Government wants to control English professional football more

The new authority should be able to punish clubs that break financial rules and other regulations as the BBC reported on Monday. In addition, there should be a new test for potential club owners from takeover, and fans should receive more say.

With the innovations, the government reacts to sharp criticism of recent developments as the initially failed introduction of a Super League, the acquisition of the first division Newcastle United by a Saudi state fund or financial problems with second division Derby County. It follows proposals of an independent expert commission under the leadership of the former sports State Secretary Tracey Crouch. For the summer, the government announced a white paper. It should also be a “Golden Share” at saying of the fans of fundamental questions such as coats of arms, stadium and jersey.

Unclear timeframe for legal change

Crouch praised governance announcement in conversation with the news agency PA as “enormous step forward”. At the same time, she criticized the unclear timeframe for a legal change is “worrying”. “Further delays could be catastrophic for clubs, communities and fans aimed at a protected and safe regulatory environment,” Crouch said. Urgently necessary is an agreement between the Premier League and the English Football League, which is responsible for the second to fourth league, a redistribution of billions of revenue.

25. April 202205: 43 minutes

Weekly Weekly Drive from 25.4.2022

Bayern Munich is masters for the tenth time in a row Master, Werder Bremen wins sovereign on Schalke, the THM Kiel wins the DHB Cup

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Week 2 - Zoom Class Meeting for English 1C
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Also a boss stands for Hütters youth program

The player change against Mainz in the 63rd playing minute gave a taste of how the future should look like at Borussia Mönchengladbach. The only 21-year-old Conor boss dissolved on the course the now 33-year-old captain Lars Stindl. It was the second Bundesliga insert for the young man who has been the jersey of the foal since 2009.

Eleven ball contacts, six of eight passes come on

And boss came in the middle of the main driving phase, the youngster may valuable as a trust of his coach. “It was a bold decision to bring a young player with Conor Nos,” said Adi Hütter and found, the Bundesliga newcomer had “his thing very well”. Although the team also remained with a boss on the offensive position without the hoped-for relief and thus under continuous pressure. For the newcomer, eleven ball contacts were recorded until the final whistle. He brought six of the eight passed passports to the teammate.

It was a bold decision to bring a young player with Conor boss.

Adi Hütter

Hütter rings the future

One of the very few positive achievements of Gladbach’s crisis season is certainly that Hütter has set a rejuvenation process. With Manu Koné (20), Joe Scally (19), Luca Netz (18), Jordan Beyer (21) or the boss rise by the second team, the head coach has already ushered in the future. On this way it will continue in Gladbach. Get external top talents for Borussia, integrating and promoting their own junior players – these two pillars in the cadre compilation will be significantly strengthened again in the future.

NOSS: “Getting positive feedback again and again”

Also on a boss, who celebrated his debut in the Irish U-21 national team last year, the hopes rest. The first Bundesliga experiences are made after the premiere against Greuther Fürth (4: 0) in November and on Sunday against Mainz. Maybe at the last six matchdays, a few departure minutes are added. “I feel the trust of the coaching team and have always received good feedback in the past few weeks,” says the offensive man.

The use against Mainz is “a reward for the hard work I invest day by day,” said so. “I was well prepared and I was very happy that I received the chance.”

03. April 202205: 20 minutes

Borussia Mönchengladbach Weekly Drive from 3.4.2022

RB Leipzig wins clearly in the top game at BVB, Wolfsburg’s Football Women’s Finished Bayern Munich, SG Flensburg-Handewitt must be asked for Champions League qualification

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What Does Ttwb Stand For?


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We are not surprised: Kahn relaxed to Freiburgs objection

“We are not surprised that the SC Freiburg appealed. The matter is now in the hands of the sports facility, which we fully trust,” said CEO Oliver Kahn on Monday night on a request of the German Press Agency (DPA).

At the 4-1 victory of Bavaria in Freiburg, twelve players of the record champion were briefly on the field, as the wrong back number was displayed for the replacement of Kingsley Coman. After a few seconds, this was corrected, something decisive happened in the phase.

