BBL Mug: The very first round is drawn

The round of 16 of both Bavarian clubs, which will certainly be held on October 15 or 16, takes place in Bamberg.
Dual champion Alba Berlin, however, is handling in 2015’s major round and also playoff semi-finalists Telekom Baskets Bonn.
Unlike in football at the DFB Mug, only very first department teams participate in the BBL Mug.
The leading 16 of the Bundesliga pre-season are qualified for the preliminary, implies: promoted or stylish relegations do not start.
The document winner is safeguarding champ Alba Berlin.

the video games in the introduction:

Brose Bamberg-FC Bayern Munich
Basketball Löwen Braunschweig-MLP Academics Heidelberg
Hamburg Towers-MHP Titan Ludwigsburg
Medi Bayreuth-Syntainics MBC
BG Göttingen-Ratiopharm Ulm
Alba Berlin-Telekom Baskets Bonn
Hakro Merlins Crailsheim-Chemnitz Niners

S.Oliver Würzburg-Ewe Baskets Oldenburg

Fortnite: Soundwave series with Emicida starts this week

The Soundwave series in Fortnite has been running since October 2021. At that time, the Egyptian superstar Mohamed Hamaki started the event with his 72 -hour show and the next one in the series is the Brazilian rapper emicida.

Fortnite x Emicida - Soundwave Series (Free Spray + More!)
From April 30, 00:00 CEST, EMICIDA starts his 72 hours of non-stop show with associated events. The rapper brings an interactive experience, new lobby music and Emotes.

The playlist for his event will include some of his most successful hits and the interactive experience will address his origin and musical background in São Paulo.

You can take part in his show via the “Discover tile” or by taking the island code 6929-7613-7801 . The show can also be experienced via an image-in-picture function during other game modes.

Your EP and the spray motif “Soundwave series-EMICIDA” will receive the final reward. The show is repeated permanently for 72 hours, so that everyone has the chance to take part by May 3rd.