Womens national group: Bühl hypothesizes

In the meantime, the term can opener needs to also be consisted of. Only: Klara Bühl’s opening goal in the 2-0 win versus Spain can hardly be defined in any kind of other means. A prime instance of the traditional can opener.

And also that with a various expression: A classic job triumph, states the can opener with a smile.

Because: It’s constantly much easier to play with such a leadership in the back. This was consequently confirmed. In the 37th minute, cold Germany placed the following pinprick with Alexandra Popp as well as continued to be self-displined, small and enthusiastic on the defensive up until the final whistle.

That was our goal: to make a statement.

Klara Buehl

With the opening goal that was so essential, Germany was able to take out, concentrate primarily on the defensive and let the Spaniards come. I rejoice that I was able to create such an early basis for the group, said the 21-year-old.

The German winger took a quick action as well as placed the round low in the far edge. 1:0 I just speculated that the goalkeeper may make a specific blunder, examined the callous goal marker after the last whistle at ARD, and that’s exactly how it took place.

Three mins got on the clock in the game in between Germany and also Spain, which before kick-off was treated as an open duel in between 2 title candidates. The sphere landed at Spain’s goalkeeper Sandra Panos, who wanted to start the Spanish accumulation video game without being pressed-but played the round straight into the feet of the prowling Bühl in the penalty area.

Bühl as well as Co. couldn’t take the 2:0 away. That was our goal: to make a statement, the FC Bayern player clarified.

Simply speculated


Some football expressions have been so flattened that they have actually already lost their meaningfulness. In the meanwhile, the term can opener ought to also be included. Only: Klara Bühl’s opening goal in the 2-0 win against Spain can rarely be explained in otherwise. An archetype of the traditional can opener.

Ultimately, Bühl summarized the success over the Spaniards, which is synonymous with winning the team as well as qualifying for the quarter-finals, really appropriately. As well as that with a various phrase: A timeless job victory, says the can opener with a smile. You require that in some cases.

Burghausen beats FCB II

From the beginning, Wacker Burghausen demanded hosts FC Bayern II, who wanted to keep his little chance in first place. With running intensive counterpressing, the guests forced FCB to take many bad passes. The first goal chance also belonged to WACHER: Bachschmid ran towards the goal without a ball, but only hit the latte from 17 meters (2nd).

In the course of the first half, however, the Munich second representation came better into the game and were able to book the first good opportunities. But either Burghausen got a foot in between or the degrees were too imprecise. The FCB performed in this phase of dominant, but then Burghausen was surprisingly in the lead: Bachschmid entered the FCB penalty room and flanked flat into the five-meter space. The ball slipped unhappily under the body of goalkeeper Kainz and was distracted into his own goal (42nd).

Bitter start in the second half

Barcelona vs. Bayern Munich | Champions League Quarterfinal Highlights | UCL on CBS Sports
Bayern II also started in the second round. Only Burghausen increased by the Bosnjak (51.) in the penalty area, then Agdaje was only accompanied by the FCB defense and hit the distance (53.).

After the setback, Bavaria remained the better team, but continued to fail due to the compact defense of the guests. Due to a direct free kick goal from Schulz, Wacker even increased to 4: 0 (66.). The FCB II continued to try to come dangerously in front of the goal, but could no longer overcome Wacker goalkeeper Schöller.

Seen throughout the game, it was an avoidable defeat of the Munich. Burghausen prevailed due to the better efficiency and decides the championship in the regional league Bayern prematurely in favor of SpVgg Bayreuth.

The residual program of the 3rd league

1. FC Magdeburg (63 points / goal difference +32)

MSV Duisburg vs. Borussia Dortmund II | Full Game | 3rd Division 2021/22 | Matchday 25
4.4. Viktoria Berlin (A), 9.4. Viktoria Cologne (H), 17.4. Verl (a), 23.4. Zwickau (H), 30.4. Braunschweig (A), 7.5. 1860 (H), 14.5. Osnabrück (A)

1.FC Kaiserslautern (54 points / + 27 goal difference)

2.4. Duisburg (H), 8.4. Würzburg (A), 17.4. Saarbrücken (H), 23.4. Wiesbaden (A), 30.4. BVB II (H), 7.5. V. Cologne (A)

Eintracht Braunschweig (52 points / + 23 goal difference)

2.4. Havelse (H), 9.4. Wiesbaden (A), 16.4. Würzburg (H), 30.4. Magdeburg (H), 7.5. Meppen (A), 14.5. V. Cologne (H)

1. FC Saarbrücken (49 points / + 10 goal difference)

2.4. 1860 (A), 9.4. Mannheim (H), 17.4. FCK (A), 23.4. Verl (h), 30.4. V. Berlin (A), 7.5. Zwickau (H), 14.5. Freiburg II (A)

VFL Osnabrück (48 points / + 13 goal difference)

2.4. Halle (A), 11.4. Verl (h), 16.4. 1860 (A), 23.4. Mannheim (H), 30.4. Freiburg II (A), 7.5. Havelse (A), 14.5. Magdeburg (H)

1860 Munich (48 points / + 9 goal difference)

2.4. Saarbrücken (H), 10.4. Freiburg II (A), 16.4. Osnabrück (H), 23.4. Duisburg (A), 30.4. Havelse (H), 7.5. Magdeburg (A), 14.5. BVB II (H)