03. April 202205: 20 minutes

German Press Weekly Drive from 3.4.2022

RB Leipzig wins clearly in the top game at BVB, Wolfsburg’s Football Women’s Finished Bayern Munich, SG Flensburg-Handewitt must be asked for Champions League qualification

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Madeline Kahn - You'd Be Surprised!
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After two days, the Freiburg has now decided to appeal. “We are convinced that the DFB Sports Court can only come into a decision according to the applicable regulations: the rating of our 4: 1 victory will receive”, says Michael Gerlinger, Vice President Sports Business and Competitions.

Also read: Objection due to change errors: The Freiburg opinion in the wording

Danny Röhl a guest at Premier League meets Dazn

With the beginning of 30 Danny Röhl already has an extremely noteworthy CV: Co trainer in two top clubs of the Bundesliga, in the Premier League – and now at the German national team. Since last year, Röhl is Hansi Flick assistant and responsible for the analysis.

In the current episode “Premier League meets Dazn” Röhl now gives his first detailed interview since his expansion and talks about his comentic ascension into the world’s top football, analyzes during the current game – and the influence of Pep Guardiola.

Of course, the scan in Bochum also employs the two KMD moderators Benni Zander and Alex Schlüter. Together with Premier League reporter Patrick Kleinmann, the mug throw and its consequences are discussed. And there is an important announcement for all KMD fans.

21. March 202201: 40: 30 hours

KMD # 124 – Danny Röhl

High visit this week at KMD! The co-trainer of the German national team Danny Röhl is guests and speaks in the podcast for the first time in detail about his role as a wizard of Hansi Flick, the extremely successful common time at FC Bayern, his cometary rise in the world’s top football and His ambitions for the future. Of course, Alex and Benni plow themselves through the expired Bundesliga weekend, discuss with Premier League reporter Patrick Kleinmann over the game break in Bochum and have an important announcement to make: KMD Goes Twitch! And on 30 March for a good cause. All information is in the new edition!

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KMD # 122 – Stefan Kießling


KMD # 121 – Johannes Spor


KMD # 120 – Kevin Trapp


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Demirbay weather for Brych: Hes so on the sack

“I think that very, very sad, I’m honest. The referee is so on the sack,” said Demirbay after the ARD “sports show”. Demirbay had seen the yellow card in the 83rd minute \ – as one of four players. After a foul of Aster Vranckx at Piero Hincia, the scramble of the two stakeholders was taken out to a packing, Brych had finally warned Maxence Lacroix and just Demirbay, in addition to the two initiators.

21. March 202205: 05 minutes

Brych Demirbay Weekly Drive from 21.3.2022

Brych Demirbay Weekly Drive View of 20.3.2022


Drive in Stormy Weather |4K| Tagensvej | Nørreport | #denmark #copenhagen #storm #travel #driving

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Brych Demirbay Weekly Drive from 27.2.2022


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But he had only tried to calm the other players. “I’m trying to eat the guys, nothing else I did. I have the player – I just do not know how he is called – said, he should calm down, ‘calm down’,” the midfielder reported. “Then Maxi Arnold comes and says, ‘Kerem well, all Easy, did you do well.'”

In fact, the TV images at least suggest that Leverkusen had rather taken a simple role in packing. What in turn did not always be the case in the past. Still at the 4-0 on Real Betis in the Europa League preliminary round, despite the high lead in the final minutes of opponents Nabil Fekir had provoked, seen the red card for an opportunity and then locked the first leg against Atalanta Bergamo missed.

I hope he will not whistle us so often in the future.

Kerem Demirbay about Dr. Felix Brych

Demirbay is now also locked in the Bundesliga. The yellow card in Wolfsburg was already the tenth in the current season, Leverkusen’s clock is thus the first Bundesliga player, which has to resist 2021/22 a second yellow lock and lack coach Gerardo Seoane at home game against Hertha BSC on April 2.

Finally, Demirbay sent another poison arrow towards Brych: “It’s madness, he’s so on the sack,” he went on. “I hope he will not whistle us so often in the future. That’s longer so, that’s madness, just incredible.”

