Google suffers explosion in your data center

In the Internet world altercations are usually very frequent, this with the fall of web pages due to the traffic of people who want to enter to read a blog and more commonly for buying tickets from entertainment or specific products. And something not very common was reported recently, since there was an important explosion in the Google data center.

The altercation occurred yesterday August 8 in this center located in Omaha, Iowa . And three of the electricians who were working at the facilities suffered wounds, so they were transferred to ** Nebraska Medical Center., confirmed that the lifeguards were sent at 11:59 a.m.

Google really fallen right now?!? Or is it just a problem of mine? #GOOGLEDOWN

This accident caused the fall of much of the servers, so many users reported their views, since both the Google browser and the search engine were not working stable. Other applications such as YouTube gave some problems, but not as many as web pages and locations in Maps .

This is what the spokesman for Google mentioned:


We are aware of an electrical incident in the Google Data Center in Council Bluffs, Iowa, hurting three people in the place. The health and safety of all workers is our absolute priority, and we are working in close collaboration with our local companies and local authorities to thoroughly investigate the situation.

The anime Our Dawn about the boy, the robot and the alien ship will be shown in October. In the meantime, the teaser

A earlier anime Our Dawn (Bokura No Yoake) fell on the Internet ahead of time. On it you can see the main characters based on the manga of Imai Tetsui History and the date of the premiere. Following, another teaser ripened, already officially.

Savatari Yuma studies in primary school and is fond of astronomy. Events unfolded in 2049, and the land will soon find a collision with a comet. Once, the boy received a Nanako robot as a gift-only an alien ship suddenly connects to the housewife systems and asks for the help of Home.

The film was announced in March, works on it Zero-G, on the second roles, which has put a hand in many popular anime. The script was written by Sato Dai (Cowboy Bibop, Ghost in Armor: Single Syndrome), Yoshid Takahiko (Cells at work) is responsible for the design of the characters, and Yokoyama Masaru (Fruit basket) is responsible for the music).


Our Dawn will be released in Japan in October.

A trial in internet archives endangers the background of the game

The National Emergency Library consisted of a short-lived effort that made more than a million digital books available cost free during the pandemic, which evidently activated the test of the Internet archives. Internet archives are the only globe record on the net and incorporate far more than literary works as well as games, the trial threatening all archived media. Given all the media archived on the internet archive, it is essential that a huge component continues to be undamaged, but this lawsuit might produce a precedent that would change it forever.

A trial was brought against the Internet archive on his national emergency library and he intimidates the background of the game, the open collection, the advertising archives of political television as well as various other unusual ephemerals. Several classic games cataloged via the internet archive are always readily available on Steam, yet many can be shed in time if this trial establishes a brand-new previous one.

Internet archives host around 15,000 PC games and also greater than 6,900 MS-DOS video games, including emulators based on a navigator for historical video games and also odd independent tasks, which might all be impacted by this trial. Some games that belong to the Internet archives consist of Ruin, Halo, Quake, Battlefield, Sim City, Command & Conquer to name just a couple of. Most of these video games exist anywhere else as well as have been cataloged as well as maintained with the help of donors, sponsors, novices and AI staff. This collection of games could be impacted by the test, although that it was originally set off by an initiative which aimed to urge more people to check out.

What archived games did you delight in at the time? Let us know in the comments below!

Whether there is sex in minecraft sex

On the Internet there are unofficial rules that most people know about. Rule 34 says that if something exists, then there should be porn about it. Does this apply to mods for video games? How popular should the game be before sex modes appear in it? Are there games that are considered prohibited for sex models? How about minecraft?

is there adult mods in minecraft?

Long and short of this yes , Minecraft has adult mods. The main part of these mods is skins that can be downloaded and used. These skins depict characters to varying degrees of separation. In addition, there are mods that add genitals and chest characters and mobs.

Those who are more ambitious can try mods such as Jenny Mod, which create a virtual girl in a popular survival game. There are other mods, such as The Kidnap Mod, which allow players to bind themselves and others. From there, devices such as the oars and the imagination of the players enter the work.


