Ski Alpin: 2nd Giants Lawom in Kranjska Gora now in the live ticker

In Kranjska Gora today the 2nd Giantslalom of the gentlemen takes place. The complete ski alpine race can be tracked here in the live ticker.

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Marco Odermatt (SUI) | 2nd place | Men's Giant Slalom | Kranjska Gora | FIS Alpine
In Kranjska Gora, two competitions in giant slalom will be held this weekend. You can experience the 2nd giant slalom of men here in the live link.

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Ski Alpin: The current top 5

Rank | Name | Time
1. | Marco Odmatt | 1: 12.16
2. | Alexander Schmid | \ + 0.22
3rd | Henrik Kristoffersen | \ + 0.30
4. | Gino Caviezel | \ + 0.32
5. | Stefan Brennsteiner | \ + 0.47

Ski Alpin: 2. Gienne’s gentlema in Kranjska Gora now in the live ticker

Fabian Wilkens Solheim (NOR)

Fabian Wilkens Solheim Rast in the middle part into a gate and is followed by following.

Leif Kristian Nestvold haugen (NOR)

Leif Kristian Nestvold haugen still holds the residue after the first time measurement somewhat in the frame, but the transition to the middle part does not really succeed. Also for him it is not enough for a placement among the top 20.

Raphael Haaser (AUT)

Raphael Haaser holds after a few goals only with a lot of effort still in the race, but a little later, his run is actually ended prematurely, he is leaving.

Giovanni Borsotti (ITA)

Giovanni Borsotti is sometimes late with his turns, so he can not quite hold the ideal line. He takes over Rank 22.

Trevor Philp (CAN)

Trevor Philp makes a bigger mistake after a few goals, afterwards he continues hard. 2.24 second residue is currently playing place 21 in the tableau.

Adam Zampa (SVK)

For Adam Zampa, a big residue is also build up at the top, in the middle part he misses a gate and leaves.

Tommy Ford (USA)

A place behind it ranked 22 ranks Tommy Ford, who loses nine tenth in the last stretch sector.

Patrick Feurstein (AUT)

Also hard with the upper part of the course is Patrick Feurstein, who already returns 1.37 seconds after the second meantime. The Austrian strives to strive, but does not drive enough to train. 2.35 seconds behind will not be satisfied with him.

Atle Lie McGrath (NOR)

How does ATLE Lie McGrath do? The Norwegian chooses a brave line, but he loses 0.68 seconds after the second time measurement. Then he can do something to the ground, but it is no longer enough for more than 2nd place.

Rasmus Windingstad (NOR)

Also for Rasmus Windingstad it is not enough for a front placement after running 1. 1.76 seconds residue bring him in 14.

Marco black (AUT)

Also heavy with the course Marco Schwarz, who continues to protect the music throughout the music and is enough for it only for rank 17.

Erik Read (CAN)

The Canadian chooses a wide line and makes a lot of lying down, 16 he has stopped after his ride.

Thibaut Favrot (FRA)

Thibaut Favrot does not catch a good first run and find residue with 1.77 seconds.

Stefan Brennsteiner (AUT)

Stefan Brennsteiner completes the group of the first 15 drivers. The ÖSV runner does not get well on the track and is already 0.93 seconds back. In the shallows he then caught well and can still catch up powerfully! Five place is for him.

Lucas Braathen (NOR)

The Norwegian has several non-slip phases in his journey, but is still pretty fast on it. In front of the goal he does not really get his ski to run, he is new sixth.


Loic Meillard is heavy in the upper section of the route and is already over eight tenths. Then he stabilizes himself and can still operate reasonably damage. The goal is place nine.

Zan Kranjec (SLO)

The Slovene can first decrease his residue after the second time measurement following the goal, before the aim is not everything at his ride. He displaces Justin Murisier from rank five.

Justin Murisier (Sui)

Justin Murisier puts an overall ordinary run. Larger time losses in the upper middle part cost him a better starting position for the final than already rank five.

River Radamus (USA)

Further back in the Tableau River Radamus joins. The American already drives with a clear residue in the middle part, where he once twisted the upper body powerfully. 1.86 seconds residue in the finish and place nine lead with him to trouble.

Gino Caviezel (Sui)

The next very good time leaves Gino Caviezel. After a difficult start, the Swiss makes it very good and is at the finish only 0.32 seconds slower than the leading Marco or Matt.