Jonas Hofmann: “I would call it very immature”

“If you are here after a 0: 6, you can not find anything positive,” Gladbach held substitute Mittelfeldmann Christoph Kramer after the 0: 6 in Dortmund at “Dazn”. The fact that he and his teammates succeeded, head coach Adi Hütter talked even from a game “at eye level” until the 70th minute, the frustration explained the foal after the 100th Borussia Bundesligad.

For a break, so Hütter, it would have been quite “2: 2 or even 2: 1” for his team. In fact, the guests were behind with two goals behind, because the BVB had struck ice cold with a double stroke. And because the guests in turn had “three huge opportunities in which we had to make a goal” unused, as Jonas Hofmann crimped.

The 29-year-old himself had one of these possibilities, awarded the best Gladbacher chance in the second round as he hit only the latte. This was followed by those four minutes, which the guests finally had identified as a sticking point. Because the BVB struck with another double strike, screwed the result to 4: 0 in height.

At the latest after the 0: 4 you know that it has run. Then the fifth and sixth may not fall anymore.

Jonas Hofmann

“At the latest after the 0: 4 you know that it has walked. Then the fifth and sixth can not fall anymore,” Hofmann annoyed himself, which expressly did not exhibit “mentality question” with a look at the second half, but emphasized: “I would It’s called very immature. ” Also Kramer agreed: “Of course, that must never happen to us in this form.”

20. February 202205: 40 minutes

Jonas Hofmann Weekly Drive from 20.2.2022

Olympic Winter Games from Beijing to Finish, Bavaria wins against Unterthlicht Fürth – Edge victories for Dortmund and Leipzig, Schalke Large winner in second division race race, Alba Berlin wins BBL Cup

Jonas Hofmann Weekly Drive from 13.2.2022


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Jonas Hofmann Weekly Drive from 23.1.2022

Bundesliga | Jonas Hofmann | Gladbach & Germany’s Hidden Champion


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In the table, Gladbach missed a further liberation strike after the 3-2 win against Augsburg (Hütter: “for the head is difficult”), also deteriorated the goal ratio. “We’re doing too many mistakes in all areas. That’s why we’re there, where we stand. Quite simply,” Kramer said, on whose team, three duels with clubs are waiting for himself in the crisis: Wolfsburg is coming to Saturday, then It’s going to Stuttgart marriage Hertha BSC in the Borussia Park. Games against “direct competitors” (Hofmann) to which it now arrives. There were all parties agreed.

“The football must be grateful that there is Guardiola”

Mr. Yildirim, they were in Fürth sports director, before to five stations trainers. What perspective do you see football today?

**** I feel it as blessing to know both views. At the moment I use the opportunity to choose the content.

coach: Which is it?

Yildirim: I think technically-tactical and look like a player’s profile that I have set up for a position: which situations arise in the game and how they are solved individually or as a team. But I also look at the coach: How does he react to what situation? How does he have? What does his public relations work out?

coach: Which points contains the profile of a player you have created?

Yildirim: It is designed so that I, if I would work for a club, can pull out all the elements that would be important to this club, his team and their way of playing. This structure of the position profiles is extremely important for scouting, analysis of own players and cadring composition.

coach: Which principles are it for a right defender?

yildirim: The defensive battle behavior. Poss of passport. Body language. Rest on the ball. Quality with flanks and in the end. Templates for goals and degrees of the teammates. Speed. Intensive runs and much more. From this comprehensive catalog, I can immediately filter the individually necessary profile.

coach: How do you enter a profile when creating a profile? Are you looking for the ideal, so the best right-back?

Yildirim: Let’s take a club with a triple chain. I’m looking for a man who can play the outer car al1. One next point: Does this team often have the ball? Does this player often have to complete long runs or short sprints? Is he often integrated into the construction or rare? Does he have to trail in the free space for page displacements? Did I find a candidate, I put a cross comparison: who is practicing the triple chain in this way? Then I look at the team’s possessions of the teams, on the coaches and their tactical approaches and experiments 1: 1 to filter out the best player from this style of play and look at his values. Then I have the cross comparisons for the man I want to commit and face them. The more information, the more sound the decision.

coach: Does the trainer or sports director have to prevail with transfers? Or is it just about compromise?

