Celebrating 1 Year of Lost Ark: Who Has Been the Most Popular Player Guarding the Ark?

Since this week, those responsible at Smile gate and Amazon Games are understanding the first anniversary of the western version of Lost Ark. With Owen there is an additional continent with fresh difficulties, there are new login benefits, and obviously you can really let off steam in unique in-game events.

yearly evaluation in numbers

In addition, the suppliers of LOST ARK (now purchase EUR 19.99) have released a short evaluation of the year on the main site of the game with an exciting graphic, on which a yearly evaluation with numerous numerical gamers exists.
From the first found rococo seed, over the very first Legions Rapid degree, to Dated’s Brelshaza-Cosplay and whatever in between, there was an unlimited variety of experiences in Lost Ark and the Lost Ark Community. We can refrain from doing every journey of this
List year, but here are a few amusing experiences from the first year of Lost Ark in the west!
See for yourself:
Lost Ark: This guard has most players on the yearly evaluation (2) Source: Amazon Games

Hot time event and Twitch drops

In addition to the anniversary occasions already revealed in the pre-money, the designers have likewise presented a new hottie occasion: As if that weren’t enough, it will likewise be a special hot time event with February 8 to 21
Offer 6 rewards to be utilized. Have a look to commemorate with us and get unique foods, fans, card packages and more.
In the course of the celebrations, you can also secure a Twitch drop: Members of the Lost Ark creator program can trigger this new Twitch drop on your channel.


, as well as 1,000 Amethysts splinters! So watch your preferred Lost Ark streamers on Twitch prior to the drop ends on February 27, 2023.

The Twitch drop is divided into 2 classes.
Viewers need to see a total of 4 hours from getting involved Lost Ark streams to get the very first drop that consists of the headband choice chest for the first anniversary and 1,000 amethysts.
As quickly as you have received this drop, you can earn the selection chest for standard Punk clothes by walking for an overall of 4 hours.
You can discover out how you can connect your accounts and select up drops on the Twitch drop page.
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Karsten Scholz

Lost Ark: The 2023 Additions Revealed!

We all love Lost Ark! But it has been hard to keep up with all the game’s updates. That is, until this week when the developers of Lost Ark revealed what they are planning for release in the coming year. In case you missed it, here is a recap of what was announced at LOA-on:

Are you also among the players who continue to have a lot of enjoyable with Lost Ark?
If your response to the question has actually been favorable, you might also be questioning what the future will bring for the online role-playing game.

This was exactly what the last weekend at the London winter event 2022, on which Smile gate designers exposed what content needs to broaden the Korean variation (and later on everybody else) from Lost Ark in the next twelve months.
If you wish to provide yourself a little more than 5 hours, please (we summarize the most important knowledge however likewise listed below (by means of my MMO)):.
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Lost Ark: Planned content for 2023.

  • Lost Ark is to be expanded by 3 new classes: the slayers (a woman berserker), the Soul Eater (an assassin expertise) and the male scrapper.
  • Obviously there will be an extension of the main story, plus a new continent.
  • The developers are planning the brand-new ELIXIR equipment system, for which you should currently farm a lot of gold.
  • A new Void dungeon is planned.
  • The new Legion Raid Thiamine should of course be the hardest, have 4 stages and drive you crazy with the brand-new fake attacks.
  • There are likewise 2 new Wächter-Raids prepared, for which the frog-like monster Meredith and the bat-like mescal.
  • For the new Zeros Raid, the developers guarantee an uncommon design and brand-new mechanics.


  • The PVP location is to be broadened by a MORALES mode and a battle royal version with survival components.
  • In the course of a graphic upgrade, developers want to significantly improve things such as lighting, water display screen and reflections.
  • Otherwise there will be many changes in the small scale, such as a prolonged MVP screen, the third awakening capability for all classes, brand-new storage space for RAID materials or faster ship journeys.
    Note that the European variation is still not the material of the Korean version, which was plainly previously released.
    State: It is uncertain when which this content will end up on the EU servers.
    Amazon Games will surely quickly publish a roadmap for to prepare for 2023.
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    Karsten Scholz.

If you like Lost Ark, you have almost no life, claims among the biggest Twitch

** SaintONE is the second biggest Twitch streamer Zulost Ark and also has been playing the MMORPG virtually every day since the release in Korea. Now he admits that at some point you simply can not have a life if you want to get begun in Lost Ark as well as spark a discussion.

That is Saintone? SaintOne is just one of the largest Twitch streamers on the system. Because the release of Lost Ark in Korea, he consistently streams out of the MMORPG as well as has had the ability to obtain spectators again with the release in the west.

