Bavaria: Salihamidzic criticizes Lewandowski

Uli Hoeneß once called him “Piranha”, and Hasan Salihamidzic is also not good to speak of Pini Zahavi: The consultant who had threaded David Alaba’s relegation -free switch to Real Madrid last year wants to with Robert Lewandowski the next prominent client from FC Bayern lure away.

Will Robert Lewandowski be forced to stay at Bayern Munich?! | ESPN FC

“He has a consultant who twists his head who has twisted his head all year round. And that’s just not clean,” said Salihamidzic on Sunday in the “Sport1 double Pass” about Lewandowski and Zahavi.

not a specific offer for Lewandowski? Salihamidzic contradicts

The sports director rejected reports that the Bavarians on the Lewandowski page would not have made a specific offer to extend the contract. “It is very clear that he got an offer with the term and with the sum,” said Salihamidzic, who also suspects Zahavi as the author of other reports. “If he has worn it outside, that’s unfortunate.”

Salihamidzic, announced a week ago by CEO Oliver Kahn, also confirms Salihamidzic: “Lewa has a contract until summer next year, and he will also fulfill it.” That is “very clear”. “The most important thing for us is that with the most important player we have a contract that many clubs in Europe would like to have.” Lewandowski enjoys “greatest appreciation” in Munich.

Above all, the FC Barcelona is building around the 33-year-old FIFA world footballer. Salihamidzic left unanswered whether there is actually a specific offer for the Catalans: “We don’t want to discuss this in public.”

FC Bayern threatens to restless summer

Despite the tenth championship title in a row, FC Bayern threatens the most restless summer in a long time. With Robert Lewandowski and Serge Gnabry, two well-known stars could leave the German football record champion. There are also discussions about Robert Lewandowskis director Hasan Salihamidzic.

Uli Hoeneß once jokingly referred to himself as “mother Teresa” himself, alluding to the Indian nurse, who died in 1997, who acquired a (now frequently questioned) image of the unconditional benefactor and even won the Nobel Peace Prize for the arms of Kalkutta.

Last Sunday, the former manager, President and Supervisory Council leader of FC Bayern, slipped into the role of a lion mother who defends her young.

Hoeneß ‘”Jung”, that is Hasan Salihamidzic, Robert Lewandowskis director of the club and protege of the long -time maker, which he installed in 2017 as a Robert Lewandowskis director in the management team and with which he is still to be in constant exchange today.

Robert Lewandowski wants OUT of Bayern: Could he be Barcelona bound?! | ESPN FC

FC Bayern: Criticism of “Hetzjagd” on Hasan Salihamidzic

A “hunt” on the ex-professional of the Munich team is currently taking place in the media, complained Hoeneß and opposed the increasingly louder criticism of Salihamidzic’s transfer policy.

This is “not solely responsible for the new additions to FC Bayern,” said Hoeneß. “Only one is always picked up. When we won six titles, I didn’t hear any who called ‘Hasan, Hasan’. Now that we don’t win the Champions League, now he’s to blame. That can’t be. “

Displeasant journalists, as far as the Hoeneß’s rage and defense speech went, the association should even “deny access to the Blessed Sacrament on Säbener Straße.

pressure on Hasan Salihamidzic “Brutal”

In fact, it is fired in many places and almost all pipes on Salihamidzic if you want to stay in the usual speech of Robert Lewandowskis reporting.

“Salihamidzic fights for his job”, called “Bild” and stated that the pressure on the 45-year-old waxes in the face of many unfortunate decisions in the past few months.

The “Süddeutsche Zeitung” also warned “clear decisions” of the Bayern bosses. Salihamidzic is primarily challenged.

And the medically almost omnipresent national player Lothar Matthäus has been criticizing his former teammate for some time. The 61-year-old even talked to Borussia Mönchengladbach’s ex-manager Max Eberl a possible successor.

FC Bayern lets Robert Lewandowski fidget

In particular, the Causa Robert Lewandowski falls in front of the feet of Salihamidzic, which is of course primarily responsible for personnel planning.

For a long time, those responsible had the second best goal scorer of the history of FC Bayern fidgeted in terms of contract extension. It is also reported that they tried intensively to sign from Erling Haaland until the end.

It was only at the end of April that there was a first conversation by Salihamidzic and CEO Oliver Kahn with Lewandowski’s consultant Pini Zahavi, but apparently it was rather without obligation about the club’s ideas for the 33 -year -old Poland.

“Statement against statement” at FC Bayern

In any case, after the last Bundesliga game at VfL Wolfsburg (2-2), Lewandowski made it clear at the “Sky” microphone that he “received no offer” from FC Bayern – and wanted to leave Munich this summer.

Before the game, Salihamidzic had also made the change of exchange of professionals courted by FC Barcelona for the first time. However, he spoke of the fact that Lewandowski rejected an offer from the association – a classic case of “statement against statement”.

The fans of FC Bayern made it clear a few hours later on which side they are in the conflict.

On Saturday evening on Saturday evening at the title party overture in the beer garden on the Nockherberg, several hundred supporters Salihamidzic whistled loudly. For Lewandowski, on the other hand, there was “Lewy, Lewy” response choirs.