SV Waldhof Mannheim (48 points / + 9 goal difference)

3.4. Zwickau (A), 9.4. Saarbrücken (A), 18.4. Freiburg II (H), 23.4. Osnabrück (A), 30.4. Duisburg (H), 7.5. Wiesbaden (A), 14.5. Havelse (H)

SV Wehen Wiesbaden (43 points / + 5 goal difference)

1.4. Meppen (A), 9.4. Braunschweig (H), 16.4. Zwickau (A), 23.4. FCK (H), 30.4. Verl (a), 7.5. Mannheim (H), 14.5. Halle (A)

Borussia Dortmund II (41 points / + 4 goal difference)

2.4. V. Cologne (A), 9.4. V. Berlin (H), 16.4 Meppen (A), 23.4. Halle (H), 30.4. FCK (A), 7.5. Verl (h), 14.5. 1860 (A)

SC Freiburg II (40 points / -6 goal difference)

2.4. Verl (a), 10.4. 1860 (h), 18.4. Mannheim (A), 23.4. Havelse (A), 30.4. Osnabrück (H), 7.5. Duisburg (A), 14.5. Saarbrücken (H), still without appointment: Halle (A)

SV Meppen (39 points / -9 goal difference)

1.4. Wiesbaden (H), 16.4. BVB II (H), 23.4. V. Cologne (A), 30.4. Würzburg (H), 7.5. Braunschweig (H), 14.5. V. Berlin (A)

FC Viktoria Cologne (37 points / -12 goal difference)

2.4. BVB II (H), 9.4. Magdeburg (A), 23.4. Meppen (H), 30.4. Halle (A), 7.5. FCK (H), 14.5. Braunschweig (A)

FSV Zwickau (35 points / -6 goal difference)

29.3. Verl (a), 3.4. Mannheim (H), 10.4. Havelse (A), 16.4. Wiesbaden (H), 23.4. Magdeburg (A), 7.5. Saarbrücken (A), 14.5. Würzburg (H)

Hallescher FC (32 points / -3 goal difference)

2.4. Osnabrück (H), 9.4. Duisburg (A), 16.4. Havelse (H), 23.4. BVB II (A), 30.4. V. Cologne (H), 7.5. Würzburg (A), 14.5. Wiesbaden (H), still without appointment: Freiburg II (A)

MSV Duisburg (32 points / -16 goal difference)

2.4. FCK (A), 9.4. Halle (H), 16.4. V. Berlin (A), 23.4. 1860 (H), 30.4. Mannheim (A), 7.5. Freiburg II (H), 14.5. VER (a)

FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin (28 points / -16 goal difference)

4.4. Magdeburg (H), 9.4. BVB II (A), 16.4. Duisburg (H), 23.4. Würzburg (A), 30.4. Saarbrücken (H), 14.5. Meppen (h)

SC VER (26 points / -15 goal difference)

29.3. Zwickau (H), 2.4. Freiburg II (H), 11.4. Osnabrück (A), 17.4. Magdeburg (H), 23.4. Saarbrücken (A), 30.4. Wiesbaden (H), 7.5. BVB II (A), 14.5. Duisburg (H)

Würzburger differences (24 points / -20 goal difference)

8.4. FCK (H), 16.4 Braunschweig (A), 23.4. V. Berlin (H), 30.4. Meppen (A), 7.5. Halle (H), 14.5. Zwickau (A)

TSV Havelse (19 points / -29 goal difference)

2.4. Braunschweig (A), 10.4. Zwickau (H), 16.4. Halle (A), 23.4. Freiburg II (H), 30.4. 1860 (A), 7.5. Osnabrück (H), 14.5. Mannheim (A)

Dabrowski: “Have properly brought in the place”

I am very satisfied with the result and also with the performance of my team. I think, in the end it was also deserved. It was a gripping cup game. The boys have brought really power to play. We tried to play forward also have one or the other admitted, but had a Ron (Keeper goal, d. Red.) In the gate, which has made sure that the zero stands. I’m totally satisfied and proud of the troupe, Coach Christoph Borowski said After the game.

So it also saw Sebastian Kirk, who had achieved Hanover 2: 0 by trading folders: If you look at the gameplay, that’s a highly deserved result. We were all a bit surprised, Playback has made us little and quietly played it well and quietly


Just a perfect cup of cups

Thanks to some heavy parades, the goal, which had been quite praised by the coach, was, in addition to double organs Maximilian Hair — Match winner at the 96s, the joy was written in the face. It was just a perfect cup of cups for us. But we can not forget: It was really brutally hard work, both with and against the ball we have done it really well. It was a real cup fight. Of course, I’m looking forward to My own performance, but more importantly, we have passed and that keeps everything.

In fact, the game against the Bundesliga club for the goal had not been the second dedication after several months of injury. I was out for 13 weeks, it was not a simple time. It’s just really nice to stand back in the square. I’m fine, said the keeper.

Auditor and the milestone

For the 32-year-old, the entry into the quarterfinals of the Cup means at the same time a milestone in the career, because under the best eight was the goal of the first one of his clubs had never been with one of his clubs: My cup quota was not exhilarating. I have been waiting for a long time. It is waiting for a long time Really cool, that’s a nice feeling. It’s just a pity that no fans were there, the hut would have tipped safely today.