Genshin Impact Ganyu Guide: compilations and better uses

If you are saving your rolls for an investment worthwhile in impact Gen shin, now it is time to waste. The elegant and passive Gansu is, in the absence of better words, a cry unit absolutely dominant.

Gansu is an elegant being; The blood of Jilin Adepts runs through his veins along with human blood. Read on to learn how to build legendary coco goat in the Gansu’s official construction guide of Decorator.

IMPACT GENGHIS Gansu Compile Guide – Equipment Role

It is clear that the characters of Cry are some of the best characters of Genshin Impact; Gansu is above that. Many consider that Gansu is the strongest DPS of the game.

This immense strength can be attributed mainly to the normal attack of it, which decimates enemies and bosses alike. Gansu is nothing more and nothing less than a main DPS.

IMPACT GENGHIS Gansu Construction Guide – Talents

Normal Gansu attack: Archery shot of Lillian

Normal Gansu Attack: Perform up to six consecutive shots with a bow.

Gansu Loaded Attack: Hold a Target shot with increased DMG. If it is loaded more while it is aimed, an icy aura will accumulate at the tip of the arrow.

  • Load level 1: Shoot an arrow that inflicts Cry DMG.
  • Load level 2: Shoot a frost ball arrow that inflicts cryogenic damage. The Frost flake arrow flowers after connecting to its goal, causing AOE Cry DMG.

Gansu immersion attack: It is launched from the air to hit the ground underneath, damaging the opponents along the way and inflicting AOE DMG when impacted.

Elementary Gansu Skill: Jilin Trail

Gansu displays an ice lotus, runs back and distribute AOE Cry DMG.

Ice lotus:


  • Make fun of enemies and attracts them to attack him.
  • Health scales in Max HP de Ganyu.
  • Inflicts AOE Cry DMG when it is destroyed or when the duration ends.

Elemental Explosion of Gansu: Celestial Rain

Gansu invokes a sacred breast pearl. The pearl continuously rains fragments of ice, hitting the opponents with AOE Cry DMG.
In the activation of the 4th Ascension of Gansu, Gansu and El Allies within the field created by Sacred Cry Pearl obtain a 20% Cry DMG bonus.

IMPACT GENGHIS Gansu Construction Guide – Artifacts

Slutable from Vertical

The Blizzard Strayed set is commonly used in Cry characters.

  • The two-piece bonus for this set grants a 15% pulse to Cry DMG.
  • The four-piece bonus increases its critical rate by 20%. Frozen enemies give the characters an additional 20%, raising the critical rate at 40%.

Blizzard Strayed is as effective as other artifacts in Gansu and the increasing CRT Rate is very beneficial for a main DPS. This set is especially powerful if a Hydro unit is in your group.

Vagabond company

The Wanderer’s Troupe set is commonly used in Bow and / or Catalyst characters.

  • The two-piece Prime For this set grants an impulse to Elemental Mastery in 80.
  • The four-piece Prime For this set increases the damage to the attack loaded by 35% if the character is using a catalyst or an arc.

This set is extremely powerful in Gansu due to the increase of 35% in charged attack DMG. Gansu’s charged attack is the main output of DMG of him, largely due to the Frost flake arrow.

IMPACT GENGHIS GANSU Construction Guide – Weapons

Amos arch

An arch of 5 stars that can be desired in the banner of weapons.

Secondary statistics Increases ATK by up to 49.6%
Passive grants an increase of 12% to normal and loaded attack damage. After shooting a normal or loaded attack, the damage inflicted increases 8% more every 0.1 seconds that the arrow is in the air. This accumulates up to five times for a total of 40% extra damage.

Amos Bow is the best weapon in Gansu’s slot. The increase in ATK is substantial and replaces any Bonus related to CRT due to Gansu’s position as Cry DPS. In addition, the liability is powerful and allows Gansu to keep the distance from it while doing immense damage.

Thronged pulse

An arch of 5 stars that can be desired in the banner of weapons.

Secondary Statistics Increase CRT DMG at a maximum of 66.2%.
Passive Increase the ATK by 20% at the same time it grants a thunder emblem. The Emblem Thunder can accumulate up to three times, and each accumulation increases normal attack damage by 12%, 24% and 40%. The batteries of the thunder emblem are obtained when Oriya hurts with its normal attack and the elementary ability of it.

The thunder emblem disappears when Gansu’s energy is full, so using its elementary burst quickly is vital to maintain a great damage production. It is a solid option for any Bow Main DPS.

Iridescent hunt

A 4 star arch that can be claimed at the battle pass.

    • SECONDARY STATISTICS Increases the CRT rate by a maximum of 27.6%.
  • Passive Grants a 50% probability that normal and loaded attacks generate a cyclone, which attracts nearby enemies and inflicts 40% ATK as damage every 0.5 seconds for 4 seconds. It also brings together enemies and can only occur once every 14 seconds.

Iridescent Hunt is an underestimated weapon in Gansu, but it’s ability to group enemies allows Gansu to quickly eliminate enemy waves with their frost flake arrows. A Bonus at the Rat Rate is never more.

Genshin Impact Gansu compilation guide – Composition of the team

A good team for a main DPS as Gansu allows you to stay in the field for a long time at the same time that its Cry DMG increases. These teammates should also keep it alive and contribute to significant elementary reactions.

A team for Gansu could be like this:

  • Gansu (Cryogenic main DPS)
  • Mona (Hydro Sub DPS / Utility)
  • KAHUNA (AEMO Crowd Control / Utility)
  • Diana (cryogenic support / shields)

This equipment follows a simple rotation that ensures that Gansu can maximize the production of DMG. First, Keisha uses her elementary ability to unite enemies and distribute AEMO DMG. Then, Diana uses her elementary ability to grant slugs to all team members and apply Cry DMG. This is followed by Mona, who uses her elementary skill to keep enemies attracted by this great circle and apply Hydro DMG. Mona should also use the elementary explosion of it here to reinforce Gansu’s damage. Finally, Gansu reaches the field and rats frost flap arrows over frozen enemies grouped. This will quickly eliminate most, if not all, enemies in the field.

Gansu’s elementary explosion, if available, should also be activated. It will further boost your DMG cry.

To be an elegant and timid beast adepts, Gansu has no qualms about jumping to the field and razing the enemy line. The refined nature of him and the love of him by Sweet Flowers contrast harshly with the fierce skills he has in combat. Do not let this escape between your fingers. Roll. For. Gansu.

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