It would seem that there is no holy land, and if there is a demand for something obscene, someone will fill the void. This does not mean that with these mods or those that they like, something is wrong. People play games for various reasons. All we ask for is that if these mods are used, they should be stored away from children.

To learn more about minecraft, read the section Where to find Echo fragments in Minecraft in Pro game guides.

Naughty Dogs job offers suggest a future PS5 game

Internet is full of speculation about information that can be drawn from recent job offers at Naughty Dog. Gamespot assumed that the program of Tools Programming indicated that they were working on a new PS5 game. They quoted the reference to “work on our next generation graphics” in addition as supporting this. For me, it looks like industry jargon. But there are imperative reasons to suspect that this position is in favor of the PS5. First of all, the position is for the ICE team, which, according to the list of jobs, focuses on PlayStation technology. Second, one of the responsibilities of the position is to “design a new user interface for a graphic performance analysis tool”. The user interface is the abbreviation of User Interaction, so the work of the tool programmer would be to create a user -friendly tool for the programming team in order to analyze graphic performance. The PS4 was released in 2013, so it seems very unlikely that they need a new tool for the development of the PS4. I think it is sure to say that this confirms that this position is for PS5.

Since PS5 should be released this year, we should expect Naughty Dog to move its production on PS5. So, now the question for a million dollars is to know which Naughty Dog games is planning? Neil Druckmann, creative director and vice-president of Naughty Dogs, said that the next big version would probably be The Last of Us 3 or a new project. It would be logical to make their first new version on PS5 something that will be a guaranteed success like The Last of Us 3. and I would count on PlayStation to put pressure on all their developers so that they focus on the main titles to sell The new console. But my instinct is on a new project. Based on Neil Druckmann’s Fil Twitter, his creative motivation seems to tell difficult stories that resonate with contemporary problems. A cry so fast, may not be enough.

Everything Naughty Dog is Releasing in 2022

The job offers for Level / Environmental Designer (Single Player) and Melee / Gameplay Animator point to a solo action game. AI Programmed (Game Team) displayed a job offer that has seen less speculation. Personally, this publication excites me the most. Artificial intelligence programmers are the driving force behind the narrative games that use actions in the game to connect the narration convincingly. In support of this theory, there is also a publication for character concept artist who “strives to create convincing and anchored characters who integrate perfectly into the constructions of the narrative worlds (Naughty Dog)”.

Whatever they plan, something should come out soon. Four of the assignments for the Arts Department concerned the development of advanced stadium and temporary positions. It looks like they are refining a project for its release. This could be for an outing of the game for PS4, but given the imminent release date of the PS5, I would expect a big game for the new console and the holidays. Do you think it all suggests? Let us know in the comments below.

China is prohibited from streaming of unauthorized games

The National Wave Exhibition of the National Wave exhibition was announced on April 15, that it is prohibited to broadcast unauthorized games. The National Wave Exhibition The General Bureau of the Exhibition of Gwangmun is divided in 2018, with a team of TV, radio and Internet broadcasting. This announcement that the announcement of the National Wave Exhibition and the Exhibition Board of China Communist Party, and the US Communist Party, said that it was announced in conjunction with the linkage of the Korea Communist Party.

China's new regulations on Gaming (disturbing)

This notice is not just to limit the broadcast of streams. It is impossible for online games that are not approved by the Organizing Department in various Internet audiovisual programs such as web drama, web entertainment, internet live broadcasting, and short video.

In addition, existing game broadcasting contents are also restricted. Each Internet streaming platform, especially the game streaming platform should be maintained by linking the management program associated with comment reviews and chatting on content installation or promotions. In Article 3, the Games Casters and Comments will behave to behave so that they will not behave in accordance with the breeze, and the streams have been emphasized to take over the flashing hobbies and their activities to broadcast.

In addition, it has been regulated not only, but also the game, as well as the game, but also the game, as well as prohibiting the appearance of the live broadcast and streamer broadcasting of criminals and to avoid streaming of the streamer. Here, the Internet streaming platform required a separate measure of a separate measure to refund the mature program installation and real name system for minor protection, and a minor’s doodulation prohibition and minors were conducted.

