NBA: Animal Protector Kettes at basketball basket

With a protest action, an animal guardian has taken care of the NBA PlayFitting game of Memphis Grizzlies against the Minnesota Timberwolves for a game break.

The 19-year-old woman chained on Saturday (local time) to a basketball basket system – the game had to be temporarily stopped in the second quarter. Security forces initially removed the chain wrapped around the neck and led the woman from the hall.

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The woman was arrested, her will be accused of undue behavior and indoor freed. It belongs to a group of animal lawyers who protest against states on production facilities. Even the co-owner of Timberwolves, Glen Taylor, are animal farms. With her t-shirt inscription, the woman criticized Taylor.

A few days ago, there was already a similar action in a game of Timberwolves in the basketball profiliga NBA: A woman had glued to protest itself on the parquet.

In the football Bundesliga, a week ago, the game was interrupted between Eintracht Frankfurt and the SC Freiburg because two men had moored in a protest action on both posts of a gate. The men wore T-shirts with the inscription: “Last generation – stops the fossil madness”.