Whether there is sex in minecraft sex

On the Internet there are unofficial rules that most people know about. Rule 34 says that if something exists, then there should be porn about it. Does this apply to mods for video games? How popular should the game be before sex modes appear in it? Are there games that are considered prohibited for sex models? How about minecraft?

is there adult mods in minecraft?

Long and short of this yes , Minecraft has adult mods. The main part of these mods is skins that can be downloaded and used. These skins depict characters to varying degrees of separation. In addition, there are mods that add genitals and chest characters and mobs.

Those who are more ambitious can try mods such as Jenny Mod, which create a virtual girl in a popular survival game. There are other mods, such as The Kidnap Mod, which allow players to bind themselves and others. From there, devices such as the oars and the imagination of the players enter the work.


It would seem that there is no holy land, and if there is a demand for something obscene, someone will fill the void. This does not mean that with these mods or those that they like, something is wrong. People play games for various reasons. All we ask for is that if these mods are used, they should be stored away from children.

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