FC Bayern Munich: Julian Nagelsmann attends a voluntary fire department after a unfortunate saying

Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann visited the volunteer forces of the Feuerwache 4 in Munich-Schwabing after his unfortunate “fire brigade saying”. The Munich coach again apologized for his wording last week.

“My statement on the volunteer fire brigade in the press conference last week was unhappily formulated. I never wanted to discredit the volunteer fire brigade or any volunteer helper,” Nagelsmann wrote on Monday after visiting social media.

The 34-year-old said before the top game against Borussia Dortmund on Saturday (3-1) on the motivation of his team: “We are not at the Süd-Giesing volunteer fire brigade, but at Bayern Munich.”

On Monday, Nagelsmann made it clear that his statement was “purely about the word voluntarily”: “It was even clear to me before the visit what important role every individual volunteers played and how important volunteering is.”

As part of Nagelsmann’s visit, the volunteer fire brigade simulated a mission in which people were recovered from a burning building. For Nagelsmann, the aerial ladder vehicle also went up 30 meters. The FCB master coach also presented the emergency services a Bayern jersey with emergency number 112.

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“We naturally accept your apology and appreciate that you took the time for us on site,” said Claudius Blank, city fire councilor and commander of the Munich volunteer fire brigade in the direction of Nagelsmann.

FC Bayern: Thomas Müller reacts to change

After the blamable appearance in Bochum, the professionals of FC Bayern Munich burn a positive response in the Champions League duel with Austria’s master RB Salzburg.

“It is already true that if we lose the self-understanding already a scratch, but also the honor is tickled,” Captain Thomas Müller said to the mood at the best team of the group stage before the eighth-finishing game on Wednesday (21:00 o’clock / Dazn ) In the sold-out Salzburger Red Bull Arena.

“We are absolutely hot on the game,” said the 32 year old attacker. The team had brought lessons from 2: 4 at VfL Bochum. “We do not make your eyes and say: Occupational accident and go on,” Müller assured. Rather, he hopes that at the start of the K.O. Phase mentality and tension in the team will be voted.

Also to the rumors around his future at FC Bayern Müller had something to say. “Basically, I want to focus on athletic. I feel good in Munich and know what I have in the club,” says offensive players.

“I still have a contract until 2023. Accordingly, there is currently not this crystal in it, which is made of it. I am very happy here and if you see my achievements, the club is also happy.”

As it continues, you will see in the next few weeks and months. “We go quietly and familiar,” emphasized Müller.

Nagelsmann: I do not extery expert opinions

Meanwhile, head coach Julian Nagelsmann did not want to deal with the criticism of Lothar Matthew, who attacked the two domestic backing Lucas Hernández and Dayot Upamecano.

“I do not comment on expert opinions. There are things we need to improve. That’s about question. I judge or comment no opinions that are compromised from the leather chair,” said the Bayern coach.

Another problem: the staff situation. “Due to many failures, one or the other player is relatively clear that he will play. And sometimes the necessary friction is missing,” said Nagelsmann.

The statements of Müller and Nagelsmann for reading

+++ The PK is finished +++

+++ Nagelsmann over the scope in the Champions League +++

“We are mostly able to shoot more goals than to collect. In the Bundesliga and in the DFB Cup, we were also punished for the defensive. In the Champions League, the scope of course is greater than in the league, in the We have 34 games to get errors. Each player and coach is willing to get better performance. “

+++ Nagelsmann over the defense behavior +++

“It’s a mix of different things. Until Bochum game, we were defensively even more stable. We are the team with most of Europe’s ball tops. This is also part of the defensive. But we also have total disks as in Bochum or Gladbach in it. The Dreamtore In Bochum, I also have to judge soberly. There are many training sessions to work up everything. Ultimately, we were missing there. “

+++ Nagelsmann about missing winter transfers +++

“I’m no one who discussed public things. I wear every decision and there are many factors. There must be a common consensus and that was not there in winter.

+++ Nagelsmann over the Kahn criticism +++

“If you get four goals, it is clear that the defense is criticized. Basically, I find it better if such things are addressed internally, but we have given the platform for such criticism. Due to many failures is the one or the Other players realize that he will play. And sometimes the necessary friction is missing. “

+++ Nagelsmann About Goretzka +++

“Leon makes progress, but I do not have to constantly ask, as it runs with him. That does not necessarily make it better. He then comes back when he is painless.”

