The Last of us Remake will require as much as 79 gigabytes of a hard drive place

The original The Last of Us and now looks very good, as for the 2013 game, but the Naughty Dog will release this game this game that will update the appearance of The Last of Us Part II this September. Now we also learned that the remake will require much more space on the console’s drive.

Colleagues from Gamingbolt discovered information on the PlayStation website that The Last of us Remake will require as much as 79 gigabytes of free space on the drive. At the same time, The Last of US Remastered asks for only 50 gigabytes from the PlayStation 4 hard drive, which means that the new version of the game will weigh as much as 29 gigabytes more.

Support for all the features of the Dualsense gamepad is also stated, which will allow players to feel intra-game rain due to tactile return, and different modes of work of adaptive triggers are prepared for different types of weapons.

Shots from the remake of The Last of US and the Comparison with the original on the video

The Naughty Dog and SIE presented not only the trailer, but also the personnel from The Last of US Part 1, and the media fledged and prepared a video compilation of the remake on the engine of the second part and remaster of the original eight-year ago.

The developers did not touch the plot (DLC Left Behind is in the kit), but they finalized the gameplay, management, animation and AI for the new generation console, requesting a novelty ₽5499/6199.

The art director of the first part also worked on the updated version, its director was a designer of the game systems of sequel Matthew Gallan, and the creative leader was Sean Eskeig, who worked in this position on UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy and was responsible for the TLOU and UNCHARTED 4: A Thief’s End.

The Last of US Part 1 will be released on September 2 at the PlayStation 5, and later on the PC.

What is the size of the the Last of Us Part II on PS4?

The last of us, Part II is one of the last major games to come on PS4, and one of the most anticipated titles of the whole generation.

As such, players strive to get all the possible details until the release of June 19, and of course, we are there to help you with new information.

Although the details of the scenario are tiny, at least if you have not fallen into any of the spoilers, there is something precious that we can tell you – what is the size The last of us, Part II in terms file size.

PS4 file size the last of US PART II

Naughty Dog’s latest major game is finally on us, and as such, the title reaching the coasts of the PlayStation Store, we can grasp details such as the free space that will take it to have it on your PS4.

The Last of Us: Part II | PS5 - PS4 - PS4 Pro | Graphics & FPS Comparison

A screenshot on PS4 Sub-retit revealed that users will have to have 78 GB of free space on their hard drive during the last The last of us comes out in less than a month.

It is not a small download but, given that the open world games of this generation such as red dead redmption 2 and triple-a in the vein of Call of duty: Modern Warfare and warzone go for more than 100 GB, We assume that you can very well do with that.

Although we don’t have any details yet, you can expect to download a patch of the first day that could make your download a little bigger on June 19.

This quantity of gigabytes should be indicative of the overall size, if not exact, because it could include this fix or this fix could not be published at all, however.

What is the size of the previous PS4 games of Naughty Dog?

The last of us, Part II will take place in a large sandbox, and although it is not an entirely open world, it will be the title of Naughty Dog the biggest and most ambitious of all the time.

It is interesting to watch other studio games to see how they worked in terms of global size, even if only two of them were launched in native mode for PS4.

The previous entry and currently unique in the franchise, The last of us remastered, weighs 39.05 GB. It is a more linear experience and a remastering of a PS3 game, which is why it is so different from Its monitoring size – which almost doubles it.

Uncharted: the Nathan Drake collection, a compilation of the first three inexplore games organized by remastering of the BluePoint Games maestros, weighs 44.59 GB.

Finally, the only two native games of the current generation of the Santa Monica label, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, came out respectively at 62.41 GB and 48.87 GB.

It seems that there is a reason why the last of us, Part II_ is considered the biggest game of Naughty Dog, and the size of the file is there to confirm it – until the critics arrive June 12, at least.

The Last of Us series looks spectacular in these leaks

The series of _ The Last of US _ on the part of HBO has very excited the fans. Although at the moment we lack an official look at this production, new leaks have been commissioned to fill this vacuum. In this way, a couple of videos recorded clandestine have revealed the level of fidelity that this show will have regarding the game of Naughty Dog.