After these attempts to discuss, however, he agrees with the writer of the comment and confirms: With time, Lost Ark ends up being a growing number of a time-eating when you play it long enough, to the point where you… yes, virtually no more have a life.

What does the streamer claim? In one of his streams, an audience contacts him that he has to quit Lost Ark to have a the real world. Saintone goes right into this as well as is still trying to place the declaration right into perspective.

  • He is also taken into consideration an expert in the video game and also is responsible for a few of the very best builds. He also leads a wiki to Lost Ark, which basically has all the essential details that you require as a player.
  • On Twitch, he streams his gameplay experience for approximately 2,795 audiences and also was able to create almost 140,000 fans, which currently makes him the 2nd largest streamer for Lost Ark (through Sullygnome).
  • He is also active on YouTube, albeit extremely off-and-on, as well as clarifies the tale as well as other crucial subjects in Lost Ark. The Understanding Lost Ark series sums up intricate subjects briefly and also naturally and is specifically suitable for newbies.

_ Aver the brand-new continent you can see in the video clip, he has currently played in the stream: _

simply far way too many characters

One reality, nevertheless, is that you just obtain more and also even more to do. The important things that can be locked daily and weekly are merely ending up being increasingly more countless, discusses Saint1. This was generally due to the reality that the game gives you a power pass once in a while, with which you can then place a brand-new personality straight right into the final video game.

Why does Lost Ark consume so much time? Saintone explains that as well.

Your squad continues to grow with time. You get an increasing number of side personalities and you obtain power passes as well as have the sensation that you need to utilize them.

You can see the excerpt from the stream here:

The mechanics that constantly provide you the feeling that you miss out on important things as ideal you can. This not only claims Saintone, it is a point that several Lost Ark experts call when you ask for the ideal pointer for beginners.

Tip for brand-new players: In his various other videos and streams, he for that reason provides a suggestion for the western and normally brand-new gamers that Lost Ark must dip into your own rate. You ought to take your time and just enjoy the video game.

conversation in the neighborhood- My life only contains work as well as Lost Ark and I such as that

Numerous customers report their own experience with Lost Ark and consequently discuss exactly how they come to their perspective. A few individuals even claim that they have much less to do, the longer they play and also can not understand the streamer’s argument.

We would love to tell you a few of the remarks to ensure that you can obtain a concept on your own. They originate from a YouTube clip that reveals an area of the stream.

Incidentally, the huge Lost Ark streamer ATK states: There are no negative classes, you just play badly.

** SaintONE is the 2nd largest Twitch streamer Zulost Ark and also has been playing the MMORPG almost every day because the release in Korea. Now he confesses that at some point you simply can not have a life if you desire to get started in Lost Ark and spark a discussion. Considering that the release of Lost Ark in Korea, he frequently streams out of the MMORPG as well as has been able to obtain viewers once again with the launch in the west.

What is your experience with Lost Ark? Do you still play each day? Do you invest increasingly more time in the MMORPG, or much less and much less? Please compose it in the remarks below on meinmmo.

Just how does the community react? An excerpt from the stream was able to accumulate 85 comments in a couple of days, while some think that this is wrong. However, several agree that Lost Ark merely eats an enormous amount of time, yet then discuss whether this is excellent or negative.

  • Yuki creates: I can feel sorry for that. My life currently only includes office as well as Lost Ark as well as go out with the pet dog a couple of times. I like that and I hope it does not transform for a while.

  • Emilgod claims: Lost Ark is a master in frightening you to miss points. All the points you obtain free of cost, the occasions, the remainder reward […] I like the video game, yet indeed, I can comprehend that individuals see Lost Ark as way of living as well as end up being great.
  • Bacon Muffin composes: Funny, my experience is vice versa. After my sixth character I simply really did not care. I just dealt with those I suched as one of the most.
  • Zijjca creates: I feel specifically the contrary. The longer I play Lost Ark, the much less I need to do. I don’t do Dailies any longer, no chaos dungeons or Guardian Raids. I no longer have to do the entire islands, I currently have all souls. I like my present rhythm extremely a lot, however I have had the feeling that I have to do with fatigue in the previous couple of months.

In one of his streams, a visitor creates to him that he has to stop Lost Ark to have an actual life. Why does Lost Ark eat so much time?

Lost Ark: A couple of simple clicks are adequate to make your game far more fluid

** Efficiency issues have actually been tormented by the MMORPGLOST ARK for weeks. Gamers whine regarding LAGs, stutterers and also various other problems.