In addition, the classification review reporting system will be strictly applied to Internet streaming. The National Wave Exhibition The General Department of Exhibition and the Central Shenzhen should report to the Games Live Streaming at this announcement, and each Internet streaming platform specifies that if you want to live overseas games or games, you must have permission to be permitted.

Sony errors with PS3 continue to stalk the PlayStation ecosystem

More than 15 years after the launch of PlayStation 3 for the first time, the Sony decisions made with the console continue to torment the PlayStation brand. Sony revealed this week that it would review your PlayStation Plus subscription service to allow users to access more games in the history of PlayStation. This new games library will include almost all PlayStation platforms with a series of securities available to natively download PS5 and PS4. However, PS3 games in service can only be experienced if they are played through transmission, which obviously requires an Internet connection. Although this is something that PS NOW subscribers have become accustomed for years, the lack of compatibility with previous versions of PS3 in PS5 only makes Sony’s pallor services compared to competition.

The Problems with the PlayStation Ecosystem

If you do not know why PS3 remains a problem for Sony with regard to compatibility with earlier versions, the problem lies in the structure of the console. At that time, Sony was trying to open new paths with PS3 and built the platform on the basis of cell processing architecture. And while this structure for the console caused the games to be technically more impressive at that time, it also created a lot of other problems. Some external developers not only fought with the migration of games to PS3 when the platform still existed, but the unique way that the games run on the console also caused Sony not to add compatible features with versions prior to PS4 or PS5.

Because of this problem, the only way Sony has found a way to make PS3 games can be played on the modern PlayStation hardware is through the transmission. Not only is it something that subscribers have to pay to use, but it is also a solution that is based solely on the Internet. And since Internet connectivity around the world is not as reliable as in some Western markets, this is not a good solution in any way.

Compared to Xbox, Sony’s continuous problems with compatibility with earlier versions seem a purple eye in PlayStation in general. In recent years, Microsoft has found a way to make the titles dating back to Xbox ONE and Xbox Series X. In fact, Xbox and Xbox 360 physical games can still be placed on a Xbox Series X at this time and work as they would have in the original hardware. Not to mention that Xbox has even added graphic updates and performance to these ancient games. This is something that PlayStation fans (including myself) have been dying to see on PS5 for quite some time. Instead, the best thing that Sony seems to continue doing in response is to ask users to pay an annual subscription only to make past games a little more convenient to play.

Probably the most annoying of Sony’s persistent problems with PS3’s retraction is that PS3 was a fantastic console in general. The library of the platform was excellent and contained classics as The last of us, infame, Engagement Solid metal 4, and many more. Even though several titles of this catalog have been remastered or moved to another place, it is frustrating to see that the games of this time become much more difficult to visit again as the years go by. After all, who wants to have a ps3 connected to your television in 2022?

The new version of Sony from PlayStation Plus is not frankly horrible in any way. For those who want to play some Great Playstation games of yesteryear (and have a good Internet connection), it’s great to see that Sony is now making those titles a little more accessible. Even so, if it were not for the decisions that were taken with the PS3 about two decades ago, the current PlayStation ecosystem could be much better as a result.

5 letter words starting with S: Wordle notes and hints

_ Wordl _ has an immense widespread Internet popularity and this popularity seems to be able to continue. There are many players who do not like to search the words of the day and immediately get the answer, some prefer to get some hints for certain letters, whatever you like. This guideline item shows some Wordle tips for all words starting with the letter s. Starting with very simple words that are sometimes thrown up to more complex words, for whose development they normally need a thesaurus. If you recently seen the word “epoxy”, you know what I mean!

The word of the day for tomorrow will have a ‘s’ as an initial letter, so it will certainly help you to know some words that begin with your venture to find the right word. Your main note for the word is that there is no double letters and it is something that can be found in most animals. In terms of some words starting with the letter s, there are:

SCHUAGE – just means to cleanse or brighten something, “I’ll cycouse my table today”

Skull – Part of a skeleton that protects the brain and give it an outer shell, “This skull has been there for centuries”
sulfo – contains chemically sulfur, “there is a sulfo group in this structure”
Coule – can be defined as an arrogant person or another colloquial term for the nose.
SPREE – Normally associated with maintaining a specific action, “Make a noise!”