Alexander Schmid (GER)

As the first DSV athlete beats? Schmid is well on track and is the same time as Marco Odermatt after the second time check! After that he must demolish something against the Swiss, but nevertheless the German the first run is really well d1. 0.22 seconds behind lead him in second place.

Henrik Kristoffersen (NOR)

The Norwegian travels usual brave and puts everything in its course. After the third time measurement it is almost the same time as Marco Odermatt go. After that, a little residue sums up three tenths behind the winner can not absolutely see anyway.

Mathieu Faivre (FRA)

Mathieu Faivre mastered the course with a technically responsive ride, lagging time-wise but somewhat behind. 1.06 seconds mortgage mean fourth.

Manuel Feller (AUT)

The first Austrian Ski Runner’s turn. Manuel Feller continues its edges sometimes a little too much, and disables the ski run as Marco Odermatt. 0.93 seconds behind bring him a second place.

Luca De Aliprandini (ITA)

The Italian lies down mighty in the curves and continues with this tactic long very well. Just before the finish he loses but the balance and slipped a long way down. This costs a lot of time, place two pop out for him.

Filip Zubcic (CRO)

Filip Zubcic does not find good on the course and is already nearly six tenths behind Marco Odmatt. After running it for him not much better, he just really do not get speed recorded. 2.12 seconds behind at the finish speak for themselves.

Marco Odermatt (SUI)

Now Marco Odermatt is already in line. The Swiss takes the French for the first time begin operation from already 0.22 seconds. The Swiss then goes further to fully train and is within the target significant 1.11 seconds ahead of Alexis Pinturault.

Alexis Pinturault (FRA)

The Frenchman opened the second giant slalom of the Lords of Kranjska Gora. Alexis Pinturault long doing well until he makes a major error in the lower part. After 1: 13.27 minutes, he crosses the finish line.

Alpine skiing: 2. the Giant Slalom in Kranjska Gora in Live Scores – Before the start

Before the start: The DSV is as represented by four athletes yesterday. Alexander Schmid was yesterday 14th and rises today as the eighth runner in the race 1. Julian Rauch foot (car number 38) resigned yesterday from the first round and will try to make it better today. Anton Grammel (50) and Fabian Gratz (52), however, reached the final of yesterday and today to the effect seek to repeat.

Before the start: Marco Odermatt, who is also in the overall World Cup topped his first run already graduated as a second driver. With Gino Caviezel, eleventh in yesterday’s giant slalom, followed by the next runner of Swiss-Ski teams starting position nine. A little later, are Justin Murisier (car number eleven) and Loic Meillard (13) to turn. Danielle Sette bears the start number 30, Thomas Tumler follows a little later than the 44th runner. Livio Simonet is the last Swiss starter with the start number 55 on the route.

Before the start: Manuel Feller, who was in this World Cup season already with three giant slaloms on the podium, with the starting number five as the first Austrian team runners turn. Stefan Brennsteiner yesterday in fifth place, followed by the 15 starters. Marco Black bears the number 18, Patrick Feurstein than 21 drivers in the series. Raphael Haaser plunges as 26 runners down the slope, Dominik Raschner bears the start number 36. Christian Borgnäs (car number 51) and Thomas Dorner (57) account for ÖSV view in the first round to the final.

Before the start: Yesterday’s first giant slalom in Kranjska Gora took the decision as to the winner of the discipline Rating: Marco Odermatt bagged by his second place, which he shared with Lucas Braathen, winning the giant slalom World Cup this winter. Henrik Kristoffersen could it despite his victory yesterday not change anything. For today’s victory come next to these three riders especially yesterday fourth-placed Loic Meillard and Alexis Pinturault in question, which was yesterday after the first round lead, but still slipped in the second race in eleventh place.

Before the start: Hello and a warm welcome to the Alpine Ski World Cup of Lords. Once in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia yesterday held a giant slalom, it is there today to a renewed strength in this discipline. It is the last race before the upcoming in the next week World Cup finals. The first run is equal to at 9:30 on the stage, the second passage follows 12:30.

Alpine skiing: 2. the Giant Slalom in Kranjska Gora today live on TV and live stream

Live and full length EUROSPORT shows the 2nd giant slalom of men in Kranjska Gora today in the Free TV. The transmissions start at the sports transmitter at 09.15 and 12.30 clock. The ard shows the first pass from 09.20 clock live in the free TV. The 2nd pass can be seen in ERsten from 14.05 in the summary.