Yildirim: A compromise is a good shade, but no good roof. The club and the sports director must make the specifications and take into account the ideas of the trainer. Ideally, you have the coach that fits your philosophy with its personality, specialist and social skills.

coach: This model is laid down in the long term. But time is rare in football.

Yildirim: The planning can be left in extreme situations such as the relegation battle. But continuity wishes all. This requires the fundamental attitude: what should the club and the style of the team make up? How should his inner life and the exterior look like? If this combination is stable, high expertise underlines, the chance for continuity is greater.

coach: but not guaranteed.

Yildirim: No, because everything depends on the results. And for that, I have to work as well as well as possible in the case of a season at the cadre composition, over the years. For every analysis, I have to ask the right questions.

The changes in Fürth are too late.

Ramazan yildirim

coach: Let’s take your former club SPVGG Greuther Fürth: Did the person responsible for planning for the Bundesliga errors or acted in the financial possibilities?

Yildirim: Fürth is not to endanger its equity. This good value was always and will be passed on. Nevertheless, the club wants to stay in the Bundesliga. It is not in my nature to give me a fight. My feeling is that the way the ascent succeeded should be continued. Thus, the game association did not go well. The current changes take place too late.

coach: Do you mean the style of play or the staff?

Yildirim: both. With a functioning team and the right strategy, the league is possible. But if you put the game philosophy in the foreground, it will be difficult in the Bundesliga how Fürth had to learn painfully. An climber must first stabilize the defensive in the Bundesliga. Small clubs certainly get hard reinforcements, but then strategy and tactics must be adapted in the square as Frank Kramer practices in Bielefeld. There is more attention to the defensive and the unconditional defense, as it did the Fürther for a long time in the sense. So the Arminia has a realistic chance of the league, which Unfortunately missed forth. The difference between the two clubs is in the approach.

Ramazan Yildirim and Frank Kramer, at that time after-wave trainer at the DFB. imago / zinc

coach: How can a sports director influence?

Yildirim: I would discuss with the coach, with what approach we would have on the basis of our possibilities and values ​​the greatest opportunity – without organizing something crazy. Decisive but is the appropriate preparation for the season, but without guarantee for results and successes.

coach: Due to the various financial conditions in the clubs, the sporting differences remain tremendous, here forth, there the Bavaria.

Yildirim: Yes. The top teams dominate on the place everything, the attractive ball possession soccer like the defend or the switching game. Less strong teams can only focus on one thing.

coach: Why do big teams reveal again and again gaps in the defensive?

YILDIRIM: These problems exist, but a Pep Guardiola then sets its remedy, the possession of the possession, to prevent opposing counterattacks in the germ. Counterpressing is another keyword that says that teams in possession already position themselves so that they retrieve the ball immediately with loss. There is already in possession of the possession of the own defensive, like just by Guardiola.

Messi guarantees ball safety and thus the counter protection

coach: Can Paris prepare with individualists like Kylian Mbappé, Lionel Messi and Neymar?

YILDIRIM: The bigger the stars, the easier the preparation of countercarding, because Messi guaranteed ball security. Around him I can – as it is today – build a screen and narrow the rooms. For less ball-safe players, the composite must react more flexibly in countercarding and counterfeiting. These are two different phenomena: the counterfeiting refers to the immediate defense of a counter; With the counter-fuse, an eleven in possession of possession prepares the defensive. Classically, it takes place with standards where the sixteen and onward players are posted so that there are no dangerous pieces. But even in the flowing game can and must be a player who loves the risk and dribbling are shielded. The larger the rooms, the harder you are to control. We have to describe such facts, instead of evaluating too much as we do it in football.

coach: Does the detailed analysis come too short?

Yildirim: Yes. And we are too fast at “good” or “bad”, when feeling. When describing we need much more detailed knowledge, so we get deeper into the content.

coach: What does the description of the 1-0 leadership of Bayern against Mönchengladbach look at the start of the second half?

Yildirim: I ask myself why Robert Lewandowski had so much room. Were the distances in the triple bread too big to hedge each other? How could Nico Elvedi have better positioned? Why was the passport open? What happened immediately before the action? Then we are in the description and analysis that make the coaches with the team. This requires the pointed language that we do not use in normal use when it comes to football.

coach: concrete?