Recently, the Last of US TV account shared a series of direct videos from the set of series films. Here we can not only see a direct comparison with the game, which reveals the level of attention and detail of production, but a small tour of the incredible scenarios that have been created to greatly represent this post-world apocalyptic.

The Last of Us TV Show Has Just FINISHED Production... Here's What We Know!
These new advances, although not officers, have excited the fans, the degree that the delay of its premiere at some point of 2023, seems not to bother them. Considering that the filming is on the right track, it seems that it is only a matter of time before seeing a trailer that takes us a better look at this adaptation.

On related topics, you can learn more about the new premiere date here. Similarly, here you can check more leaks about the production of this series.

Editor’s note:

The work that is taking place looks very well. However, there is still a lot to see. If the Halo series left something clear, it is that production requires more than attention to detail, and it is necessary to make it clear that the budget has been used completely.

The last part of us 2 is slandered by Gamestop with Killing Dogs

A compilation of Teo killing dogs in The Last of Us 2 that nobody asked for
It seems that these days, the only time Gamestop does not get ride in the foot, it’s when reloading. During this Covid-19 crisis in progress, they took mediocre measures to protect their employees and their clients, they struggled to stay open by insisting that they are an essential service, and now they choose a small fight with Naughty Dog when leaving one of the biggest games of the year. From all things that The Last of Us Part 2 will offer, they focus on the wrong thing.

You may have heard about a “feature” of The Last of Us Part 2 where the player may have to kill a dog. And it’s not a special mode where you try to kill as many dogs as possible, it’s part of the gameplay that dogs will be used by the enemies to stifle Ellie and it can be confronted with having to shoot him down to save him. Gamestop has apparently listed this mechanism as a functionality or a sales argument for the game, many of which will say that it is bad taste. The Director of Naughty Dog Communications, Arne Meyer, did not call Gamestop by his name, but he said it was written by the retailer who posted him, without the help of Naughty Dog.

Yes, The Last of Us Part 2 will undoubtedly be a violent game. There will be a lot of emotional weight behind each kill that Elie will do, and yes, she may have to kill dogs from time to time, but who does not have it in a post-apocalyptic world? In addition, games like Call of Duty, Far Cry and Fallout also have dogs opposed to players. This is not exactly a line that has not already been crossed, not that players should have fun withdrawing them. The Last of Us Part 2 will be released on PS4 on June 19th.

Do you think Gamestop crossed the line with their editorial? Let us know in the comments below.

The source: Twitter

The charming mass tray for a new generation does not surprise

For PlayStation 5 and a small delay to the PC to arrive uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection in perhaps the worst side is its unnecessary a lot of promise. Instead of a full-length collection, the package contains only two recent titles of a series: uncharted 4: a thief’s ending as well as its independent extension, the lost legacy.

The most of this harmless PC users, as the original very brilliant and once again the remarkable trilogy remains exclusively for Sony’s console sensitivity. Although the drinking and especially the characters gets a lot more out of the entire Saga wading, serve the fours of spinoff in any case, in any case, a really enjoyable and grinding action package full of examination, shooting and close-up situations.

Vibrations and melting movements

Nathan Drake The last chapter in the game is sometimes easy to forget that uncharted 4 was already published in 2016. The developer Naughty Dog is known for its technical marine grooves and its ability to take out everything out of the iron in use, but despite the source material, the source material has even held confusing very much time.

The moderate proportions of the Tested PlayStation 5 version utilize the familiar recipe. The driver shakes finely vibrates, and triggering the trigger gives a variety of weapons when handling a comfortable supplement. Minimization of downloads is not essential for the user experience, as already the original works were able to hide these data sheets in the background. In generational change, the most eye jumps on additional pixels and, above all, a flexible screen update. In accordance with the current trend, the player will allow themselves to choose their preference between three different regulations.