A user on Reddit has now identified among the reasons for this problem and also reveals that it can be played far more smoothly with simply a few clicks. We at MeinMMO examined the method and also can validate it.

Our author Mark Sellner has actually already had this experience. The issue impacts gamers with end tools in all performance levels. No matter whether you have a spending plan pc gaming computer or a high-end tool, Lost Ark simply does not wish to run so well.

Where is the trouble? For some spots, followers have actually been complaining a lot more and also much more regarding performance troubles in Lost Ark.

_ Lost Ark is also one of one of the most attractive MMORPGs, the four others can be located in our video clip: _

Exactly what is the problem? It may sound unreasonable, but the weak performance can in fact be because of the chat of the MMORPG. Strictly speaking, the main chat window is liable for a number of the Storrerer and Lags.

It just seems to load too much as well as over all it is constantly there when you leave the conventional settings as they are. By the way, it is not the very first time that Lost Ark has problems due to his chat, at that time a little love can bring the video game to the crash.

Just how to improve your efficiency

As soon as you have actually done this, you can develop an entirely new, alternate chat home window and also reactivate these things there. When you require it, you can then change to the second chat window at any type of time to show the information.

Do not fail to remember to click on Apply at the end so that the settings are conserved. In enhancement, you need to not finish the video game with Alt+ F4, as is normal with lots of. The unpredicted closure of the customer after that makes sure that Lost Ark does not discover your settings and you will have the exact same trouble the following time you begin the game.

To do this, click Settings in the chat window as well as eliminate every little thing you don’t want to see quickly. In our instance, we have spread out assistance, error messages, cautions, loot, group loot, experience as well as money from the major window.

The stutterers as well as periodic ices up lowered dramatically in our tests, which is why you need to certainly attempt this alternative if your Lost Ark also has a tendency to do these problems.

What can you do regarding it? You need to empty your main chat, i.e. the home window that is triggered by default. This functions finest in which you can no more have the ability to show you particular things and also only see the actual chat.

This brings the method: The main chat home window then just activated the actual news as well as is as a result no more so flooded. This in fact results in the truth that Lost Ark runs a lot more efficiently. We can not provide a precise number here due to the fact that the video game itself does not necessarily fall back in FPS even with mistakes, but is obvious simply put.

This is exceptionally handy

What do the fans state? After the post grew up on Reddit, the designer is showered with appreciation as well as many thanks. But individuals likewise puzzle what the technological origin of this issue can be. Nonetheless, the little trick with the chat seems to assist most individuals.

We want to offer you a few of the remarks at this factor to make sure that you can obtain a suggestion yourself:

Do you have comparable troubles? Did the little tick additionally help you? Please create it in the comments, right here with us on Meinmmo.

  • Windwieler states: This is extremely practical for me, thanks!
  • Tipertuba writes: It is extraordinary that such a setup can cause a lot of troubles. The modification really functioned, the game is ultimately usable once more.
  • Ephemiel composes: Removing the experience factors alone saw to it that the video game runs far more fluid for me. No idea what the heck is incorrect with the chat.

Lost Ark boosts with the July update for everyone-fans speak of the best patch until now

Efficiency troubles have been tormented by the MMORPGLOST ARK for weeks. Where is the issue? For some patches, fans have been whining extra as well as much more regarding performance problems in Lost Ark. What precisely is the problem? This brings the method: The major chat window after that only activated the real news as well as is for that reason no much longer so flooded.

July update MMORPG LOST ARK will add a gramophone to the estate

Already tomorrow, July 20, the Russian-speaking version of Mmorpg Lost ARK will receive a content update, and on the eve of this event, My.games shared the details of other changes in the game, in addition to the emergence of the new factional field of the Batham battle.


With the release of the new update, players will be able to get a gramophone from NPS Nickella, who should invite to stay on the estate. It is worth noting that this is possible only after the completion of the task There is something to remember! From Felicia. In addition, the guest can buy melodies from Nickella for the Order of the Hunter, Fighter and Scout. The gramophone will have two options for playback of the melody: in the first it will be heard in a certain radius from the location, the second will allow you to listen to the melody throughout the estate.

The changes will affect mail, where more than 200 letters will not be displayed, and the number of sea missions to choose from-will increase from 6 to 10. From July 20, players will be able to receive gifts for entering with a new calendar. For beginners and those who have not entered the game for a long time, there will be an additional calendar of gifts.