Yildirim: When I made the football teacher, I experienced a particular language that most who came from the course took over. Certain situations are described with the same terms and words, so that language lacks accuracy. CONSTRUCTION LOCATION and counterfeiting are often used synonymously, though there is a big difference.

coach: “Remaining defense” is another new term. What do you mean with that? The players behind the ball? The last row?

Yildirim: An exciting question. It describes more than the players behind the ball. It can also be the players around Messi. It can describe the work of a whole team or the behavior in certain rooms. Such keywords explain something, but only supposedly. You have to be accurate so that the player knows what to do. On how does it matter: who has when to do what? The coaching education could take much deeper to the language. If you can describe something and explain, this is a sign that you have understood something and it dominates. Only the result is development. We need in German football professionals, good coaches. Rhetoric starch in public occurrence is one; The real football language but proves that a trainer is in the topic.

Therefore, all who play here, learn the German language, as it is required in elementary school.

coach: Is there anyway on linguistic nuances in the Babylonian LanguageWarr in today’s cabin?

YILDIRIM: Therefore, all who play here, the German language learn how it is required in elementary school. Players also accept the language of the coach, the way he talks about football. If coaches gather their guys after their circle in the middle circle, this is a clever and legitimate way to influence the statements of the players from the cameras and talk a common language. They then say what they have heard of the coach.

coach: When the Dortmund had won in Frankfurt after a 0: 2 residue 3: 2, they praised their sake of victory, although nothing had been felt for a long time. Does psychologization begin with views of the upcoming game?

Yildirim: In such a phase it may be the feeling that one has shown mentality. This term includes many facets, courage, cleverness, will, withdrawal. In the football language is not always precisely discussed, but this accuracy needs to make the developed ideas find their expression. The language represents how a specialist dealt with a topic. About the language he conveys his thoughts on his players.

coach: Is a placeable unity language in such a heterogeneous structure, as is a football team, not more practicable?

Yildirim: In communication with a team, the coach or sports director of course needs a language that everyone understands. But I think about the training of the coaches in this complex. At the course for football teachers, the DFB player opening, in Spain Construcción, so construction or architecture, in Turkey is simply spoken from the first section. With these findings, I was able to develop my own, comprehensive structure of a game analysis.

coach: In this country is also talk about the “last third”.

Yildirim: Yes. In the course it was pointed out on the outscaling of chances of chances, the Spaniards call it “Finalización”, so degrees.

coach: Joachim Löw liked to talk about “game release”.

Yildirim: The Spaniard calls it “Creación”. I understand with meaningful game, creative exploitation of possibilities. With us in the course it was called “transitional game”, abbreviated “üs”. For me, that also means that this is not so important, the main thing, the midfield is bridged. The Spaniards value with a word much more attention to this one zone, and so they play.

Who copies, never reaches its own philosophy.

coach: “Create opportunities” Louis van Gaal introduced in Germany.

Yildirim: in his past at Ajax Amsterdam and FC Barcelona and his thinking about football no wonder. Based on the linguistic differences, I see a different style of play. We Germans sometimes miss that we create something from our great values ​​that fits us and will not be a copy of another nation or gait. If you are copying, you must constantly customize innovations and supposed improvements and never gets your own philosophy.

coach: Are we now with the German virtues?

Yildirim: Yes, and I do not think so bad. On the basis of their base, I can develop a game idea in the junior power centers, which stands for the German nation, without neglecting the necessary individuality and flexibility. I would not have to change them completely every few years, as it is to be seen, but only adapting the topicality. And for every position I need special personality characteristics.

coach: Which for which?

Yildirim: The outer players are the team players who work for the team; The central rather the dominant personalities, which should give and lead stability. A striker may be more selfish than an outer chest.

coach: They were 2014 assistant coach at Fenerbahce Istanbul. Turkish football looks more like Spain or Germany?

Yildirim: The German organization and discipline are estimated, it will try to implement it. Overall, the Turks have a great affinity for England. The top trainer and top players make the Premier League so interesting. It did Germany supergut that Guardiola has worked here.

Guardiola is the only one innovative with its contents directly on the square, as with the more inwardly positioned outside defenders. Guardiola is extremely creative and profitable for football.

coach: He has the professional reflection and discussion promoted over matter football.