+++ Nagelsmann via Jeissle +++

“We both have a similar career. He leaves playing an interesting, offensive football and pays the clust back the trust. Have replaced us several times and have a good wire. He is a very good coach and a fine person.”

+++ Nagelsmann about the new failure +++

Manuel new is of course missing. Sven Ulreich did well. It’s, as it is and we should not need new. The defeat was not at Ulreich.

+++ Nagelsmann about the criticism of the players and how they deal with +++

“I do not know that. If the players do not ask what they think about it. It lies to us that the experts do not express criticism. Against Bochum we have given people who have nothing to do with the club, a platform gave us criticize.

+++ Nagelsmann over the full stadium +++

“We did not have that for a long time. It is exciting, as the positive-aggressive mood will be for us. I think it will be a worthy evening, which affects the framework.”

+++ Nagelsmann via Christoph Friends fight announcement +++

“He is a very good friend of me and we have exchanged several times. I think it’s fine that there is fighting magazines. This is part of the RB DNA. It’s great how many talents get off there and find it good that they are self-confident are. Would be against the DNA of the club if they would now agree against FC Bayern. “

+++ Nagelsmann about the Matthew criticism +++

“I do not comment on expert opinions. There are things we need to improve. That’s about question. I judge or comment no opinions that are compromised from the leather chair.”

+++ Nagelsmann about possible system recordings +++

“For the basic order against Salzburg, I do not say anything now. I will not change my basic structure. The fun at football is yes that these discussions come only then when you lose. In the end, it’s about the way you defend. In Bochum it was more defensive and still got many goals. I will not change my orientation for medial reporting. “

+++ Müller about communication in the defensive +++

“The most important thing for a defender is that he can defend well, the two-fighting wins and has a good starting game. It does not work around loudly. It must be shared with valuable information. We have very, very good defender. Whether the place in the square Or on the bench. We have a lot of quality and nobody is without mistake. For defenders, there is only a barrel opened. We are closed team and will benefit from our defensive. “

More: Here RB Salzburg is running Vs. FC Bayern live on TV

+++ Müller about the interaction with Lewandowski +++

“Since the victory train under Flick began, we have experienced good numbers as an offensive players. We understand each other well and harmonize as duo great. How to assess that is not our beer. There was always glorious offensive forces in Munich and we want to build It’s about the next few weeks. We take a lot of responsibility and have that too. “

+++ Müller about the change rumors +++

“Basically, I want to focus on athletic. I feel good in Munich and knows what I have at the club. I still have a contract until 2023. Accordingly, there is currently not this crystal in it, which is made of it. I’m here Very happy and if you see my achievements, the club is very happy. As it continues, you will see in the next few weeks and months. We go quietly and familiar. “

+++ Müller about the mood in Munich +++

“We do not argue if there is no reason. The mood was good and the last few weeks were also accordingly going. We go self-critically around. So far there was no reason to argue great in the bus. It’s all right. We have a healthy look at the whole. Such results and achievements, as in Bochum, must not happen again and we are working on it. We are not stamped as a company accident. We are very analytical. “

+++ Müller about the Hoeneß criticism for “missing friction” +++

“It’s an external assessment. In the end we are rated according to our results. In Bochum it was a catastrophic experience and event. I believe that we basically have friction points in the team. We are well known. In the end, this will be more forces release. But I understand what Hoeneß says. I look at a good way and we should deal much more with content and psychological topics. “

+++ Müller has no desire for the horses theme +++

“I do not know with whom I had trouble. Whether Peta or whoever spread these realsis. I will not answer that.”

Best of Radio Müller - What Thomas Müller yells on the pitch

+++ Müller: Hot phase starts now +++

“In the end we have to bring our quality to the place. Now is the starting signal for a phase that is very important to the club. The quality density in the Champions League is now increasing. The game rhythm is now a little different. The early game in the January, that’s in the DFB Cup: We are waiting for the English weeks and on the hot phase. I hope that’s what the upgrade is now for that. I like it if there are many appointments. “

+++ Müller about Salzburg +++

“I am pleased that we will have a mood that meets a co-game in the Champions League. That Salzburg is not far away from Munich makes the mood even better. We want to push our stamp to the game. Salzburg plays modern football shaped by tempo and a bit of chaos. We have to set ourselves. We have to go to the end of our attacks and must not die in beauty. We have to act because there are no two opinions. “

+++ Müller has respect for Salzburg +++

“They have established themselves in the Champions League in recent years. The development there is rather upwards than down. Accordingly, we are warned.”

