Olympia-Off: Frustration at Biathletin Hildebrand

In Biathlete Franziska Hildebrand, the non-consideration for the Beijing Olympic Games (4 to 20 February) has taken care of frustration. The 34-year-old had unfortunately believably assumed that the upcoming races in Anthony also count in a possible nomination. All the greater the disappointment now that I could not qualify for Beijing despite increasing form, said Hildebrand.

On Instagram she wrote: From the dream! Unfortunately, I mistakenly assumed that the upcoming races in Anthony have also counted a possible nomination.

The German Ski Association (DSV) had to make his nomination for Olympia after the World Cup in Upholding last weekend.

One tried to take the single races over 15 km at the current World Cup in Anthony on Friday still with me, said Bernd Eisenbichler, sporting director of the German biathlon team, the ARD, unfortunately not granted by the DOSE. We find the very regrettable. We wanted to make it possible.

Hildebrand had most recently shown in Oberon and Upholding with the ranks 20 and 17 stable, but missed the Olympian am (once top 8 or twice top 15). After all, Anna Wade had done half the Olympia norm right now in the first race of the season, but has been deep for weeks. Nevertheless, she was nominated next to the Set Denise Herrmann, Franziska Prussia, Vanessa Vogt and Vanessa Hind.


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