Yildirim: Yes. Previously Jürgen Klopp had dominated with aggressive pressing and fast switching the style. Guardiola has implemented with possession and a few mistakes a different type of game. Football must be grateful that there is Guardiola. He is the only one innovative with its contents directly on the square, as with the more inwardly positioned outside defenders. Guardiola is extremely creative and profitable for football.

coach: games are also gained with his head. Overlooking Dortmund, there is the debate about mentality. Is because after the Super Squad of the second great advantage of Bayern?

Yildirim: In Dortmund we need leaders with much more life experience and sense of achievement. The Munich have another self-image and a different maturity with Manuel Neuer, Robert Lewandowski and Thomas Müller. This trio makes all the difference when it is not running.

coach: Infected mentality basically in a club? Or can you implement it?

Yildirim: If such an attitude is already lived in a club for years, is it easier to accept. But one may well ask posture and promote. At Bayern it has grown over the decades, today it is said: Bayern always wins. The Munich have this conviction, they radiate outward from, and competition believes it.

coach: BVB coach Marco Rose wants to convey reinforces this attitude. Will it work?

Yildirim: I do not think there is demand with words and it will work after five weeks or five months. This attitude must have been in the youth field and grow on the coach. Since the target values ​​have to be lived out. Bayern set an example here, the Freiburger go their way.

Best Pep's motivational team talk in Manchester City's dressing room II
coach: What distinguishes this model Freiburg?

Yildirim: continuity, stability. Humility. Diligence. Team spirit and commitment to the last second. Entertainment is now among the game principles. A sports director may have to look for when players search.

This distinct attitude, speaks of the Rose, is not given in Dortmund.

coach: Was there BVB omissions?

Yildirim: No, Dortmund have tried. The difficulty here is to carry this attitude together to the outside. Thomas Delaney had this character, but he could not prevail at some point more playful. This distinct attitude, speaks of the rose is not given in Dortmund. There dominated the youthful, fresh, dynamic element that comes from time Klopp.

“Hoeness never ducked”

coach: The constants in Dortmund and Munich the persons in the guide are. What influence they have on this issue?

Yildirim: Uli Hoeness has shaped Bayern as well as Hans-Joachim Watzke Dortmund. This clarity of the past 30 years under Hoeness will no longer exist in Munich that. The self-image of the Munich changes therein lies the opportunity of the Bundesliga. See the Qatari topic. Earlier Bayern always showed a clear edge. Hoeness never ducked. He embodied a stability which must of course only develop his successor.

coach: After Hoeness and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge say goodbye to Michael Zorc and Rudi Voeller. Are the successors to carry on the great legacy?

Yildirim: Sebastian Kehl in Dortmund, Simon Rolfes in Leverkusen, Marcel Schäfer in Wolfsburg or Arne Friedrich at Hertha are already in office. And the DFB now offers sports directors at an education…

coach: … it will help?

Yildirim: The theoretical knowledge about over Statutes can acquire that. But practical experience in daily life of a club is priceless, as the example shows Uli Hoeness. But I had my apprenticeship at Fürth president Helmut Hack think the DFB approach to education and training well. When course for Fußballlehrer such as sports directors, the experience must be included in practice. This exchange privately brings tremendous knowledge. Seeking these talks, they help me.

Fürth’s former President Helmut Hack and Ramazan Yildirim. imago / zinc

coach: Is the sports director more partner or inspector of the trainer?

yildirim: necessarily partner. And at eye level. Therefore, a sports director needs the content of the competence for the athletic detail discussion. If he was coach, he can think like a coach.

coach: You came to Fürth in January 2016, on November 21, 2016, coach Stefan Ruthenbeck was dismissed, the Game Association Stand in 13th. Why was this release necessary?

Yildirim: We did not believe it anymore to achieve more. We had to tackle the team differently. With Janos Radoki we played an incredibly successful second half. And Ruthenbeck today makes a great job at the U 19 of the 1st FC Cologne.

coach: Himself went in November 2017. The game association was 17, penultimate in the second league. What was wrong?