+++ Müller about the defensive and mentality in Munich +++

“I am basically critical, if you say that something is better or worse. We could show or compare numbers, which qualities or weaknesses we have. We are bang-fighting, but also playfully strong. In all the teams. That we are not designed are, every ten seconds lead a header duel, is clear. What the goals is concerned, I do not know if it is better than last season. Our defensive was not nobel priced in the past season. This mental question is also taken no matter what the team is explained quickly. The question is, how strong do you want to suffer for the success and how strong is the suffering when the success is missing or you start a goal. We do not want to drive a goal Need pressure from the outside, so as not to suffer setbacks when it comes to the sausage in the coming weeks. “

+++ Müller about the Matthew criticism of the Hernández and Upamecano +++

“Basically, every player is also evaluated individually, but against Bochum I do not think so many players except Lewy and Ulreich, which were 100 percent. I also have to include me. Especially the two-fighting in the first half were bad. In addition, Bochum also plays at home uncomfortable and there is no carpet, as it is the case in the Allianz Arena. There are explanations for this achievement. Nonetheless, we have to be better because we have to be honest to us As a team do not come to our performance. “

+++ Müller: Bayern showed humanity +++

“It is already true that when we lose the self-understanding a small scratches and the honor is kept a bit tickled. With our successes, there is also a certain course of course. Therefore, we may showed this humanity and have not seen it in the Bundesliga is not enough to give 100 percent. We were painfully remembered. We are hot on the upcoming game. However, we do not want to use such defeats as a valve to go back. “We want to draw our teachings.”

VFL Bochum – FC Bayern Munich 2: 4: Blamage despite leadership! Bochum exceeds FCB within 30 minutes

FC Bayern Munich has embarked on the 22nd game day of the Bundesliga at promotee VfL Bochum. Despite 1: 0 leadership, the team of coach Julian Nagelsmann lost 2: 4 (1: 4).

Robert Lewandowski introduced the FC Bayern (9th), but then Bochum turned on: Christopher Antwi-Adjei (14th), Jürgen Locadia (38th, trademark), Cristian Gamboa (40th) and Gerrit Holtmann (44. ) Included within 30 minutes to 4: 1. Lewandowski shortened in the 75th to 2: 4.

“That was our worst seasonal performance over the entire game,” Joshua scolded Kimmich at SKY: “We have missed all the virtues. We did not happen for the first time in the season,” the national player added with reference to the 0: 5 in Mönchengladbach Add in the DFB Cup. Everyone must ask himself, “if that is the mentality that the FC Bayern wants to embody”.

The FC Bayern had to do about 8500 spectators without his injured captain Manuel new. He was represented by Sven Ulreich, who was guilted at the goals.

In the apron of the game and during the first just under 20 minutes of play, a power failure lame the stadium technology.

Tracker Borussia Dortmund can shorten the residue on the FC Bayern on Sunday at Union Berlin (15.30 clock) on six points. The Munich is a guest on Wednesday to the knockout first leg of the Champions League at RB Salzburg.

Bavaria notes: defensive with total failure – only Lewy in normal form

VFL Bochum against FC Bayern Munich: The analysis

Probably to counteract the bochum outer railway players, Nagelsmann fully a tactic change: Instead of the last well-functioning 3-2-4-1 system, he trusted this time to a 4-1-4-1. The four-chain formed four learned central defenders, between them and the five offensive players acted only Kimmich.

The team struggled from the beginning with the new orientation, there was a lack of defense and attack. The construction game was faulty, the pressing inconsistent. Although Bochum from the beginning is the most visual and dangerous attack, the FC Bayern went through Lewandowski in the lead.

Subsequently, Bochum rewarded for the courageous appearance and met four times within 30 minutes. The 1: 1 went a mistake of Slee, the penalty 1: 2 a hand game of Upamecano. Before Gamboa’s fantastic 1: 3 Coman tunneling, barely less interesting in front of Holtmanns 1: 4 Patzte Upamecano.

