem that there is no holy land, and if there is a demand for something obscene, someone will fill the void. This does not mean that with these mods or those that they like, something is wrong. People play games for various reasons. All we ask for is that if these mods are used, they should be stored away from children.

To learn more about minecraft, read the section Where to find Echo fragments in Minecraft in Pro game guides.

The collection The Last people HBO presents moments of background left outside the original game

If you played the game, our intent is that you see the show and you say it raped anything of what I suched as in the game and what I saw in the game, But it likewise brought me much more.-things I really did not recognize, truly amazing things, said Mazin concerning it.

The complete interview published at the BBC is offered here as part of the Podcast Must See, which was originally concentrated on Chernobyl.

Craig Mazin, the writer of Chernobyl that works with the series The Last people HBO alongside Neil Druckmann of Naughty Dog, revealed that the show will certainly star in minutes that have been left outside the original game.

They create news [things] as well as re-imagine what already exists to present it in a different format, but that does not indicate that there will certainly be episodes where points like Ellie as well as Joel get on bikes as well as beat versus a gang.

Obviously, we need to do it. You could not help but do this. You will need to shoot me [to stop me] from doing this. And also there were a couple of things like that, stated Mazin to the vice-president of Naughty Dog.

He has not exposed what minutes it would be, of course, Mazin said that fans will drop mouth when they watch them in the series, who presently has no release date, but is provided as quickly as it is ready.

The Last of Us has actually accomplished an also stronger popularity thanks to the business success of its suite, The Last people Part II, yet the television program will be based upon the history of the initial game, where Ellie is just Youngster and travel together with the Joel passer throughout the United States.

Jaw Drop-It happens, he claimed about his reaction when Druckmann, the creator of the franchise business, told him regarding specific scenes that had actually not been retouched for the game, yet he would certainly love being Presented right into the series.

Of course, we have to do it. You couldn’t aid but do this. And there were a couple of points like that, stated Mazin to the vice-president of Naughty Dog.

According to him, the collection is still in the writing stage however the team has already set for things to do so as not to alienate followers of the game. Among these things will be the music of the initial composer Gustavo Santaollala.

Instead, the format of the tv program is something that Mazin thinks that it is much better for the identification of the game, which is based on relationships, as well as these take more time than a film-The previous adaptation task The Last of US-to develop and also get to the level they would get to in a computer game.

Ralf Rangnick wins at ÖFB

the voices for the game.

Maximilian Wöber: That is good. From the 15th min it was a truly great appearance, so everybody presents the national group. We intend to keep up with the ideal nations in the world and we revealed that. From the get go we said that we wish to show up flexibly and switch over from chain from a 3. So we entered play well. I enjoyed hopping on the offensive. I’m just not a protector either (laughs).

Ultimately, Austria with confidence ended up the game with the clear lead in the back and therefore won for the very first time in worldwide history versus Croatia.

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Marcel Sabitzer: We revealed energy. The very first thirty minutes we had truly tough, had no accessibility and lost rounds. Second half, we did it well as well as applied a great deal. Overall, it was neat, However we can not applaud every little thing up currently.

Michael Gregoritsch: It was vital that we won as well as did not accumulate an objective. We attempted to apply a lot, but had to defend even more much deeper than we desired.

The 1-0 did well, second half we inspected the game and it could have been greater. The group is In general well, I would certainly have suched as to have actually replaced much more gamers. The group is homogeneous and balanced-I am already looking onward to the following game where we will see other gamers in many placements.

Marko Arnautovic: The gamers are hot, everyone intends to reveal that we are a great group. We have shown that today. We understood that it would certainly not be a very easy game and also Croatia is an exceptional group. You showed this in the very first fifty percent. We were effective and also are happy.

Shortly prior to the break, Marko Arnautovic Austria offered the lead, which until after that was more in a spirited way. After the reactivate, the ÖFB team at the Rangnick launching in the 54th as well as 57th min consulted with a dual strike after Michael Gregoritsch as well as Marcel Sabitzer.

At the start of the Nations League, the Austrian national team drove a 3-0 win in Croatia (right here it goes to the game report). Ralf Rangnick hence commemorates a dream launching as a ÖFB team manager. Marko Arnautovic: The players are hot, everyone desires to reveal that we are a great group. We knew that it would not be a simple game and also Croatia is an outstanding group. From the 15th minute it was a truly good appearance, so everybody introduces the nationwide team.

At the beginning of the Nations League, the Austrian national team drove a 3-0 win in Croatia (here it goes to the game report). Ralf Rangnick hence commemorates a dream launching as a ÖFB group manager. The voices for the game

Bundesliga: DFL leads new pandemic

The German football professional clubs reacted to the conversations concerning the corona-related game cancellations and embraced a “special pandemic regulation”.

Accordingly, a club can obtain a video game if “at least eleven of the certificate gamers provided on the game authorization checklist are in isolation because of an infection with such a condition or as a call individual of contaminated individuals in quarantine.

As intended for years, “blocked and normally harmed” players will certainly proceed to be counted as “countered”. In the future, nonetheless, this will certainly no longer put on injured gamers, for whom clinical certificates of inability to work are available over a duration of at least 20 days at the time the application was applied.

Video message by DFL CEO Donata Hopfen

The clubs settled on this guideline at their meeting on Monday in Wiesbaden. In case of “regular” injuries or ailments, an application is not to be made if at the very least 14 licensed certificate gamers and/or in the permit team are available in conformity with the qualified to play rights. Among them should be at the very least 7 area players and also a goalkeeper-each with certificate condition.