Yildirim: President Helmut Hack and I agreed that separation was the best solution so that everything could grow together better, because he also planned his farewell as a club chef. It should be a complete new start.

coach: Did you hear the limits of the feasible for a sports director?

Yildirim: I do not think in limits, but in possibilities that there is in each club. In this optimization mode, I already move my whole life, in all areas. There are no boundaries for me.

What the case immobile in Dortmund shows

coach: Does the saying make the coach always be the weakest limb in the chain?

yildirim: no. The coach has in contrast to the sports director direct and greatest influence on the team. He has to create the necessary atmosphere internally and, for example, to target foreign players. Let’s take Ciro Immobile in Dortmund. He was a top gate before and then, because he was used to another address, preparation or diet, another intensity in the game. Since I have to clearly facilitate the integration. If he is not used to 45 minutes of intense workout, I must first take him after 30 minutes.

coach: But it’s about team sports: Where does this single treatment begin? Where does she hear?

Yildirim: You have to customize it. At first always man comes. It is fatal if so much money is spent for players and they are not led accordingly. The players have to feel comfortable, but may not sit back.

coach: The player has a personal responsibility.

Yildirim: But of course. The football demands the maximum performance and may not be a well-being oasis. It’s about results and development. However, if African players come into a completely new world, they need accompaniment, structures. The clubs must be prepared for that.

Ramazan Yildirim as a coach of VfB Lübeck (December 2011 to December 2012). imago sports photo service

coach: The practice looks different. Is your football approach to idealistic? Too theoretically?

Yildirim: No, it’s always about the transfer into practice.

coach: Do the decision makers approach so detailed-theoretically to the football topics?

Yildirim: Most do not have the time.

coach: Where is your future?

Yildirim: I always wanted to learn. Who wants to work, always finds work. Hack in Fürth told me, I had to become sports director. This perspective change was an absolute profit. I had just made the football teacher and said I was coach. The time without employment I used every day to follow me.

At first I resisted, there it got worse. Then I took it with humor. Gradually it became less, but it did not stop. When I became father, I did not notice it anymore.

coach: Is it even more difficult for migrants today?

yildirim: no. At first I resisted, it got worse. Then I took it with humor. Gradually it became less, but it did not stop. When I became father, I did not notice it anymore. I went first as a player in the second and third league in the place to show that I was not afraid. And if stones flew against our team bus, I rose to talk to the fans. Today I am structured and highly resilient because I have an inner serenity.

coach: Do you want to prove yourself as a migrant all the more?

yildirim: It was the self-motivation to search for solutions; And a matter of course to afford more than others if you live with six children in a three-room apartment. I have already taken responsibility for my family with 16 years and earned money. Diling is a great virtue for me. All the high school we were five students with a migration background. Our children are better integrated today than we, the second generation. Deferred dislike was always to feel. Unfortunately, everyday racism is available everywhere in the world. Nevertheless, I thought it was great how to work here as a professional and living football.

coach: Would a World Cup qualification for Turkey be a sensation for the Playoff opponents Portugal and Italy?

Yildirim: Turkey is outsider, but a sensation would not be your qualification. It takes, however, until the desired restore is implemented.

coach: Does the Turkish national coach Stefan Kuntz have to expect his dismissal?

Yildirim: This question is difficult to answer without the daily internal contact. There should be something with Kuntz in Turkish football.

coach: Why was this unfortunate development between Mesut Özil and German football?

Yildirim: Maybe there is scarring from the past. I think it’s all a pity.

There are still possibilities for Özil.

coach: Does he fulfill the expectations at Fenerbahce?

Yildirim: There are still possibilities for his potential. For FenerbahCe claims, it is currently at all too little, even with Özil. Expectant to him is enormous.

coach: The German football should proceed differently at the integration of Turkish talents?

Yildirim: Yes. You have to deal very intensively with the respective young person, the family environment must know and everything scan very sensitively. There must be no pressure and no political decision. Nationalstolz may not play a role. The player has to decide after his feeling without having personal infants from the land he does not give the supplement. Nuri Sahin played for Turkey, Özil for Germany and became world champion. However, the DFB will not be satisfied if it forms talents for other national teams in the young talent centers.