Lost ARK – Details about the new battlefield of the Earth of the struggle Tolchaim are presented

In anticipation of the update release for the Russian-speaking version of MMORPG LOST ARK, which will take place on July 20, My.gakes presented the details of one of its most important parts-the new field of the battle of the Tolcham struggle.

The battles on it will take place between the fractions of Freigel and Libertan, that is, two teams, in modes from 20V20 to 48V48. It will be available only three times a week (Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday) from 22:00. In addition, comradely battles will be held between the players of the same faction, if more than 40 players will be recruited after waiting time for entering the faction.

Only those who have a rank not lower than the lieutenant, and the level of GS from 1490, will be able to take part. Also, those who wish should be completed by the land of the struggle from Genard from Eldegate.

To win, you will need to fill in the energy scale before the opponent’s team. For this, players will have to capture the bases, using all kinds of advantages: portals, guns, ghostly allies and mysterious energies.

For participation in the battles on the Tolham field, players will be able to get fractional experience points, Rivne crystals of Silmael and honorary medals.

Together with the advent of a new battlefield, there will also be available new fractional ranks, which will be updated every week. For every 100 points, players will receive awards.

Lost Ark: 5 days much more benefits! Maintenance of June 16, 2022

It is Thursday, June 16, 2022, and all heroes of Arkesias recognize what that suggests: The servers from Lost Ark go offline, at 9:00 a.m. The length of time? Possibly approximately 4 hrs. At 1:00 p.m. the globes should be available once again. Compared to last week, there are also modifications that really impact us.

much more rewards and also longer wild wing events

In the official online forum of Lost Ark, Community Moderator Roxx reveals what modifications await us with today’s upkeep job:

_ Helden from Arkesia, _

  • _ Es an extra track was included for 5 days with brand-new login benefits. _.

_ Thank you very a lot for your patience! _.

  • _ Es an extra track was added for 5 days with new login benefits. _.
  • _ The end day of the wild wing island occasion was extended by a week, as well as the day on which the connected benefit products end up being void. _.

We will naturally keep you as much as day as quickly as the web servers are on the internet once again. If you want to discover more regarding the old-fashioned web server framework of Lost Ark (now acquire EUR 19.99) in the maintenance stage, take a look below: Where century are the smilegate web servers please? * Projects on an extra contemporary standard structure.

_ ALL LOST ARK server as well as regions will certainly take place June 16 at 9:00 a.m. for our routine upkeep work as well as the upgrade offline. The maintenance break is expected to take up to 4 hrs as well as consists of the adhering to modifications: _

_ Thank you significantly for your perseverance! See you in Arkesia! _.

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Steam legend: PUBG has been defending a spectacular record for 4 years

PUBG’s heydays are long over-even if the Battle Royale shooter is still one of the most played games on Steam. But in its wedding, the Steam hit actually set a record that still existed 4 years later.

For his European and North America release, The MMORPG Lost Ark was able to crack a remarkable milestone . Over 1.3 million players gambled the Korean game on Steam at the same time. Lost Ark was able to outperform some FPS sturdy burners, but the player record continues to have the shooter PUBG: Battlegrounds-and that for 4 years.

PUBG: Battlegrounds defends player record

PUBG has been sitting since January 2018: Battlegrounds at the top of the Steam charts for most of the players logged in at the same time. The top mark of the shooter is no less impressive: a little more than 3.2 million gamers then gambled the game at the same time.


Despite the remarkable debut from Lost Ark, which with its 1.3 million players could outdo the classics Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 , PUBG had attracted more than twice as many players during his record times. (Source: Steam Charts)

Steam: When will the crazy player record crack?

Although there were still a few real hit games on Steam after PUBG, no other could only begin to come close to the PUBG record. No wonder, after all, PUBG almost laid the foundation for the triumphal march of the Battle Royale Gener, which has now also been taken over by huge games like Call of Duty.

It is currently still open whether another game will be able to beat PUBG’s record. At the moment there is definitely no candidate who could compete with the Battle Royale shooter in this aspect **.

How to get a Relic Rapport Pack in Lost Ark

Lost ARK is a role -playing game from Smilegate, which allows players to earn and unlock various equipment throughout the time, playing a popular free game from Amazon Games. As the product of Amazon Games, Lost Ark will allow players who have subscribed to Amazon to receive additional bonuses in many of their games, including Lost Ark. The first bonus is Relic Rapport Pack.

Players can visit the Prime Gaming Lost ARK page to get Relic Rapport Pack. Here, players will see a list of upcoming Prime Gaming drops. You must be the Amazon Prime subscriber to get the Relic Rapport Pack. Click the first blue tab, as shown below:

Then you need to tie your Steam and Amazon accounts to get these bonuses. Click on the blue strip with the inscription Bind game accounts and go to the page that offers you to enter your Steam account.