There are some words for you as evidence of what the main word could be chosen for the morning, they will probably be able to get the word faster than the infamous “epoxy” word recently.

_ Wordl _ is available now.

Solving Wordle using information theory

Attack of the fanboys / play guide / 5-letter words starting with S: Wordle notes and hints

PS4 players just got a great gift

PS4 players have just received a great gift, courtesy of PlayStation and one of the most popular transmission subscription services on the Internet. Until now, the gift is exclusive for PS4 and PS4 Pro, which means that if you are in PS5, you are not lucky, although PS plus subscribers have just obtained one of the most popular games of all time free.. However, this new gift of PS4 does not require PS Plus. If you have not seen it yet, for a limited time, all PS4 users can get a limited time subscription to Apple TV + free, without ties. That said, although there are entry barriers, those who take advantage of this offer will want to be diligent, otherwise, the free subscription can quickly become a recurring payment.

At any time between now and July 22, 2022, all PS4 users can get three months from the subscription service that normally costs $ 5 per month, which provides a $ 15 savings. To redeem this “extended test access”, you need a PSN ID and an Apple ID. That’s it. If you decide to take advantage of this offer, be sure to cancel it after three months have passed, as it will be renewed automatically. Meanwhile, if you are an active member, you can not use this to add three months to your subscription, and if you have been a subscriber in the past, it will not work either. This is only for new subscribers.

If you are still interested, locate the Apple TV application in the TV and video section of your console, if you still do not have it downloaded. Once downloaded, open it and follow the instructions on the screen, which will indicate you log in with your Apple ID or create one if you do not have 1. And that is.

I FOUND the first $100 PSN CODE GLITCH in 2022 (PSN CODES)

Apple TV is widely known for its original content as ted Lasso, the morning program, trying, _ and s _ee and foundation. That said, it also has unreal content, such as _grinch transmission rights.

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Elden Ring Player creates a version in the game of Samuel L. Jackson of Pulp Fiction

Anillo de Elden has been setting on the Internet fire since it was launched at the end of last week. Fans not only try to collaborate with each other to learn all the biggest secrets of the game, but some simply try to get some advice to deal with the head of opening. And although much of the approach that surrounds anillo de Elden has been with respect to its playability and open world, some players are giving us a better idea of ​​how good the character’s creator is.

In a new publication in the anillo of Elden_Subreddit today, a user with the name U / Massiive3 ended sharing his own character in the game that was inspired by the Beloved Actor Samuel L. Jackson. Specifically, the design of this character that the user chose was inspired by the appearance of Jackson in the film. _Fictment of the pulp, where he has been wearing long hair. «Di incredible chest ahead one more time, son of a bitch! I challenge you, I challenge you double! » He said of the photo of the publication that was shared in the subnetdit, in allusion to a famous phrase that Jackson pronounces in fillet of the pulp.

Samuel L. Jackson Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

Samuel L Jackson of Pulp Fiction “Steak” di cofre Amazing ahead one more time, son of a bitch! You challenge you, I challenge you double! ” from

Not long after being published, this creation of the character of Samuel L. Jackson jumped to the top of the anillo of Elden Subreddit. Many users began to praise creation as one of the best they had seen so far since the launch of anillo de Elden. Others asked how they could end up doing the same character for them. Fortunately, the Creator ended up sharing a video showing his own sliding controls in the game for others to duplicate the appearance. That video can be found here if you are interested

If you are looking to collect Anillo from Elden at this time, you can currently do it on PlayStation, Xbox and PC platforms. And if you want to listen to our own opinion about the game, you can consult our review here.

Have you been playing anillo de Elden for yourself since it was released last week? And if so, did you create a character who resembled anyone from the real world? Let me know in the comments or send me a message on Twitter a @ mooreman12.