Reddit wants to include NFTs and thus they would work

Last week it was announced that Twitter was already beginning to experiment with the idea of ​​implementing NFTs within the platform, and it seems that Reddit was inspired by this idea because these popular Internet forums also have Intentions, in some future, incorporate NFTs to be used as profile photos.

According to a report of TechCrunch, Reddit has already started trying this new function internally, which would allow users to use an NFT as an avatar. However, the idea is still in very early stages of its development, and we do not know when, or if it is one day it would be implemented on the platform. TIM RATHSCHMIDT , spokesman of Reddit , said the following about it:

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“We are always exploring ways to provide value to users and communities on Reddit. At this moment we are trying the possibility of using NFTS as profile photos (avatars) and verifying the property. It is a small internal test and no decision has been made about expansion or deployment. “

However, this would not be the first time Possible way, so they again want to tempt the waters to see how it works this time.

Editor’s note: One would think that Reddit would be one of the platforms where the NFTS business could have a better chance, but it seems not. At this point, it is clear that users of this community have no interest in the NFTs of the platform, and if the first time did not work, I do not understand why they would try again.