After you entered your Steam account, the link is completed. You are clean if you get the next screen after completing the hint. Return to Prime Gaming Page and Full claim to make this equipment to your account in Lost Ark.

What is included in the Relic Rapport Pack in Lost Ark?

The Relic Rapport Pack for Lost Ark contains the following items:

  • A chest with relics

  • Crystalline aura
  • A set of amethyst fragments

The Relic Rapport package is available only for a limited time in Lost Ark. , since Amazon regularly changes awards, so do not forget to add this set to your collection before Amazon removes this level of remuneration. The official lost ark Twit contains more detailed information about this proposal.

ULTIMATE Lost Ark rapport guide, best rapport rewards, rapport item farm, etc.

To learn more about Lost ARK, visit our other articles about professional games, for example, Lost ARK – Sorceess Assembly Guide.

Lost Ark: Surprising maintenance from 9 a.m. – May

Lost Ark players continue to suffer from the fact that the server structure of the online role-playing game from the last century seems to come. In contrast to a World of Warcraft, for example, in Lost Ark it is not possible to implement hotfixes in live operation. If changes are to be made, the worlds must go offline. And that is exactly what awaits us today, on May 4th, 2022.

Unplanned server maintenance

In the official forum by Lost Ark, Communstiy Moderator Roxx explained that the servers in all regions are downhill at 9:00 a.m. for weekly maintenance and update. The maintenance is expected to take up to four hours. On Thursday, on which the weekly maintenance normally takes place, the servers still have to be restarted briefly. The restart should take place at 12 noon.

Here are the hotfixes that are installed in the course of maintenance:

  • By unlocking a character space, the remaining number of available purchases for character place extension tickets is no longer reduced. If you have not been able to unlock all the character places because of this error, the correct number of remaining tickets will now be displayed.
  • A few incorrect entries in the emoticon list were corrected.
  • The problem in which the Feiton Power Pass could not be used if different world quests were not completed on the previous continents was fixed. As long as the Feiton Quest “Will” is complete, you can use the Power Pass.
  • An error in the report system was fixed.

May Update has an appointment

According to Roxx, the content update from May , if everything runs smoothly, is to appear in the third week of May – if the weekly maintenance takes place according to plan, i.e. on May 19, 2022. However, the developers are currently working Still on the fine -tuning and the tests of the build. In the coming weeks there will be details, information and updates for the May update. Here is all the information that has been known to the upcoming patch so far:

that brings May 2022 for Lost Ark

A new class should also come in May, but also various comfort improvements. New endgame content is also planned. But it actually only exists if a large part of the community is ready for them. What the developers definitely want to prevent: that players feel compelled to increase their item levels as quickly as possible (for example through real money investments), because otherwise they fall back.

How I got to 1100 Item Level (T3) in 9 Days without P2W (Lost Ark Gear Guide)

* Advanced warrior class – the destroyer : _ “equipped with a variety of skills that concentrate on the center of the struggle, their hammer attacks are so catastrophic so that destroyers can manipulate gravity according to their will – they Slowing, spinning, pushing and pulling opponents – whatever is necessary to destroy them completely and without the hint of a doubt. “_

Lost Ark: The new class of the destroyer comes in May 2022. Source: Smilegate

* Trial Guardian Raids : With this weekly challenge, three guards await you, each with another item level. Your object level will be adapted to the opponent’s item level. In addition, you should not use the combat workshop in the RAID region. For this, larger rewards are waving.
* There will be a new menu through which you can check the participation in daily and weekly content.
* Also planned: UI-updates, improvements in group search and group invitations, updates when disassembling prey, practical functions for the market/auction house and a few funny functions, such as the possibility of arbitrary summoning of preferred mounts, and new individual hairstyles!

Non -binding announcement – the new Wächter -Raid Deskaluda *: To counter Deskaluda, a high item level (1415) is required. As with the other Wächter-Raids, you can try to defeat them alone, with a group or over match search with up to three other heroes.
Non-binding announcement-Legions-Raid Valtan (normal and difficult) *: With Valtan (see ancient picture), the difficult Legions Raids celebrate their premiere in the western version of Lost Ark (now buy 19.99 €). Since the Legions Raids are demanding and require time, there are portals (or control points) that store the player’s progress during the RAID. Valtan is a Legions Raid for eight players and introduces a number of new mechanics. The participating players must have reached the item 1415.

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