Eurosport offers you with the paid EUROSPORT Player the possibility to experience the race in the LiveStream. The free livestream of the ARD can be found in the ARD -Mediathek or on the Sportschau-website.

Dazn shows the 2nd Giant Slalom of the gentlemen in Kranjska Gora today also live and fully in the LiveStream. Dazn takes over the transmission of EUROSPORT, so the transfer also starts at 09.15 pm 12.30 clock Dazn . Here is the offer of Dazn.

Ski Alpin: The Gentlemen World Cup at a glance

Rank Name Points
1 Marco Odmatt 1.319
2 Aleksander Aamodt Kilde 1,050
3 Matthias Mayer 836
4 Henrik Kristoffersen 774
5 Beat Feuz 734
6 Vincent Kreizmayr 640
7 Dominik Paris 622
8 Manuel Feller 591
9 Lucas Braathen 501
10 Niels Hintermann 492

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Ski Alpin: Giants of Gentlemen in Kranjska Gora now in the live ticker

As part of the Ski Alpine World Cup today, the giants of the gentlemen in Kranjska Gora takes place today. You can track the entire race here in the live ticker.

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Ski Alpin: Giants of the gentlemen in Kranjska Gora – the stand in the 1st passage

Ski Alpin: Giants of Gentlemen in Kranjska Gora

Place | Name | Time
1 | Alexis Pinturault | 1: 09.54
2 | Lucas Braathen | \ + 0.01
3 | Zan Kranjec | \ + 0.19

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Ski Alpin: Giants Law in Kranjska Gora now in the live ticker

Daniele Sette (Sui): No good appearance, on the other hand, by Daniele Sette, who does not find in the race at all. The Swiss coincides on the penultimate place and will probably have work for today.

Raphael Haaser (AUT): That the piste at least gives something to show the current times. Raphael Haaser can also go to the top 15, leaving residue with just under 1.4 seconds.

Trevor Philp (CAN): Philp is a little too late in the upper section, but at least slightly increases. The Canadian slides in front of McGrath on the 15th place.

Atle Lie McGrath (NOR): McGrath won on Wednesday the slalom race and occurs accordingly with a wide chest. After a weak start, after all, the Norwegian still pushes into the top 15.

Giovanni Borsotti (ITA): Place 19 for the Italian, which has a chance of the next run. Borsotti could save his run with a good middle part.

Adam Zampa (SVK): Shoulder to Adam Zampa. The Slovake is not bad in the final part, but loses in sum but over two seconds.

Patrick Feurstein (AUT): This will be tight in terms of passage number two! Feurstein is only in place with three seconds of residue.

Leif Kristian Nestvold haugen (NOR): The Norwegian tests new material, but will have to screw it. Almost three seconds behind are definitely too much.

Tommy Ford (USA): Already at the first meantime, Ford is missing 1.5 seconds. The start was anything but good. After that it gets a little better, but it is only enough to place 17.

Rasmus Windingstad (NOR): The first failure of the day goes to the account of Rasmus Windingstad. The Norwegian already has a patzer in the upper section and then misses a gate in the middle part.

Erik Read (CAN): 14th place is in the end for Read, which shows too little courage and therefore lands far back in the field. His time is likely to be enough for the second pass, where the Canadian must then attack.

Marco Black (AUT): No good rhythm in black, which keeps corrected again and again and so of course lies a lot of time. Almost three seconds behind are too much in any case.

Lucas Braathen (NOR): Strong appearance of Braathen, who is otherwise drawn attention especially in the slalom! The young Norwegian can not entirely push on the first place, but the residue of a hundredth is very very low.

Loic Meillard (Sui): Meillard drives a similar upper section like his teammate, but he does not really find his line afterwards. Finally, he must settle with the 13th place.

Justin Murisier (SUI): Already at the second meantime, the Swiss scarce has eight tenths of behind it, but he can then preserve it down to the finish. When Murizier can build on the second section of the second route in the second pass, it will continue to go forward.

Thibaut Favrot (FRA): That was nothing! Favrot is equal to two coarse carver and has 3.5 seconds behind. This is probably nothing with the second run.

FIS Alpine Ski World Cup - Men's Giant Slalom (Run 1) - Kranjska Gora SLO - 2022

Alexander Schmid (GER): Very solid run of the DSV starter, which is missing the last bit of courage to attack the front. Nonetheless, Schmid ranks in Seven place.

Gino Caviezel (SUI): No optimal start of Caviezel, which takes a long time to take care of the route. From the middle part it looks a bit better, but it is only enough for the ninth place.

