FC Bayern Munich: What Kimmich recognizes at Lewandowski

Even before 4: 0 against Union on Saturday evening, it had gone for contract renewals. Hasan Salihamidzic had queried about possible conversations with Robert Lewandowski, Thomas Müller and Manuel Neuer (each contract until 2023).

“We have to look for our quality in the team and the economic component. Of course we still have a pandemic. We still do not have a full stadium. We have financially a difficult phase. We will try to go our way”, So Munich’s sports board talking to “sky”.

But if there have already been talks? Salihamidzic did not want to say that – only as much came from the former professional: “We will already do our job.”

“Lewy”, Müller, new: “Do not do that so bad”

Of this, Joshua Kimmich is also off, which had to be treated in the catacombs shortly at his well-suffered horse kiss in the catacombs and then also gave his assessment regarding the continuous exam “Lewy” contract situation.

Direct conversations about the future plans of the striker, who had achieved at least 30 results in a season at the fifth day with the Saisontors 30 and 31 for the fifth time in his Bundesliga career, he does not lead. But, however, continue: “I do not know how the talks are or if there are talks. But you have to say that Robert is fully reinhow. I do not feel that he’s elsewhere.”

That’s why he does not expect “that he would absolutely want to go”. This desires Kimmich at the rest, including Müller and later. Because: “Do not do that now.”

“Not only 1500 euros”

Jubiled and good feeling regarding his important players: Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann. Imago / Ulm PressengeGentary

This also sees FCB coach Julian Nagelsmann like that: “It’s not that nobody speaks with him. He is outstanding – and of course we want to keep him. But as easy as you imagine, it is not Must turn a few rounds. But I do not feel that he does not feel well here. ” In the end, it simply be a question when the right timing is for conversations. A strategy is also it also not always to comment on everything – but only when something states.

“Completely clear” is also for Nagelsmann: “In the end we all wish for the affected players to stay. And then there will be the talks sometime at some point. The financial hedges of the mentioned players is so that they also go very relaxed Can not, because not next week the contract expires and you not only earn 1500 euros. “

With a smile, the 34-year-old added, “I hope it is sufficient. And they all make a good impression and march.”

Robert Lewandowski's future at Bayern Munich ???? | ESPN FC

And so everything is fine for the moment.

FC Bayern | Hainer About Lewandowski

For FC Bayern, the current personnel planning around the outgoing contracts of the top stars Robert Lewandowski, Manuel Neuer and Thomas Müller is anything but easy.

“In these times, it is a huge challenge to keep the balance between athletic success and economic stability that characterizes FC Bayern for decades,” said President and Supervisory Board Herbert Hainer towards the “Kicker”. “The player salaries and transfer sums are moving due to the enormous financial competition at an international top level in spheres, which are anything but easy to handle – and to all this comes the pandemic whose consequences will be busy for a long time.”

The FC Bayern still remains “also in the international area athletic as economically excellent,” says Hainer. “Our squad is outstanding, has a first class mix, enormous potential and will continue to be strengthened in summer. All this speaks for the first-class work that is done in this club – and our board is responsible for Oliver Kahn and Hasan Salihamidzic whose Look fully focused on the future of Bayern. “

“Basically, FC Bayern has never driven”

Robert Lewandowski's future at Bayern Munich ???? | ESPN FC

That it gave in particular to Lewandowski’s departure last stubborn speculations, Hainer leaves cold. “Basically, FC Bayern has never drifted, neither from any headlines nor from permanent rumors. It is not always eating as hot as it is cooked,” said the former Adidas boss.

The current personneling direction is “in the continuous exchange with our players and leads to the corresponding times the contract negotiations,” said Hainer.

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The German record champion is “a reliable, fair partner”, according to the club boss. “I think that no player has regretted in recent years to have extended his contract with FC Bayern.”

FC Bayern goes “conversations very relaxed”

Lewandowski know “That we all appreciate him here at FC Bayern over the dimensions. I also expressed my appreciation several times,” said Hainer.

The same applies to new and miller, “which are also exceptional personalities in the history of Bayern”.

Hoomer supplemented: “We are going relaxed with you very relaxed. It is still enough time, and the knowledge of our players. Now our entire concentration first is our great athletic goal, the tenth championship in series and the profit of the Champions League. “

FC Bayern | Murform threats against Lewandowski and new

Murform threats to several professionals of Bayern: It should be a goalkeighter Robert Lewandowski, Captain Manuel Neuer and Wing Storm Serge Gnabry.

Like “picture” reported an anonymous threatening writing in mid-January at the second division FC St. Pauli entered. In this, the three football stars is therefore called namely. The club forwarded the letter immediately to the Hamburg police.

Meanwhile, the LKA is turned on, fingerprints as well as DNA traces were investigated, it says. The authorities also informed the DFB. Bundesliga referees were threatened.

Gnabry Hattrick + Lewy Brace! | VfB Stuttgart - FC Bayern 0-5 | All Goals | MD 16 – Bundesliga 21/22

“We determine due to the suspicion of the threat and disruption of public peace through threat of crimes. We examine the background,” said police spokesman Florian Abbensth.

So far no statement from FC Bayern

Why writing the FC St. Pauli was also the subject of the investigation, the report. Nothing has become known from further threats.

FC Bayern did not want to submit an opinion on the operations on request, so “picture”. A statement is not to be expected, you would not encourage the German record champion to encourage no riders.

Similarly, the club was practiced in April 2021, then there had been threats against Manuel Neuers council Hasan Salihamidzic and his family.

Referee Zwayer “stunned”

“That’s scary, I’m stunned. Then you ask yourself what people think of such a thing. There is no explanation,” referees Felix Zwayer commented on “Image TV” referee.

The 40-year-old was the goal of murder threats after the top game between Borussia Dortmund and FC Bayern (2: 3) in December 2021.

Only last weekend Zwayer returned a game again, the second league duel between Hannover 96 and Darmstadt 98 (2: 2).

FC Bayern apparently planning talks with Manuel new and Thomas Müller

Manuel Neuer and Thomas Müller are among FC Bayern to the big supports. But the contracts of both service providers end in the summer 2023. The Munich would probably bind the duo to the club in the long term. Concrete talks should be done soon.

Also in the upscale footballing age Manuel new and Thomas Müller are not indispensable in FC Bayern from the starting eleven. The fact that the record champion wants to extend the working papers of the two national player is considered an open secret.

According to the journalist Nicolò Schira, FC Bayern will open the negotiations in the coming weeks. Further details do not call the reporter.

New and Müller are currently equipped with contracts by 2023. While it was quiet for the injured dating goalkeeper in recent months, Müller made a sensation with an interview.

Müller leaves future at FC Bayern

“I go very untrained and at the same time self-confident to the matter. Nobody has come to me yet. What the future brings, so you have to see,” Müller said at the beginning of February towards the “Manuel Neuer Image”. He herself still wanted to play football until 2025, “revealed the 32-year-old.

While Bayern bosses were subsequently presented, coach Julian Nagelsmann was strong for a whereabouts of the offensive midfielder player.

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“Thomas lives a lot about his recognition he gets over the game and about the wearing role (in the team). This is sent by trainer’s view of each signal that needs to be sent,” says the 34-year-old. According to the coach there is therefore not “the megastress, today or tomorrow the conversation”.

It is clear that FC Bayern will do everything to keep his family forces. In the coming weeks, the negotiations are likely to start.