Freedom of choice is a slightly awful concept, as the details of the details and 4K resolution will not be dazzling in their performance. The difference in the image quality is the treasure of a woody eye compared to the very marginal compared to other premises, but the screen update is disturbing. Fortunately, performance models are seen as a number of different kinds. The default focuses on keeping the action of softening at 60 screen upgrades, and it is possible to still double the hearts at home as it permits it. After the speedy test rounds, your selection was quickly locked to the last and oiled options, which the outcome of which the outcome except looks beautiful also above all seems to be great.

However, the greatest impact on a technical range makes a fearlessness of the whole, which was present in the original games. Intermediate surveys are moved to unobtrusively playable sections. The animations react abnormally to environments with their small gestures, and in general, all the details emphasize a milled outcome. For example, the player’s reason or the second interrupted character dialogue continues naturally hearing from what moment the moment was previously left. The corresponding collides too rarely today.

Nathan Drake memories Commander farewell

Even if I calculate myself uncharted series fan, for some reason, the fourth part did not make his fullest in his appearance. It was in fact so far until now the headquarters of the main river, whose permeation was left in one sole. Fortunately, the recycled version was finally given a reason to return to the game, as the mind can even change over the years and after a suitable pause.

Thief’s end is perhaps the most successful and best title for the whole Saga. The biggest reason is instead of technical seats in the rhythm of adventure. In the fourth round of Naughty Dog, you finally loosen the unrelated spinning blades. This will make a good entity, as an overwhelming banging has never been the most effective part of these games. Simplifying humorous heroes will continue to slaughter the soldiers of the portfolio to question its greater efforts, but the main weight will be exported more clearly to investigative and more massive scenes – forgetting in series of substantially cooperative rhythms and endless sudden endings under different crushing handles. A brisk 15-hour journey seems to be rightly suitable despite the fact that the actual treasure hunting plot is quite one of the clues behind the hints. With good figures, stunning scenery and Lacey words save a lot.


The new generation of heroes

The extension The Lost Legacy most visible change is the main part of the adventure fresh bullish duo. Nate makes room for familiar from previous adventures tulleelle Chloe Fraser, who gets aisaparikseen Thief’s Elissa well encountered various marks, Nadine Ross. The duo is not the change the outcome of Jain dramatic consequences, as the witty joke throwing and constant friend, slinging arrows to quickly produce a warm feeling to the innermost. In particular, Chloe is a sharp charismatic figure, which would rather see the limelight, future games.

Shorter of the heads of the main series, less than a tens of hours Edit a somewhat familiar formula. As long as the starting urban environment can be achieved by the actual treasure, the guide is given more choice than in previous parts. The actual open world game will not be sprinkled to talk, but in a momentarily enlarged area, the player can choose to choose the order in front of the tolerant riddle. In addition to this, the collection of a voluntary premise is finally available for a more in-depth mechanic than just desperate corners of the corners of the glory.

The Lost Legacy is an excellent entity like four-sized. The smaller budget and scale are relevant with a new type of liberation and with comfortable side suits without the experience deviates too much of the most beloved uncharted format. Lightweight brain nuts are a series of better end, and the balance of levels, puzzle and shooter is well-placed. The level of difficulty is a gracefulness of the adventures of Item, which is probably a good or bad thing depending on the player. Intermediate storage points are similarly sprinkled densely, so the ball in the skull does not become a huge slower.

a steady deadly quality

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection It may be a consensus for a long period of time. The more grinding versions of high quality and technically sanded games are less likely to fail. In honesty, PlayStation 5’s separately glowing redistribution seems even as a hint of unnecessary. The console side could have made them the same tempts as though the The LAST OF US PART 2, GOD OF GRILLE or HORIZON ZERO DANIELLE, that is, to provide directly the free extra power update to a freshening iron.

Those still brilliant works that do not have to miss out on anyone’s adventure games.

On the other hand, a larger packet will be marketed conveniently in the horizon in the direction of an imperative PC version as well as the future – awesome look – sofa, so the solution is allowed. In any case, owners of old versions do not have to pay for themselves a very sore update process. Those still brilliant works that do not have to miss out on anyone’s adventure games. No longer have to hope that Naughty Dog is also doing a continuation of this diamond series, whose playing is really a good mind.