The Munich “Abendzeitung” recently reported that the consent for Salihamidzic was welding for Salihamidzic. The Bosnian’s advocate is therefore smaller. An extension of his contract expiring in 2023 has not yet been an issue, an early separation is possible.

Uli Hoeneß ‘influence protects Hasan Salihamidzic – still

How realistic this scenario really is is questionable. Hoeneß officially no longer holds an operational office at FC Bayern.

Through his seat on the supervisory board and his services to the club, his influence behind the scenes should be sufficient to keep his hand protectively over Salihamidzic – at least for the time being.

Because if the controversial Robert Lewandowskis director once again does not prove a happy hand when regulating the Lewandowski heir, his chair could really be wiggling.

Serge Gnabry before the FC Bayern departure?

Especially in the shadow of the many discussions about the future of the goal getter, another personnel question for early clarification requires that after the future of Serge Gnabry.
The national player’s contract at FC Bayern also expires in the summer of 2023.
Talks about an extension have been running for months.
However, there is still “disagreements” between the parties, as club president Herbert Hainer revealed on Sunday in the “Doppelpass” of “Robert Lewandowski1”.
In plain language: Gnabry demands more salary than FC Bayern wants to pay him.
If there is still no agreement, the club leadership does not want to go to his last contract year with the 26-year-old, but this summer does not want to go with the 26-year-old.
Salihamidzic therefore threaten other squad conversions – and FC Bayern restless weeks.
Tobias Knoop

FC Bayern | Lewandowski poker: Barca whistles on Brazzo

FC Barcelona continues to strive for a transfer from world footballer Robert Lewandowski. Although those responsible for FC Bayern have already ruled out a change of the superstar in the summer of 2022, the Spaniards hope to bring the coup to the roof and subject.

If you believe the statements of Bayerns director Hasan Salihamidzic and ex-President Uli Hoeneß, Robert Lewandowski will continue to bear FC Bayern’s jersey in the coming season. Both in the past few days in front of the TV cameras that the record champion would not let the Poles go.

“I definitely rule out that Lewandowski is leaving the club in summer,” said Salihamidzic at “Sky”. Hoeneß agreed in the “BR” interview and said: “I am 100 % assuming that Robert Lewandowski will play at Bayern next year. Because he has a contract.”

Barcelona Sodorkan Kontrak 4 Tahun pada Robert Lewandowski

At FC Barcelona you don’t see the matter so clearly. The Barca bosses are still convinced that they have a chance of Lewandowski. Despite the Dementi from Munich in the poker around the Poles, the top Spanish club does not give up, among other things “transfer expert” Fabrizio Romano.

FC Bayern threatens tough Lewandowski poker

The journalist writes that the superstar continues to enjoy priority at FC Barcelona. The Barca managers are said to have worked out two different contract models: a three-year contract and a two-year contract with an option to another. However, it was still very early not to expect a timely decision.

The newspaper “Bayern”, meanwhile, reports that Lewandowski consultant Pini Zahavi had met with both Bayern managers and the Barca bosses to have initial discussions. It is not clear how these assumed. However, the newspaper also writes that it is still a long way to go until the final decision.

FC Bayern Munich, News and Rumors: Salihamidzic Knowing Weidenfeller

Hasan Salihamidzic does not want to be bad to the master celebration of the FCB. Robert Lewandowski will be part of a very special honor and the scorer used the attention for a political message. All news and rumors around the FC Bayern can be found here.

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FC Bayern, News: Hasan Salihamidzic counters Roman Weidenfeller

At SKY90 were on Sunday, among others, Ex-BVB-Keeper Roman Weidenfeller and Bayern-Sportschef Hasan Salihamidzic were guests. Weidenfeller then tried to bother a bit when he claimed Robert Lewandowski had left the master celebration of Bayern again very early.

Will Bayern Munich renew Neuer, Muller & Lewandowski’s contracts? | Bundesliga | ESPN FC
Salihamidzic ‘replica on this: “I can not say anything about that, I have no idea. I was at another table and can only say that the mood was top.”

FC Bayern, News: Great Honor for Robert Lewandowski

Immediately after the profit of the German Championship Robert Lewandowski has retracted the next “title”. The Pole was awarded the special price on Sunday at the Laureus Awards in the category “Exceptional Services”.

Thus, the jury Lewandowski’s record season 2020/21, when the scorer had broken the record of Gerd Müller with 41 hits.

“It really means a lot to be recognized and appreciated by so wonderful people, athletes and legends from around the world of sports. It has a very special meaning for me as a sportsman and as a human,” said Lewandowski.

Here is the detailed news.

Rumors: FCB negotiates with wisher – Brazzo reveals current stand

FC Bayern, News: Lewandowskis Peacepell

Laureus awards also took Lewandowski for the occasion to once again send a haunting political embassy. “Professional port is a great passion and joy, but not only fun. With the success comes the responsibility. Nelson Mandela said: ‘Sport has the strength to change the world.’ Let’s remember and repeat this message loudly, especially these days in which innocent people die in Ukraine. There is no sport without peace. “

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