River Radamus (USA): The American is not satisfied. Radamus has a lot of slippage and thus of course a lot of patrons, the valuable time costs.

Stefan Brennsteiner (AUT): Even Brennsteiner chooses a close line, but lets the ski run more than his teammate. Five place and, above all, the small residue of 35 dungeons is absolutely fine.

Manuel Feller (AUT): No good line of Feller driving too across the poles and gets very slipping. In the final part, it gets a little better, a second behind is still not satisfactory from his point of view.

Marco Odmatt (SUI): No optimal start from the favorites, which also does not find the optimal line as a result. Space number five is not satisfactory, but the time spacing with four tenths but still in the frame.

Zan Kranjec (SLO): The first local matador goes to the slopes, but can only use his home advantage. His run is largely solid and because he can rest a spout in the final portion, it is sufficient for second place.

Filip Zubcic (CRO): Less satisfied, however, Filip Zubcic is now. The Kroat is always a hint of too late. These little mistakes add up in just under 1.3 seconds behind and place number four.

Alexis Pinturault (FRA): Very good appearance of Pinturault, who often had his problems this winter. Especially in the flax, the Frenchman is good on the road and secures the lead.

Mathieu Faivre (FRA): No good appearance of FAVIVRE, which apparently gives too much edge pressure and thus loses a lot of time. Of course, the Frenchman can not be satisfied with almost two seconds.

Luca de Aliprandini (ITA): In the steep piece, the Italian uses his cause well before he lets in the flat piece time. Finally, it is enough for a tight guidance from the perspective of the Italian.

Henrik Kristoffersen (NOR): The Norwegian had set the first run at the slalom on Wednesday still in the sand before he started in the second round. However, in this case, Kristoffersen also succeeds a good first run, as well as the next runners will show.

Ski Alpin: Giantslalom of the gentlemen in Kranjska Gora now in Liveticker – Start 1. Pass

Before starting: Manuel Feller is currently walking behind Odermatt on the second rank in the Giant Slalom World Cup. That it is enough for the victory, the Austrian will not think that, however, what his good season should not be reduced. From ÖSV view, however, is not satisfactory that otherwise no Austrian is among the best 15 drivers. Only on the 17 with Roland Leitinger follows the next driver from the Alpine Republic.

Before starting: From a German point of view, the responsibility for World Cuppoints in the Giant Lalom will depend mainly on Alexander Schmid this winter. Schmid ranks at the 12 Riesenslalom World Cup on the 12 and was still on a place under the best ten. Second best German is Julian Smoke foot with only 19 World Cuppieces.

Before starting: There are still two giant slaloms and even the World Cup Finanes are still to drive, the World Cup in this discipline is not yet officially decided. However, the small crystal ball probably does not pass Marco Odmatt. The Swiss has already 219 points lead and will not be able to take the whole thing anymore. Anyway, the Eidgenchen are well positioned, with Justin Murisier, Loic MeilLard and Gino Caviezel are three more drivers among the best 13 this winter.

Before starting: The 1st passage starts today at 09.30 clock. A little later at 12.30 clock begins the final in Kranjska Gora.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the Livesticker of the Giant Slalom of Gentlemen in Kranjska Gora.

Ski Alpin: Giants of Gentlemen in Kranjska Gora today live on TV and Livestream

Live and full length you can track the giant slalom of the gentlemen in Kranjska Gora on Eurosport in Free TV. The sportsender starts his transfer at 09.15 and 12.15 clock. From 09.20 you can see the 1st passage live in the ard. The 2nd passage shows the public service channel from 13.45 clock in a summary.

Eurosport offers you with the paid Eurosport player the possibility to look the race in the Livestream. In the ARD -Mediathek and on the sports show website you will also find the free LiveStream of the ARD.

Dazn also shows the giant slalom of the gentlemen in Kranjska Gora live and full length in the Livestream. Dazn takes over the transmission of EUROSPORT. So you see the race at Dazn also live from 09.15 and 12.15. Here is the offer of Dazn.

Ski Alpin: The Gentlemen World Cup at a glance

Place Name Points
1 Marco Odmatt 1,239
2 Aleksander Aamodt Kilde 1,050
3 Matthias Mayer 836
4 Beat Feuz 734
5 Henrik Kristoffersen 674
6 Vincent Kreizmayr 640
7 Dominik Paris 622
8 Manuel Feller 562
9 Niels Hintermann 492
10 Alexis Pinturault 467

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