Nagelsmann reacted to the break: He brought a second six for the Descentrous Upamecano with Tolisso and returned to 3-2-4-1. At first nothing changed at the game. Bochum even achieved two more hits at the beginning of the second half, but they both did not count because of ways.

Only then was the FC Bayern dominant and revealed some chances of chances, Nagelsmann soon brought another striker with Choupo-Moting. More than 2: 4 did not succeed the dealers. Shortly before the end, Lewandowski put another free kick on the latte.

VFL Bochum – FC Bayern Munich: The listings

Bochum: Esser – Gamboa (72nd Stafylidis), Bella Kotchap, Leitsch, Sares – Losilla – Osterhage, Rexhbecaj (90. Masovic) – Antwi-Adjei (80th Asano), Locadia (80th Poler), Holtmann (80th Pantovic).

FC Bayern: Ulreich – Pavard, Upamecano (46th Tolisso), Slee, Hernandez – Kimmich – Gnabry, Thomas Müller (64th Choupo-Moting), Leroy Sane, Coman (75th Sabitzer) – Lewandowski.

The data of the game VfL Bochum against FC Bayern Munich

  • Goals: 0: 1 Lewandowski (9th), 1: 1 Antwi-Adjei (14.), 2: 1 Locadia (38th, trading feet), 3: 1 Gamboa (40th), 4: 1 Holtmann (44.), 4: 2 Lewandowski (75th)

The Star of the game: Gerrit Holtmann (VFL Bochum)

FC Bayern never got the Bochum left outside control. He prepared the 1: 1 strongly, the 4: 1 he scored a fantastic itself. No Bochum castle more often than Holtmann.

The Flop of the Game: Dayot Upamecano (FC Bayern)

Bochum Shocks Bayern! | Bochum - Bayern München 4-2 | All Goals | Matchday 22 – Bundesliga 21/22

Upamecano stood for the first time in the second half of the start and had his share at all four goals in the first half. Before the 1: 1 he let himself be overcome, the penalty to the 1: 2 he caused himself with his hand game, before the 1: 3 he made himself a ball loss and before the 1: 4 he defended to lashed. At the break Nagelsmann took him from the game.


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The referee: Robert Schröder

Schröder made a largely sovereign game. He rightly decided after Upamecano’s hand game in the 35th minute on penalty for Bochum. The alleged matches of Osterhage (47.) and Antwi-Adjeje (49th) rejected the recognition because of the ways.

Contracting poker of the FC Barcelona with Gavi

At FC Barcelona, ​​GAVI is considered a hope for the future. The responsible persons put everything on extending the 2023 expiring working paper as soon as possible. However, a first offer should have rejected the youngster – all the pleasure of FC Bayern.

Gavi has been associated with FC Bayern for several months. The Spanish “Barca offer” heats the rumors around the 17 year old midfielder again.

According to the leaf, GAVI and his advisors exhausted the first Barca offer for extension. Financially, the framework conditions simply have been satisfactory. According to “Mundo Deportivo”, however, another talk round is already scheduled.

According to the current state, GAVI can leave FC Barcelona in summer thanks to an exit clause for 50 million euros. Among the interested clubs, in addition to FC Bayern, the FC Chelsea, Manchester City and the FC Liverpool belong.

FC Bayern: Julian Nagelsmann “Delighted” by Gavi

Already in November, the Catalan newspaper “El Nacional” had reported that FC Bayern has stretched out the sensor to Gavi.

Trainer Julian Nagelsmann is to become aware of the preparation of the direct Champions League duels with Barca on Gavi and now be a true fan of teenager.

Allegedly, the coach of FC Bayern would be “excited” of the idea of ​​having a further high-profile alternative in his squad with Gavi. The technically strong all-rounder feels at home both in the central office and on the wings.

Gavi-Deal would be complicated for FC Bayern

Nagelsmann Promises Benfica He'll Eliminate FC Barcelona From The Champions League
Nagelsmann is intended to be aware that a commitment of the Spaniard is complicated, yet he urges his bosses at the Säbener Straße to stay at Gavi on the ball.

As soon as the opportunity offers the right foot from Barcelona, ​​one should strike, so his alleged request to the leadership of FC Bayern.

Gavi celebrated his professional debut in the previous August. Since then he stood 18 times in the league and six times in the Champions League on the square. But not enough: Last October, National Trainer Luis Enrique invited the Youngster to the national team for the first time. Today there are already four international matches for him.